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posted by Karlicca Culalic January 23, 2018 0 comments

Hii beauty loves! January is almost finito and it’s been a real 100 years since we last gabbed our top beauty faves. So with that said, here are a few little essentials that totally deserve to make an appearance on the wish-list for your next beauty splurge and as always, where to go to grab them in Brisbane.

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Skincare tips for Autumn with Bek Woodbine

posted by Teagan West April 4, 2014 0 comments

As we head into the cooler half of the air (read: Brisbane’s half-hearted attempt at autumn and winter) we caught up with Rebekah Woodbine, owner of Perfectly Smooth, to talk about her top-notch salon and discuss all things beauty and skincare post summertime.

Perfectly Smooth, located in Albion, has a jam-packed service menu and specialises in everything from IPL hair removal, skin rejuvenation, facial treatments, peels and microdermabrasion to general beauty and waxing. And, with a close working relationship with cosmetic physician Dr. Hung Nguyen, Botox and filler services are available at the salon using only the most advanced injectable techniques.


Bek said, “Botox and fillers are my number one treatment here, followed by skin rejuvenation and then peels, facials and microdermabrasion.” She said these treatments are especially popular, and crucial, at this time of the year after our skin has been exposed to the sun and heat for months on end.

Bek recommends that “after being in the sun you’d be looking at doing some sun treatments” to help protect and restore your skin.

“Coming into autumn and winter is a great time to do skin rejuvenation for skin pigmentation and also hair removal for legs because you’re not in the sun.”

She said it is also a very good time for IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments, performed with the best IPL machine on the market, the Cutera Solera Opus, which is a favourite among doctors to rejuvenate the skin. The IPL treatment is best if you suffer from pigmentation, uneven skin tone, open pores, redness, rosacea or broken capillaries and is great for brightening and plumping.

At Perfectly Smooth skin rejuvenation treatments are aplenty, with seven treatments available to target your problem areas and transform your skin. You can choose one (or more) from the extensive list that includes full face, face and front of neck, décolletage, face and neck, neck and décolletage, hands, full arm or half arm.

Bek said, with our humidity “people complain about oily, sweaty skin so the LED light is really good just to brighten and plump and helps with pigmentation and that sort of thing.”

“If you are going to have skin rejuvenation or try and get rid of pigmentation it’s a really good time to start on some retinoids and some products that prevent pigmentation development.”

Don’t know where to start? Book a free 15-minute complimentary consultation appointment at Perfectly Smooth and find out what treatments are best for you, if you are applicable to a certain procedure and get expert advice from Bek herself.

And if you just want a bit of pampering don’t overlook this welcoming, professional salon! Facials are an important part of the business at Perfectly Smooth and are widely popular, with two of the most coveted services being The Perfect Mini Facial and The Mini Light Facial, for $55 and $59 respectively.

Bek said, what happens with the mini facial is, “you come in and we do a little treatment and we do an enzyme peel that is quite generic and many people can use it.”

“Or we do a blueberry smoothie peel and scrub combined so we can get a really good look at the clients skin. That is massively popular here.”

The Mini Light Facial is a deep double cleanse, skin prep and serum that is place on the skin before 20minutes under the LED light.

The LED light is actually a NASA developed light that works on 5 different modalities. You know its good when Bek says Zoe Foster-Blake (THE Zoe Foster-Blake) raves about the light and used the treatment in the lead up to her own wedding. Talk about a beauty endorsement like no other!

As well as in-salon treatments Bek said, “product is really important from summer to winter. You might just have to change your cleanser or change the moisturiser…that’s always really important.”

Bek speaks highly of the Aspect Dr. skincare range and other brands that are stocked at the salon including Cosmedix, GeneSkin, SkinMedica, Xen-Tan, Christian Eyebrows and Erin Bigg Cosmetics, all of which Bek says are great products and are available in the salon and via the Perfectly Smooth online store.

So, what do you need to do to restore your skin back to its pre-summer glow and prepare for the colder days ahead? Call Bek and her team at Perfectly Smooth and schedule an appointment for any one of their various services to keep you looking perfectly smooth inside and out, all year round.


For more information visit the website www.perfectlysmooth.com.au or call Perfectly Smooth on 3161 8408



Relax, recharge and get pampered at The Lily Lounge

posted by Teagan West February 28, 2014 0 comments

Have you had a busy start to the New Year and craving some much needed “me” time? Look no further than The Lily Lounge, where waxing, facials, massages, hand and feet treatments, nail services, eye solutions, holistic approaches and heavenly packages are awaiting your arrival. We know you want to treat your body inside and out!

Nestled in the busy streets of Highgate Hill, The Lily Lounge is a place you can’t help but feel relaxed in as soon as you open the door. Wooden floorboards, clean white walls, fresh flowers, chill music and an inviting sofa welcome you immediately, making you feel comfortable and relaxed before you even make it to the counter.


Mary, the lovely owner of The Lily Lounge said, “it’s about being a welcoming, accessible environment” that doesn’t define beauty as just an aesthetic.

“We want to do inner and outer beauty,” she said.

And that they do, with an energy healing program available at the salon once a fortnight and other complimentary therapies being added to their repertoire.

“We’re sort of growing the holistic side of it as well, to give people the opportunity to use more than one service here,” Mary said.

On the physical beauty front Mary said, “it sounds a bit cliché but it’s just to make people feel good about themselves because I think that when we feel good about ourselves we feel more beautiful.”

“It’s less about making everything perfect, of course (as women) we strive to do everything as well as possible however it’s pretty much impossible to have perfection. You have to embrace imperfection to stay sane, so that’s the main thing we focus on.”

Talk about a good approach right?

With top-notch treatments and supreme services there’s no wonder The Lily Lounge has established a loyal band of clientele who sing their praises for the local salon.

Mary said that people appreciate her approach to beauty and feel comfortable in her hands, allowing her to establish what she describes as “a really good solid base of regular customers.” She said the clients also feel the community atmosphere of the area and like that The Lily Lounge is “not adhering to what every other salon does.”

One thing that sets them apart is their emphasis on using only the most natural and local products, like the wax that Mary proudly changed over to a product with no added artificial colouring agents, titanium dioxide, petroleum based ingredients or artificial fragrances when she bought the salon.

“The wax is actually an important part of my service… To use something that is more natural,” she said.

Another is the stocking of skinstitut, an Australian owned and made skin care product that is not tested on animals, doesn’t contain any animal derived ingredients, is a cosmetic grade of skincare, has good active ingredients and is so simple.

Mary also said, “It’s a good price point, it’s $45 per product and it works! It ticks all the boxes.”


On top of the skinstitut range Mary is also looking for something better and more natural like the wax the salon now uses and said she would “like to offer something organic and compliment the skinstitut range with something more natural.” No chance this natural beauty crusader is letting down any time soon!

If that’s not enough, Mary is completely honest and genuine with her beauty and skincare recommendations and is far removed from the hard sell approach.

“I guess I’m more truthful as well. I’m not a hard sell person at all; it’s just about honesty. Which probably isn’t always the best for being a business woman but I think that creates a better relationship and I can sleep at night and you know everyone feels good about it.”

I don’t know about you, but that’s what I want in a beauty guru! So pop in and get pampered by Mary and her team, and be sure to say hi from us!


Visit The Lily Lounge at 13 Gladstone Road Highgate Hill or call 3844 4492


Here comes the sun

posted by Tegan McIntosh September 29, 2012 0 comments

I went to the beach last weekend, as I do most weekends. This past weekend I was however by what I had seen, because it was something that I hadn’t seen in quite some time.

I saw a couple literally frying themselves.

They turned up at the beach after I was all set up so I got a good chance to watch them. Down went the towels. Out popped the Reef Coconut Oil. Liberally applied to their bodies, t-shirts applied to their faces and I watched as they turned a cancerous shade of tan.

Seriously. I really didn’t think that anyone still coconut oiled up their bodies to fry themselves anymore, but I guess I was mistaken. Who knew skin cancer was so cool?

So I think it is time for the sun protection message to be touted around Brisbane again, because if we are all still sunbaking with coconut oil on, then something isn’t getting through.

Slip: Slip on a shirt. Or a lovely hippie kaftan. Or, lay out under an umbrella with a hell of a lot of sunscreen on.

Slop:  Slop on some sunscreen. Make sure you chose a broad spectrum sunscreen to make sure you get both UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays. One causes cancer and one makes you look 80 when you are 30 so ensure you protect against both. SPF 15+ coconut oil is not enough, ensure you have at least an SPF 30+ on when you head into the Australian sun. SPF 15 only filters 93% of the suns UV rays for up to two hours. SPF 30+ filters 97% of the UV rays for up to 2 hours. ALWAYS REAPPLY. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, no sunscreen will be effective after two hours. If you are going in the water, choose a water resistant one. My favourite body sunscreen is the Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunscreen, because it is super awesome and non-greasy. My favourite facial sunscreen is the Invisible Zinc ESP Moisturizer. For those of you who wear makeup to the beach and therefore cannot reapply liquid sunscreen, take the Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield Foundation. In a stick form and very blendable, this baby contains SPF30+ to keep you from growing wrinkles. At the very least have some mineral makeup powder on hand and reapply liberally every couple of hours. Mineral makeup has a natural SPF, and whilst it may not be the best it is better than nothing!  PS. Don’t forget your lips with a lipbalm which contains SPF!


Slap: Slap on a hat. All surf shops have some wicked sweet hats. If you really don’t suit hats, sit under an umbrella.

Wrap: Wrap on some sunnies. Everyone wears these, I can’t imagine someone to have an excuse for this one.

Do all this, or say hi to early wrinkles. I think I would rather Anne Hathaway’s skin than Donnatella Versace’s, wouldn’t you?

Love Tegan (Tegania’s Thoughts) x