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Splash into Ginuary at Covent Garden!

posted by Karlicca Culalic January 5, 2018 0 comments

Make a splash in the first month of the year with Ginuary at the Covent Garden, West End! The event will be set in the lush surrounds of the green courtyard space to celebrate Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin cocktails and ring in Australia Day long weekend with class #yespls!

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posted by Emmy O'Neill December 20, 2017 0 comments

A few weeks back I had decided to treat myself to a solo lunch. Not for any particular reason other than I was desperate to try GROWN. Every single time I saw a @grown_bne post on my Instagram feed, I found myself day-dreaming of eating everything plant based. #GimmeAllTheFood

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Morning After Morning Chats

posted by Grace Elizabeth November 14, 2017 0 comments

In the hipster end of town in West End you will find the most modernistic and chic little café. This space goes by the name of Morning After by day and for a limited four weeks, by Night Before at night. With crisp white washed brick walls, rich moss green furnishings and gold trimming it’s a feast for all the senses.  Continue Reading

West Village - Brisbane Threads

Coming Soon To Brisbane: West Village in West End

posted by Teagan West December 17, 2016 0 comments

Located in the heart of Brisbane’s cultural scene is West End, a suburb where the old meets the new. To breathe new life into this spirited hub and create an urban destination for locals, West End will be welcoming West Village, a global neighbourhood featuring extraordinary contemporary homes layered amongst art, culture, historic buildings, gardens, alfresco dining and inspired retail.

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Best American Food In Brisbane | Brisbane Threads
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Where To Get The Best American Food In Brisbane

posted by Cass Catsoulis April 16, 2016 17 Comments

We are always trying to update our mind and stomach, and this post is no exception. We know you loved our post on the best American food in Brisbane from a couple of years ago, so we pulled it from the archives, gave it a fresh update and added a bunch of new restaurants to help you introduce your sheltered Australian palette to the holy grail of American foods. American food is addictive, growin’ and stickin’ around Brisbane and sometimes it can even stick to your hips for- days, weeks and months after that juicy pulled pork slider.

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Miss Bliss Wholefoods Kitchen, West End

posted by Teagan West June 30, 2015 1 Comment

It seems like every week in Brisbane a new cafe opens with swoon-worthy architecture and colourful, fresh bites to eat in a space that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. It’s one of the (many) things we love about Brisbane, and it just keeps getting better and better.

The new kid on the block is Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen, opening on Wednesday July 1 on Vulture Street, West End. Sound familiar? That’s because owner and qualified nutritionist Jacqui Toumbas has been building the Miss Bliss empire over the last two years on the Brisbane health food scene. What started as a blog with recipes on it evolved into a boutique wholesale brand and market stall and now, Miss Bliss has its very own space!

Within seconds of stepping foot onto the wooden floorboards you can tell it is not just any old space that has been repurposed, it’s an architecturally impressive structure with a sun drenched deck out the back and courtyard full of fresh herbs. What was once Andy’s Fruit Market is now a stunning cafe that you can see yourself returning to time and time again to sit in the sun with friends over breakfast, or on a solo mission with your favourite magazine.

The location is extra special to Jacqui, her family and the Greek community, as it is an ode to her Grandfather and the Greek gentlemen who gathered in the space for 45 years in its lifetime as Andy’s Fruit Market. While the space has been renovated, Jacqui was sure to include a special place for, and a beautiful mural in dedication of, the men who gather there.

So what can you expect from a visit to Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen? Tasty food that makes your insides happy is the focus, with everything made with unprocessed ingredients, no refined sugar, no additives, no artificial substances and with local and organic produce as much as possible. It is healthy, wholesome and nutritionally balanced food done incredibly well, thanks to Jacqui and Head Chef George Diacos (from La Via South Bank). There’s acai bowls, a delicious house-made nut and seed loaf, fresh salads, sweet and savoury bliss balls, a number of eggs and vegetable combinations and a wellness board unlike one you have ever seen. And that’s just the breakfast menu!

So, next time you are looking for a new cafe to sink your teeth into, look no further than Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen.

Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane Threads

Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane ThreadsMiss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane ThreadsMiss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane ThreadsMiss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane ThreadsMiss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane ThreadsMiss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane ThreadsMiss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane ThreadsMiss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane ThreadsMiss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane ThreadsMiss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane ThreadsMiss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane ThreadsMiss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane ThreadsMiss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane Threads

Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane ThreadsMiss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen | Brisbane ThreadsOh, and did we mention that 20c of every coffee sold goes towards Paradise 4 Kids, a charity founded by Jacqui’s family that supports children in third world countries.

Dining at Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen will really warm your soul!

BB Sale | Brisbane Threads

Snap Up A Steal This Weekend!

posted by Chloe Clark May 21, 2015 0 comments

If you’re a sucker for cheap clothing or can’t resist a bargain, you are going to want to hear about Beginning Boutique’s Pop Up Sale!

This Saturday (23rd of May) from 8am-11 Beginning Boutique are holding a Pop Up Sale at their West End office with nothing over $40… I repeat… NOTHING OVER $40!

Dresses, skirts, shoes & shorts – there will be something for everyone. Plus you can score a voucher to spend online just for purchasing at the BB sale!

These sneak peaks posted on the Facebook event page are getting us excited!

BB Sale | Brisbane Threads BB Sale | Brisbane Threads

 Get down to Factory 1, 51 Mollison St West End and head up the stairs beside SWOP. There will also be food, music and fun times happening at the Boundary Street Markets below.

Our insider tip is to get there early! From past experience there is always quite a long line and you want to be first in to get the best deals right?

If you can’t make it this weekend, shop Beginning Boutique’s online sale category with clothing up to 70% off. Or download a free copy of our free Insiders Guide to #Brisbane to get a sneaky 30% off all full priced items. 

If you’re heading to the sale or shopping online with our exclusive discount code, we’d love to see what you purchased by tagging #bbxbt on your new threads!

Happy shopping!

Brisbane Threads

24 Hours To Explore Brisbane

posted by Joanna Fraser May 8, 2015 6 Comments
It’s Saturday morning and you’re heading to the airport to pick up your ‘cooler-than-thou’ friend who has flown up from Melbourne for weekend. You know, that friend who is always posting cool instagrams of local underground bars and geometric coffee art. You have defended Brisbane again and again, swearing black and blue that you don’t live in some hick country town. We have burger places! And tiny dark bars! And doughnuts! Don’t sweat it my panicked friend, I have your back. Here is your guide to having the best 24 hours in our city as you explore Brisbane.
Brisbane Sunset | Brisbane Threads
Saturday 9:30am– Don’t you even dare getting out of bed before 8:00 o’clock on a weekend morning. Did you know that every time someone gets out of bed early on a Saturday morning, a unicorn falls down dead?
Begin the day with breakfast at Plenty in West-End. Plenty cooks up the kind of food that brings to mind lush vegetable gardens, dappled cornfields and barefoot days running through green grass. The menu is fresh, colourful, and locally grown. If you had a less-than-wholesome Friday night, then every forkful of food you shovel into your mouth at Plenty will feel restorative and delicious. Try the poached eggs, avocado, heirloom tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella on toast if you’re after something light or if you are taking this ‘treat yo’ self’ weekend seriously then you cant go past a big stack of buttermilk pancakes.
Plent West End | Brisbane Threads
11:00amThe Davies Park Markets, conveniently situated adjacent to Plenty, are great for a mid-morning browse. Pick up a coffee at one of the many coffee vans, plonk yourself down and listen to a band or two when they take the stage near the river. If you’re still peckish (no judgement here), the markets have an amazing selection of food from golden potato röstis to handmade artisan doughnuts.
12:00pm Stroll up from the markets into the heart of West-End and hit up some of the indie stores that line the main street. Pop into Jet Black Cat for the coolest record selection around, peek into newly-opened Junky comics and pick up a zine and then swing past Box Vintage for a new floral dress or vintage tee. Other favourites include, The Happy Cabin for cutesy attire, Avid Bookstore for (you guessed it) books and SWOP for good quality vintage apparel.
What To Do In Brisbane
1:00pmWest-End has a plethora of delicious lunch time options but it’s hard to go past a pizza and a beer at local favourite, The Burrow. With woodsy interiors that transport you to a cabin in the woods, a selection of craft beers that even the most hipstery-hipster would froth over, and the main event, delicious cheesy pizzas. Oh hello, tipsy weekend lunch.
2:30pm– With the best of West-End under your belt (literally.. it’s in your belly), it’s time to walk it off. Stroll towards the city through to South Bank where you can pop into the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. With regularly changing exhibitions showcasing some truly impressive artists such as David Lynch and Michael Parekowhai, you can spend an hour or two in GOMA. Just make sure you put up at least 2-12 Instagrams of GOMA or else it never actually happened.
What To Do In Brisbane
4:00pm-Hop a bus, or an Uber, and head over to another of Brisbane’s hippest suburbs, Fortitude Valley. If you’re not a Brisbane local or you simply want to take your weekend to the next level, check into a hotel for the night. Newcomer, Tryp in Fortitude Valley, makes the swish inner city hotels look as cool as your dowdy old uncle. The decor brings to mind Brooklyn brownstones with it’s graffitied walls and industrial feel. Complete with a rooftop bar, matte black bathroom fixtures and a popular downstairs burger joint, you will get serious points with your pretentious Melbourne-dwelling friend when you check-in at Tryp.
5:00pm– With the descending sun painting Brisbane with it’s long golden rays, now is the time to head up high and check out the view. Tryp hotel’s gorgeous rooftop bar UP! has an extensive drinks menu featuring pretty signature cocktails and a good selection of beers on tap.
TRYP | Brisbane Threads
6:00pm– Fortitude valley has exploded onto the Brisbane dining scene with new hip restaurants opening up every week. Chinatown entices with it’s fragrant, spicy smells, Bakery Lane beckons with it’s cool atmosphere, and how on earth can you choose which new burger place to eat at? As long as you check your fear of heart disease/obesity at the door, Miss Kay’s on George St is a winner. Wash your meal down with an ice cream sandwich and an alcoholic ginger beer.
8:00pm– Toast a day well spent at another new favourite, The Tree House. A woodsy bar with a great vibe and an even better drinks menu, The Tree House is tucked away in the newly opened Bakery Lane precinct. This bar will make all your Swiss Family Robinson dreams come true however if you’re after something with a similar vibe that is a little more ‘Club-ish’, head to Brisbane’s original hipster hangouts Ric’s Bar & Cafe, or the Black Bear Lodge.
Doughnut Time | Brisbane Threads
9:30pm– Soak up some of that alcohol with a Bacon Me Crazy (maple bacon glazed- yes please) from Doughnut Time. Heading to this popular little doughnut joint later at night runs the risk of it being closed/sold out but if it’s open, there is rarely a line. YUM. 
Sunday 8:00am– And we made it. No unicorns were killed, wholesome food was eaten, not-so-wholesome food was eaten, delicious drinks were consumed, sun-drenched views were Instagrammed, and late-night doughnuts were scoffed. If this itinerary doesn’t impress the pretentious Melbourne Hipster then he can fly right back where he came from.
TRYP hotel brisbane
What would you did if you only had 24 hours to show the pants off Brisbane? We’d LOVE to hear from you below in the comments, or tag your social snaps with #BTinsidertip

Top 10 Venues for a Cheeky Sunday Session

posted by Teagan West December 3, 2014 0 comments

We all know the saying “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” So go forth and spend your Sunday wisely – we’ve got you sorted when it comes to a couple of cheeky Sunday bevs and a good feed with your best pals in tow.

Blackbird Bar and Grill

Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane

Blackbird Bar and Grill is possibly ‘the’ riverside hotspot every day of the week, Sunday included. The newly launched Sundays at Blackbird is complete with a beast on a spit that is carved into tasty sliders, boutique mix & match beer buckets, summertime cocktail jugs, a new bar menu with lots of casual dining options and a luxe afternoon vibe above the river.


Archive Beer boutique

100 Boundary Street, West End

For craft beer enthusiasts look no further than Archive Beer Boutique and its 22 rotating drought beers on tap and over 400 domestic and imported bottled beers. It’s the perfect place for an afternoon catch up over a couple of beers.

The Fox Hotel

71-73 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane

The Fox Hotel has had a facelift recently, making the shift from teenage party hub to a more chilled out atmosphere with a quality food and drinks menu. Soho Sundays on Dandy’s Rooftop is definitely a thing when a spicy chorizo, sweet corn and feta pizza and mango Weisbar inspired cocktail is on the menu.


Cobbler Bar

7 Browning Street, West End

Cobbler is a whisky and cocktail bar with a twist. Sure it has 300+ whiskeys from all over the world, but it’s the food menu, or lack of, that intrigues me most. Cobbler is BYO food! Yup, you heard correctly, you can take whatever food you wish to consume with you – a DIY cheese board, selection of desserts, takeaway from nearby restaurants… let your imagination run wild.

Alfred & Constance

Corner of Alfred and Constance Street, Fortitude Valley

Alfred & Constance is synonymous with quirky hipster, it’s colourful, fun and unpretentious. There’s three bars and so many areas to explore – the White Lightning Tiki Bar, The Vanguard Beer Garden Bar, The Alcoholic Juice & Smoothie Station, the underground Fever Club and a number of foodie hotspots to fill the gap between drinks. And you get lei’d on arrival.


The Normanby Hotel

1 Musgrave Road, Red Hill

It’s the place to be on the northside come Sunday afternoon, with flowing drinks, hearty food and many areas to mix and mingle until your heart is content.

Woolly Mammoth Alehouse

633 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley

Although Woolly Mammoth is the new kid on the Valley block, the contemporary beer hall has gained a large following with its rustic off-the-bone menu, large selection of craft beer, crowd-pleasing entertainment and indoor activities to the likes of Bocce, Giant Jenga and Shuffleboard. Enjoy a Mammoth Sunday. They also provide a little something extra for the craft beer lovers.


Dutch Courage Officers’ Mess

51 Alfred Street, Fortitude Valley

Dutch Courage Officers’ Mess is a gin bar with all of the trimmings. Inspired by the British colonial outposts of the late 19th century, Dutch Courage specialises in gin cocktails and has a well-planned selection of share plates and tapas on offer. For those basking in Brisbane’s gin scene – this is the place to be.

Riverbar & Kitchen

Riparian Plaza, Promenade Level
71 Eagle Street, Brisbane

Spectacular Story Bridge views, plenty of seating, a colourful menu and drinkies abound, Riverbar and Kitchen is as casual as it gets without compromising quality and atmosphere. Come at me jug of Passionfruit Sangria!


Soleil Pool Bar

Podium Level, Rydges, Corner of Grey and Gleneig Streets, South Bank

Poolside bars are the It-Girls of the Brisbane nightlife scene when it comes to hot days and sunset hangs. Although Soleil Pool Bar has only just opened, it’s set to become a Sunday go-to thanks to its luxe interior, tasty bar menu, summertime drinks list and inviting pool begging you to take a splash.

teagan west


Bird’s Nest is Best

posted by Teagan West October 22, 2014 1 Comment



As soon as a silhouette appears in the doorway of South Brisbane’s Bird’s Nest Yakitori and Bar, “Irasshaimase” is hummed from the other side of the threshold. It’s a traditional Japanese greeting of welcome echoed by the chefs and wait staff as people enter the inviting, dimly lit yakitori bar. It’s only the beginning, but you can tell the staff are friendly, their welcome is warm and the customer service is undeniably perfect.

Bird’s Nest has been sneaking to the top of my ‘Restaurants To Try’ list ever since I devoured a tomato and pork belly skewer at Brisbane’s first Night Noodle Market in July. So when an email popped into my inbox last week and I was invited along, let’s just say I was very quick to reply.

Yakitori directly translates to ‘grilled bird’ and is traditionally cooked on skewers over Binchoutan, a white charcoal with a high burning temperature of 1000+ degrees. It’s an age-old cooking method in Japanese culture, and owners Emi Kamada and Marie Yokoyama pride themselves on being the first Binchoutan in Australia to use the traditional concept.


Bird’s Nest brings yakitori to Brisbane in a casual dining setting where us Brisbane folk can experience the authentic Japanese fare. Perched on a barstool overlooking the grill, we were immediately transported to the streets of Japan as smoky aromas filled the air, soft chatter in a foreign tongue rose and fell and people piled in and left soon after with a satisfied grin.

The menu is predominately yakitori skewers, but don’t be fooled into thinking they’re all the same – there’s such a variety of flavours and produce that each combination is different and you simply must try them all (it’s probably best to do this on repeat visits in quick succession, they’re only small but that ‘full’ feeling sneaks up on you very quickly).

And, it’s an indulgence that doesn’t leave you feeling bloated and guilty, all ingredients are fresh, free range and organic, and almost all meals are 100% gluten free, so there’s no reason not to go OTT when ordering.

I had the Omakase (chefs selection) set menu course that comes with 7 chicken skewers and 2 vegetable skewers, a rice course and dessert. If you’re a first timer at Bird’s Nest, this is definitely the way to go! The chefs deliver a new skewer in perfect timing as each previous one is devoured, telling you about the ingredients and how to eat it as they float back to the grill. There’s also a number of other set menu options that vary in price (from $30 to $70 per person) or you can just order the skewers individually, from chicken to pork, vegetable and tofo, or for the game, there’s chicken heart and quail eggs!

Here’s what you can expect (drool on keyboard included):

Eringi – King oyster mushrooms, soy butter

bird's nest brisbane 

Sasami – Chicken tenderloin with wasabi mayonnaise or Tenderloins with ume and shiso leaves

bird's nest brisbane 

Hatsu – Chicken heart

bird's nest brisbane 

Negima – Chicken thigh with shallots

bird's nest brisbane

Torikawa – Crispy Chicken skin

bird's nest brisbane

Tomato wrapped in pork belly

bird's nest brisbane

Tebasaki – Chicken wings

bird's nest brisbane

Zukki-ni – Zucchini, soy butter

bird's nest brisbane

Torichazuke – Hot chicken broth poured over rice and topped with shredded seaweed and wasabi

bird's nest brisbane

 Yaki Onigiri – House specialty, grilled rice ball brushed with tare

bird's nest brisbane

 Shouga no purin – Japanese style crème caramel, ginger infused

bird's nest brisbane

Bird’s Nest is open for dinner on every night, 5.30pm until late, and on Friday from midday for lunch.

Bird’s Nest Yakitori and Bar

Shop 5, 220 Melbourne Street

South Brisbane
Tel: (07) 3844 4306
[email protected]


Brisbane’s Best Breakfasts

posted by Danielle Lewis May 12, 2014 0 comments

I don’t like to get up early, but if it’s for pancakes, I’ll be there. 17 tried, tested and new delights to start your day right.

2013-03-03 12.32.52

1. Pearl Cafe – Woolloongabba – Google Map

The venue topping every ‘Brisbane Best Breakfast’ list, and for good reason too!

2. Picnic Cafe – Camp Hill – Google Map

Conveniently my favourite dish for breaky is the ‘picnic board’ – a delicious spread of ham, avocado, eggs, feta and relish with crusty sourdough.

3. Flute – Coorparoo – Google Map

I consider Flute a massive treat, the breakfast menu is decadent! Food coma ensues.

4. Ave Cucina & Coffee Bar– Coorparoo – Google Map

My local fave, best chocolate milkshakes on the planet… that’s a breakfast item, right?

5. Paleo Cafe – Paddington – Google Map

Clean, lean, goodness. Amazing juices.

6. Anouk – Paddington – Google Map

An old favourite, delish selections, make a fantastic espresso and the hash cakes are to DIE for.

2013-03-12 11.41.53

7. Gunshop Cafe – West End – Google Map

My go-to in West End. Do a mean avo-on-toast!

8. The Chelsea Bistro – The Barracks – Google Map

So many tastes on one plate. The carrot jam is mind-blowing.

9. Grub Street – Gaythorne – Google Map

Keep an eye-out for their weekly specials – rhubarb & apple quinoa porridge with cinnamon cream, sound good?

10. Primal Pantry – Teneriffe – Google Map

Get your weekend off to a fantastic start with a paleo breakfast. A breakfast cookie and an organic free-trade coffee is the best when you’re on the run.

11. The Jetty – Bulimba – Google Map

The best outlook of the river, if you score a seat out the back.

12. Sourced Grocer – Newstead – Google Map

In love with Sourced Grocer! The green smoothie when I’m feeling good… the lemon and honey infusion on a cold morning… bagel boys bagels.. all sitting on the front stairs with friends.

13. Scout Café – Brisbane – Google Map

Holy bagel.

14. Kiss the Berry – Brisbane CBD – Google Map

Fresh, healthy, acai. Yum!

15. Comfort at My Table – Milton – Google Map

Try the one-pan-fry-up for a Sunday morning hangover cure..

16. Au Cirque – New Farm – Google Map

An oldie, but a goodie! Check the specials board and try the pancakes at least once!

17. Pablo – New Farm – Google Map

Um, look at that french toast in the photo below. You. Are. Welcome.

2013-05-25 13.35.24