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If you are lucky enough to have scooped up a ticket or be on the coveted YEDP VIP list (way too many abbreviations there)…. then you will be treated to eye candy from the gorgeous batson.

We can’t wait!

And we thought we get the inside goss first about the label so we were in the know on the night!

Check out Felix & Slink’s interview with the designer here…




What made you first want to become a designer?

I love fashion and have always been inspired by art and culture. I remember just wanting to make myself a dress when I was about 13 or so, so I taught myself how to sew!

Are you formally trained? (That is have you attended university/tafe etc), if so, what did you study/are you currently studying (and what year are you in)?

I am currently a third year Fine Arts (fashion) + Business (marketing) student at QUT.

What are your overarching sources of inspiration?

Really abstract things, for example last winter I researched the sense of smell and in particular a fragrance note called Labdanum, another time Claustrophobia‐ anything goes really.

What has specifically influenced the creation of your upcoming collection?

The collection I will be presenting at the YEDP is inspired by the idea of frailty and the juxtaposition between an opposing forces (like the use of an autumn print in a summer collection).

Is this your first collection for Batson?

Formally yes this is my first, however I did start Batson off on a small scale just over a year ago but I would count this as the first.

Who is the “Batson” woman?

The batson woman is me! She is fun loving, has a great sense of style, listens to Radio Head, probably wears round eye glasses, loves a splash of colour, enjoys simplistic ideas with subtle unusual elements.

Do you have a particular type of person in mind whilst designing? If yes, describe them.

To be honest, I think about what I would like to wear. What’s the point in designing if I don’t believe in the garment ‐ I guess another reason I got into design!

How did you get started?

I started Batson when the Fleet Store opened up mid last year on a really small scale doing headpieces and small bits of clothing. Batson was really popular so I decided to do it properly. I do everything myself so it took a lot of work/ energy/ lack of sleep. What am I talking about its still like that but this industry never sleeps!?!

Do you have a particular way in which you work?

I do literally everything in my head. I guess this is good and bad in some ways. I prefer to not to record anything which makes the work room very chaotic in sampling stage, yet my business side is perfectly organised. I am very contradictory in that sense.

What do you love most about fashion and design?

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest‐ that is exactly what fashion does! I love that you can portray your personality through your sense of style. I also love individuality, I really dislike fast fashion!

Who are your idols?

I always get the question, who is your favourite this and that, and to be honest I don’t have a favourite anything, except movies + books which is Harry Potter! But amongst the great ones I would have to say the Proenza Schouler boys‐ they’re incredibly smart business men and not to mention amazing designers; J K Rowling, like I said I love Harry Potter just ask any of my friends; Margiela; Sofia Coppola…there are so many more I can’t think right now.

Comment on your upcoming collection – are you excited? Apprehensive? Proud?

Pretty apprehensive at the moment as it’s not finished… but I am excited‐ I love the colours, and there are some great layering pieces to come!

Do you feel that being so young as a designer has been an advantage or a disadvantage? Why?

There’s definitely a bit of both. The exposure you get for being a local young designer is just great, but sometimes being so young means that people don’t take you seriously. I have been quite lucky and landed some amazing stockists, locally and interstate.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Simple shapes, colour coordination is really important, digital prints, very feminine at the same time.

How would you describe your personal sense of style?

BAGGY. I wear lots of clothes that have a lot more fabric than needed… it’s very batson though, I enjoy shift dresses, gathered skirts and a splash of colour. If I had to choose one outfit from the collection to describe me it would be the Foliage jacket + Cherry Tree shorts SUIT!

What is next for Batson? (tomorrow, next week, next year, etc)

At the end of August I’m going to London to study at the London College of Fashion for a semester. I was accepted about two [now three] weeks ago so now I’m hurrying to get everything done before I leave. I guess next season I am just hoping to expand nationally, I have also been contacted by a boutique in Spain who I will be visiting once I am there to stock the new batson range, so we’ll see where Europe takes me in the next four months!


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