Travel Essentials – Part 1 (Tech & Gadgets)

posted by Alice Duffield March 25, 2015 2 Comments
tech travel essentials

I recently made a move to the other side of the world. Here I am in chilly England and still living temporarily until I can get myself settled. Moving is hard, travel is challenging and tiring but I must admit, 2015 is a great time to do it. We have so many luxuries to ease the stress of travel. I’ve collated a list of travel essentials that have made my life just that much easier. Let’s talk tech and gadgets first!

tech travel essentials

I-pad keyboard – I am currently on the plane as I write this. Having an i-pad on your flights and in your general travelling time is such an awesome way to entertain yourself. You know what’s even better? HAVING A KEYBOARD TO GO WITH IT? You know what’s even better than that? Having a gorgeous aqua one! Seriously this logitech keyboard is the coolest product to have on your travels. It has wireless, bluetooth, the whole shebang. If you can’t easily carry your laptop around or just don’t want the extra weight for that weekend away, slip your keypad into your handbag with the i-pad and still have convenient typing at your fingertips.. Yeah you like that one, don’t you.

Locks – This might seem obvious but don’t forget these babies. I used these ones– they are TSA approved, easy to use and stinkin’ cute. In my opinion, the risk you take not keeping your luggage secure is a bit stupid! Get some fun colourful ones and make it easier to spot your suitcase at the carousel too!

International power adapter with USB slots – Be prepared and grab some of these before you leave the country! There’s nothing worse than arriving overseas and your phone or laptop has died before you can email your Mum and say you’re safe! I like this one because it has USB slots in it. I can charge a few things at the same time as blowdrying my hair this way. Poifect!

USB – Grab a USB and fill it with photocopies of passports, birth certificates, drivers license and anything else you might need. It’s not an uncommon story to be mugged or lose important documents overseas and it’s best not to risk it.

Now let’s talk FASHUN. I know you’ve all been waiting for it! As I walked onto my private jet they were all ‘Ms Duffield, who are you wearing?!’ and I was all ‘I can’t tell you before I tell my BT fans I’m afraid’. So you get it here first. The essentials to a comfortable journey.

The perils of living in Australia is that to get most places we have a good few hours of in-air misery. I did four countries in 30 hours to get to the UK and boy was I glad for strechy pants and a baggy top to cover that plane-food bloat! I did, warm knit sweats, a plain top and a warm knit to slip over the top.

The plane always gets cold but make sure you have a big tote to throw your warmies in if you’re arriving to a warmer climate. Another thing to do is ensure your bag has a zip! Always good to keep your things secure, as you’ll be carrying your passport around for the first while of your journey. Here’s some inspiration for your next travel outfit.

travel essentials

travel essentials

These items are a mix from Gorman, Witchery, Country Road, Uniqlo, Rollasole and Sportscraft. Here are my simplified do’s and dont’s for travel.


  • Carry a big tote bag that is secure (even better if you can get one with a long shoulder strap)
  • Throw in a comfy pair of ballet flats (i use rollasole because they’re totally flexible and can be thrown in anywhere)
  • Wear a wireless bra – so worth it
  • ONLY wear clothing with give and stretch. You’ll thank me when you’re 13 hours in and ready to throw yourself out the window.


  • Forget a jumper
  • Wear jeans
  • Wear shoes with laces or buckles
  • Forget warm socks.

Coming up next on BT we have our next edition of Travel Essentials focusing on BEAUTY! Your fave I know. Enjoy, my travelling munchkins.

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Aweng June 21, 2016 at 3:40 PM

I love reading your blog, it’s informative and interesting. Your tips for traveling comes in handy. Just like you I always carry with me pair of flats and sneakers (I love walking around) 🙂 Thank you for sharing, it’s really helpful.

PS. I love how you take your pictures 🙂


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