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YCLJewels | Brisbane Threads

As Queenslanders, we love to support our own. You know the creative masterminds flying the flag for Brisbane on the national stage, making good in the world and creating something beautiful for all to enjoy. Well Fabienne, the creative director and designer of YCLJewels, is one of those people.

Your Core Light Jewels, known more commonly as YCLJewels, is a minimalist jewellery line for the modern, sophisticated woman who values high-end trends and has a deep connection to the adornments she wears. Each piece of YCL jewellery is lovingly handcrafted by Fabienne right here in Brisbane and is made to inspire customers to shine their core light. Finding good quality, dainty jewellery that is stylish and modern is often a hard task, but Fabienne and the beautiful YCL is here to help.

We caught up with Fabienne recently to discuss all things YCL, inspiration and the design process – Be prepared to fall in love with her story (and the YCL collection!).

YCLJewels | Brisbane Threads

BT: Tell us about YCLJewels 

Fabienne: YCL Jewels is a modern, minimal jewellery label for mindful women. My aim is to create beautiful jewellery with deeper significance. YCL designs embrace principles of sacred geometry and feature crystals intentionally chosen to support wholehearted living, goal manifesting, and the dissipation of negative energy.

BT: What inspired you to start your own label? 

Fabienne: My personal style is minimalist in the sense that I don’t live with a lot of stuff, and I want all the things I do collect to combine elegant form with a beautiful function or meaning. My jewellery does just that and aesthetically, it’s the adornment I love to wear.

BT: What is the process of designing a new piece?

Fabienne: There’s definitely no formality to my design process – it’s all rather intuitive! I do love the fashion world and follow what’s ‘in style’. Some of those elements get incorporated into my lines, although the treasures I discover on buying trips probably inspire me more. Falling in love with a new crystal I’ve never worked with before always sparks an exciting burst of creativity!

BT: What is your favourite piece of the YCL collection and why? 

Fabienne: For me it’s the necklaces, because I love to inter-change and layer them. I’ve designed them all using the principles of sacred geometry, so certain necklaces sit at different parts of the neckline. They look really beautiful and connect energy flowing through the main energy centers of the body.

YCLJewels | Brisbane Threads

BT: What do your customers love most about YCL?

Fabienne: Our minimalistic and conscious approach to design. To me, YCL’s holistic approach to defining what’s beautiful is so important. We craft our jewellery ethically and sustainably so humans, animals and the planet are not suffering, this is paramount to me and our customers.

BT: What is your background – did you always want to be a jewellery designer?

Fabienne: Prior to starting YCL I was a nurse for 7 years. I loved being a nurse, but the creative part of my soul did start feeling a bit stifled towards the end. I’d been making jewellery since I was 13, just because I loved doing it, and I found myself thinking more and more about wanting to dedicate my time to making. It was in that moment that YCL was born, and getting to run the business full time now feels like winning the life lottery – I’m incredibly grateful to be able to do it!

BTDescribe the YCLmuse in one sentence… 

Fabienne: Our muse is a thoroughly modern women with an independent personal style, led by a heart of gold.

BT: Can you tell Brisbane Threads one fun fact about you…

Fabienne: I love three things: My rescued greyhound, Atlas; Crystals; and vegan gnocchi.

Visit YCL online at or pop over to Instagram @YCLJEWELS for a swoon-worthy collection of beautiful images that will inspire and captivate.

YCLJewels | Brisbane Threads

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