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Weekend Reading | Brisbane Threads

Happy Saturday everyone!

We’re all about sharing the love here at Brisbane Threads, so I thought I’d put together my weekend reading list and links to fill you in on what I’m reading this weekend when I sneak away for some ‘me’ time. Whether it is my favourite magazine, a new book or some great places from around the web, my weekend reading is always a collection full of of fashion, travel, lifestyle, beauty and food inspiration. So take a look at what I’m loving in real life and from around the web right now.

In real life:

The New Collective Mag! How gorgeous is the cover image taken by Murad Osmann of his beautiful partner in a stunning location overlooking Hong Kong (you can check out their Instagram accounts here and here). Every month I wait in anticipation to see what the next cover will be, and every month I’m completely blown away. I have the last four issues sitting in prime position on my desk for my daily dose of inspiration.

On the Interwebs:

1. This banana bread recipe. Ever since I came across foodie blog Butter and Brioche’s choc chip banana bread recipe I’ve been hoping it will one day appear freshly bake in my kitchen. That doesn’t seem to be happening so I guess I’ll have to make it myself.

2. These shoes. I’m loving blush right now and these open toe one ares perfect. Well maybe not perfect for this weeks weather, but perfect nonetheless.

3. I’m planning a holiday to Mexico! I stumbled across this blog post during the week so I’ve bookmarked it to help with my holiday planning.

4. Speaking of travel and Mexico, this blog post is getting me so excited about eating tacos on the beach and exploring cenotes in Tulum.

5. Another one I book marked earlier in the week, I’ve been inspired by this blog post to give Periscope a a try this weekend. Are any of your on board? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a great weekend lovely people, we’ll be back on Monday with some fresh new content for your viewing pleasure!

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