THREADED Nov 2010: thatwasyesterday

posted by Danielle Lewis November 17, 2010 0 comments
Here is another little sneak peek of one of the designers at THREADED on Friday night! Weeeeeee we are sooo excited!


thatwasyesterday (TWY) is the creative collaboration of designers David Acton and Holly Ashford-Rowe. The partners met while studying fashion in 2007 at Brisbane’s MSIT and immediately started dreaming up visions of a wearable and innovative label. With a passion for travel and a hunger for new life experience and inspiration, the two moved to Bali where thatwasyesterday was born.

thatwasyesterday embodies the spirit of the outsider who craves self-expression through fashion. Rock meets romance, light meets dark in this ying-yang, cutting edge street label designed for the individual who desires innovative and dreamy, yet wearable pieces that are an extension of their own unique personality.


Photography: Joseph Michael Anderson & David Acton
Models: Paige Craswell & Cassandra Keim



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