Beauty Tuesday: Urban Skincare Co.

posted by Madi West October 18, 2015 0 comments
Beauty Tuesday: Urban Skincare Co. | Brisbane Threads

Although I know I shouldn’t, I tend to judge beauty products by their packaging, and I’m always more attracted and intrigued to try the brands that have chic packaging. That’s exactly what I did when I stumbled across Urban Skincare Co in our deliveries and ogled at the slick black and white packaging.

Not only is the packaging absolutely gorgeous, but their products delivered in terms of quality, which, under the surface, is way more valuable than how pretty the bottles looks on my bathroom counter. My favourite product is the repair and body balm which acts as a great full body moisturiser day and night. I have very dry skin all year round and struggle every season to find a moisturiser that is going to actually do the trick and not leave my skin feeling rough or oily. Especially in this approaching heat, the full body lotion is doing a damn fine job of keeping my skin smooth and hydrated.

Beauty Tuesday: Urban Skincare Co. | Brisbane Threads

Not only do they have a range of hair, skin, and beauty products, but Urban Skin Co are also completely green. This is only adding to my love for this brand as they are committed to environmentally friendly practices including no animal testing, the use of recyclable packing and a commitment to sustainability. In addition, Urban Skin Co. is always innovating their range of products, they stay consistent, keep up with trends in global sustainability and they also work to lessen their impact on the environment around them. What more could you ask for in a decent range of everyday beauty products?!


Beauty Tuesday: Urban Skincare Co. | Brisbane Threads

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