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Top Tips for Maternity Styling

posted by Alice Duffield October 23, 2014 7 Comments
Maternity Vacation Style

Are you currently growing a human baby and struggling with what to wear to cover your bump and still feel like your usual glamorous womanly self? Want to start feeling a little more Blake Lively throughout your pregnancy? Lucky for you fashion industries are finally catering more to expectant mothers – for comfort and style. I chatted to a few of my recently pregnant, stylish friends and here are the four tips they advised…

It’s not a crime to unbutton!

There will come a time when you might need to accept that your changing body and the limitations this brings to your existing wardrobe. But until you have to – use what you’ve already got. Undo those top two buttons, let that belly relax and cover up with long loose fitting t-shirt. Quite frankly – you’re not the only one undoing your top buttons – we’ve all been there after a {every} big meal (am I right ladies?)!

Embrace the Change!  

As the months go by, you’ll start to notice that you’ve run out of buttons to undo and it may be time to transition to comfy leggings and maternity dresses. Embrace it – have a look at maternity stores like Maternity Sale and enjoy the loose fitting, stretchy maternity dresses while you can. We’re all jealous – we all want to live in stretchy clothing, but you now have the perfect excuse.

Elk Maternity Fashion Ideas

Image Source : Elk

Chunky necklace, big ol’ earrings, chunky bangle!

Pregnant or not, some days are harder than others to feel as glam as we’d like. If all you can manage are tights, comfy Birkenstocks and a long grey tee – don’t fret, pet. You’re growing a human and doing brilliantly at it. Just throw on some bright chunky accessories and lap up the compliments. Personally I love me some elk accessories to dress up a simple outfit (see above for an example). It distracts people from the fact that you’re possibly still in your pajamas from the night before.

Try channelling the beach

There’s a guy down the road from me who lives his life like he’s at the beach. He can be seen every evening on his driftwood and conch shell adorned patio, barbecuing his dinner in his boardshorts. Aside from spitting grease burns I worry he’s getting on his bare chest, I think this guy knows his stuff. If you’re struggling to get comfortable when pregnant, just play beach holidays. Wrap yourself in a loose fitting sarong or tunic and plonk on your favourite sandles. Who cares if this is an inner city suburb? Your barista or librarian can’t prove that you’re not on your way to or from the coast. You’ll feel free and easy, and that’s all that matters.

I think the important message here is that you should still be able to look more glam than you may feel throughout your pregnancy. You might look down and feel frumpy , uncomfortable and puffy – but the rest of us see a radiant baby-mama growing an amazing tiny human and managing to get out of bed every day. Be comfortable, be confident and be proud.


Pictured above: 1. Pink Tiered Maternity/ Nursing Dress 2 . Beige sandals 3. Buccellati diamond palm tree jewellery 4. SELECTED chain statement necklace 5. Reger by Janet Reger brimmed sun hat  6. Charlotte Tilbury lips makeup 7. Essie nail lacquer 8. California Love photo wall art


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