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Today I’m having a quick chat with Melbourne based multidisciplinary artist Kit Webster about all things art, style inspiration, travel and of course coffee!!

Kit has been collaborating with Westfield Chermside for their ‘Festival of Lights’, which is being celebrated this coming weekend from today Thursday 3rd August – Saturday 5th August. The ‘Festival of Lights’ is celebrating Westfield Chermside’s NEW dining, entertainment and lifestyle precinct.

Brisbane locals can enjoy Kit’s visually impressive work under the ‘Urchin’ from 6pm – 9pm every evening.  Over the duration of the ‘Festival of Lights’ the precinct will also have interactive projections, kid’s activities, live entertainment, fireworks and much more.

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INTERVIEW: Stacey @ Fashion Weekly

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One of my favourite online magazines to read over a Sunday coffee is Fashion Weekly, and I love it more as the team hails from Brisbane!! Stacey – the Editor and owner – kindly gave us a few minutes of her time for an interview. Inspiring to say the least! xo


What inspired you to take on a monthly magazine?

It was a big decision to incorporate a monthly magazine with the existing online platform for Fashion Weekly. The main reason behind it was brand recognition and to give us a point of difference. It has been the best decision made for the company, and we are really enjoying producing our digital issues.

I have a great team behind me and we are always pushing the boundaries with unique editorials, exclusive content and fashion forward concepts.

What is your favourite part of running the magazine?

My favourite part about running the magazine would be deadline day. As soon as everything is complete, I can sit back and admire the hard work my team has put in.

Did you have experience in fashion or online publishing?

I studied fashion from 2005-2009, and then went on and studied business. I launched my own fashion label in 2011 and designed couture pieces for my clients. I noticed how competitive the market was, and having previously interned at Fashion Weekly, when the company went up for sale and I felt like my next move was to indulge in the world of media and online publishing.

So I bought the company, I started my new venture and I haven’t looked back since.

What has been your most exciting moment in your journey so far?

A highlight in my career thus far, would probably be interviewing Kirstie Clements, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia. To sit across the table from her, and talk about her hardships and achievements inspired me in ways I couldn’t believe. It was the most surreal and humbling experience of my life. I always say, next is Karl Lagerfeld!

What is your advice for someone wanting to start their own business?

My advice is patience and hard work. Nothing worth having will come easy. If you can be persistent and focused, you will achieve positive end results.

I also think it’s important to have mentors or a great support system around you. Stay passionate and always be true to yourself. Don’t make decisions based on influence, stay true to your brand / company and set yourself apart with a point of difference.


How do you think living in Brisbane helps/hinders your business growth?

Brisbane is home. I love it here and I think that as long as I can keep an open mind and have my finger on the pulse as to what is happening nationally or internationally, the location will not hinder my business.

Being online our content already has an international reach, so that is not a concern for me.

In saying that, Brisbane is moving forward and starting to build momentum. For example, when TopShop TopMan opened it’s doors, it proved that the big players are starting to recognise the Brisbane consumer along with their wants and needs.

What is your goal for 2014?

Fashion Weekly’s goals for 2014 is to maintain, grow and build. We are looking at having a few VIP events at the end of this year, as well as expanding our team. We also have some new ambassadors who are jumping on board and we will introduce them to our readers next month. So basically, we are just running forward!

It’s getting cold!! What are your tips for Winter fashion?

I really don’t like feeling cold, so my biggest tip for Winter is layers. Layer multiple scarves or coats. I am also obsessed with thigh high boots worn with denim jeans and comfy knit jumpers teamed with bold accessories.

What are a couple of items on your shopping wish-list right now?

My current wish list is a shopping trip to Paris, Donna Karan Wrap Dress ($2,360), Jimmy Choo Beige Leather Pumps ($743), and a Jade Bangle.

Where are your favourite places in Brisbane to – eat, shop, play?

Chester Street is my favourite place to eat. I am in love with their wood fired pizzas and delicious desserts! So during the week you will find me there.

To shop, I’m usually found on James Street, Westfield Carindale or Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

To play, you can find me sipping on a cocktail at Alfred and Constance or Limes Hotel, relaxing by the beach soaking in the sun and the view or spending time with     my huge and loving family.

Follow the fun with Fashion Weekly online here and on Facebook here.



Interview: Kaylene of Lillian Nai

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Lillian Nai is the footwear label of Brisbane designer Kaylene Clifford, who founded the brand after identifying a lack of boutique shoemakers offering fashionable shoes that fit the top and bottom spectrum of the size chart. Kaylene, a European size 43 quickly realised that the only companies offering a range of sizes that catered to her weren’t providing a fashion focused option and from there, Lillian Nai was born. When I first saw the designs I fell in love with the gorgeous soft leather and modern romantic styles… so I just had to steal some time with this fabulous designer… Kaylene was more than happy to share here story… and here it is for you to enjoy…

BT – You’ve said that you were inspired to create great shoes when you were unable to find what you wanted in your size; do you think designers need to branch out more from the perceived “average” sizes?

KC – I think designers need to be aware that as much as there are the “average” sizes, there will be always be people outside of that who are looking for something that meets their style. As I’ve experienced myself, I look for items to show my personality through my clothing and footwear that are classic – which is why I believe Lillian Nai will cater well for everyone.

BT – What are you favourite shoes to wear?

KC –  Being tall I love a classic ballet flat so the Rustic Deity in nude is perfect to dress up or down and also incredibly comfortable.

BT – What can we look forward to in the latest season collection?

KC –  “Take Me To The Sky” is the first collection for Lillian Nai and is focused on the saying the ‘Sky is the Limit’. This collection is centred on classic footwear whilst building the foundation blocks to take me to the sky. I’ve designed this collection on memories of summer that are dear to me. Whether it is colours that pop out or outfits I think the prefect shoe would go with, I wanted to create a collection that not only covered the much loved styles but also complimented women’s individuality and be versatile for the Australian summer. The Summer Daze shoe comprises of a beautiful leather lilac shade which resembles the Jacaranda trees that bloom in Brisbane. Perfect for the afternoon Saturday picnic, the Romantic Days leather tan wedge with a wooden heel is a great addition for either casual or dressier dates or just to help make you feel more beautiful. One style that is a bit of a twist is the Gypsy Sun Dance backless ankle boot in navy leather and tan leather straps which provide the right amount of edge for a night out. I’ve ensured all the shoe styles will suit women who want that simple and comfortable shoe but that is classic and is the perfectfinishing touch for their outfit.

BT – Do you have a particular signature design?

KC –  I would say my signature style is classic with a mix of bohemian and a slight touch of edge.

BT – When you choose your favourite shoes, do you prefer style to comfort or should they go hand in hand?

KC –  I believe you should always dress to impress but not over the top. I’m a minimalist so a maxi dress or jeans and a tee are my uniform, this allows me to dress it up with a pair of heels or for a casual look ballet flats whilst still looking polished. So I would say it definitely depends on the occasion, but comfort should not be sacrificed by style and vice versa, it should be well balanced. I believe I have been able to achieve this throughout my collection.

BT – As a new business, what are you most looking forward to in the launch of your label?

KC –  I’m looking forward to everyone seeing the shoes! It’s definitely the excitement of the work I’ve put into the label, everyone seeing the finish product and women being able to wear and enjoy my designs.

BT – What’s your favourite look for summer? What shoes will you match it with?

KC –  I love dresses during summer so a maxi or a sun dress is my favourite look. Depending on the occasion I wear my Rustic Deity ballet flats or the Wisps of Sunlight sandals – flirty, fun and classy.

BT – The Queensland climate is varied all year, are you excited to be able to design for such variety, do you have a favourite season to design for?

KC –  I’m very excited to be able to design a variety of styles to suit the climates not just in Queensland but also Australia.

I lived in Cairns for ten years so being able to experience cooler weather and wear boots has been very exciting for me and just experience more than two seasons (wet and dry)! My favourite season is autumn so I do enjoy designing ankle boots and shoes I feel would be great for the cooler months. The Gypsy Sun Dance ankle boot is ideal for the transitional seasons.

BT – Describe your design process.

KC – My design process is spread over a few weeks to create a collection. In that time I’m very aware of what’s going on around me, the story I want to tell through the collection and mood boards are created. Once I’ve picked the styles and colours it’s off to the manufacturers they create a sample for me and it’s ready for the look book.

BT – What would you be doing if you weren’t designing shoes?

KC – I studied Tourism Management at university, but have been working with the State Government for the last 18 months. I was lucky enough to follow my passion and fulfil my dream of designing shoes so I am extremely fortunate. However if I was unable to have followed my dream I most likely would be overseas working in the Tourism Industry.

BT – Anything else you want to share with our readers?

KC –  Whilst designing was not an initial dream career for me, the last couple of months has been beyond my wildest dreams. Finding a passion of designing and mixing business has been hugely rewarding and a path I never thought was possible. I’m extremely grateful and humbled to be able to fulfil this passion and share it with everyone.  To work on a dream and make it into a career I’m extremely excited about and cannot wait to see Lillian Nai making footprints around Brisbane.




INTERVIEW: Sonia for Bedroom Antics

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bedroom antics

Christmas was full of gift giving and if you lucked-out on getting something you wanted… then we have just the ticket! Luxury romance brand Bedroom Antics has recently launched with the mission to make women feel confident, desirable and treasured; and help men become the most accomplished and romantic of lovers… now we think THAT is the best gift of all! The luxe candles and delectable scents are designed and manufactured in Australia with a 100% commitment to caring for the environment. With all of that in mind we just HAD to talk to the gorgeous Brisbane woman behind the brand… enjoy x

BT: Tell us about ‘you’? What is your background?

Sonia: Brisbane born and bred, I am now in my mid-thirties. I was brought up on words “There’s no such thing as can’t” which has shaped my attitude to life. I have had a successful 15+ year career in television, media and marketing but my workaholic ways were getting in the way of my relationship so, like many other women my age, I decided it was time to turn my attention to my own business. And Bedroom Antics was born.

BT: What inspired you to create a luxury romance brand?

Sonia: I remember quite clearly shopping for Valentine’s Day in Sydney about 5 years ago. There was the usual choice of flowers, chocolates, cards and cheap romance kits. There were no ‘special gifts’ for two people to share together. And I decided that I was going to create a range of quality, Australian made gifts that inspired moments of romance and celebration.

BT: Why does everyone need a little romance in their life?

Sonia: Life is busy. People are more stressed, tired and selfish because of the pressures of modern life. Romance helps balance that. A word, a look, a touch can turn our mundane routine into something extraordinary that gives us reason to smile throughout the day. They are the moments you treasure when you’re having a bad day and Bedroom Antics encourages you to indulge in that.

BT: What do you consider the ultimate romantic gesture?

Sonia: A love note – simple, unexpected and from the heart. A surprise candlelit dinner on the beach comes a close second.

BT: What is your favourite product from the range?

Sonia: Desire – luxury soy candle. It instantly creates a seductive mood with its soft glow and rich, delicious scent.
Candle - Mischief
BT: What is your favourite Brisbane location to eat/drink/shop?

Sonia: For food, I love the decadent French décor of Libertine, and the exotic fresh menu of Sono (Portside).

For a drink, a glass or two of Spanish wine at Ortiga watching life pass by in Brunswick Street.

BT: What inspires you to get out of bed in the morning?

Sonia: My passion and excitement for Bedroom Antics and taking my Great Dane Leopold for a walk along the beach.

BT: Any last words on Bedroom Antics…?

Sonia: Long live romance – we have a blog Vive La Romance dedicated to that.

Bedroom Antics - Body Choc


Fashion Graduate: Kristal Choi

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Another year has ended and another hopeful group of fashion graduates venture into the ‘real world’, optimistic about forging their path in the fashion industry. We catch these bright young things fresh from their final year parade and find out what they have in store for the future…

Meet: Kristal Choi, QUT 

Collection Name: Butterflies in the Botanical Garden

Collection Inspiration: The Butterflies in the Botanical Garden is my trans-seasonal 2012 collection, which celebrates everything that is feminine, beautiful, luxurious and colourful with a focus on high quality finishing and detailing on the garments. This collection was inspired by the botanical illustrations of Beatrix Potter and ‘Butterfly Beauty for Ben Tom’s Dazed and Confused’ shoots. The collection was primarily inspired by Potter’s beautiful, soft, detailed and feminine colours of the flowers, which strongly influenced this collection and each outfit represents each of the six principal colours that she used in her artwork. The Butterflies in the Botanical Garden was also inspired by ‘Butterfly Beauty for Ben Tom’s Dazed & Confused’s individual, colourful and convincingly high quality of detailed butterflies. These predominantly fascinated me with their touch of mystery and fantasy. Therefore, I gathered my main focus from these two inspirations and decided to highlight this collection with butterfly print garments and butterfly headpieces, in order to create a striking and different look that still gave a strong and powerful performance. Butterflies in the Botanical Garden is all about colour, brightness and the beauty of nature. This collection design has beautiful constructions that are softened by colour, soft silhouettes and a sense of femininity as well.

What was your favourite part of putting together your final year collection? My favourite part of putting my final year collection together was when I went to South Korea for fabric outsourcing. South Korea is well known it’s high quality fabrics and textiles, as well as other materials involved in fashion design. I physically felt and saw the huge range of fabric colours, prints and types of materials and from this particular experience, I can say that South Korea has most amazing and beautiful fabrics and textiles that are of an incredibly high quality, with a variety of price ranges. Through this experience, I become more interested in fabrics and realise the importance of their role in design, because as a designer I only want to create garments that feel comfortable to wear. Therefore, my collection focuses not only on the design but also the quality of the fabric, as well as the quality of the entire product.

So you have finished uni… and what now? For the next one-to-two years, I will be releasing six-to-eight outfits every six months while working for someone in the fashion industry as a part-time job. This way, I can still continue making my designs and promoting my label and design range in the real world, testing out the reaction to my designs and styles by target customers, learning new things in the fashion industry and building my skills and knowledge throughout. Also I am planning to travel around Europe and to New York in the next two years to see and experience new things and to gain a broader vision.

What is your dream fashion job? My dream fashion job is become a CEO of my label, Choi. In ten-to-twenty years, I see myself as a famous Australian fashion designer. This is just my prediction and only a ‘dream’ but I will always try my best to accomplish my goal and make it happen. However, I know there will be many ups and downs along the way and that I will have a lot of work experiences and make many mistakes as part of becoming a strong, fruitful and smart fashion business owner. I will always work through any circumstances with a positive mind and attitude and I will get there one day!

What do you think your biggest challenge will be now? The biggest challenge that I have right now is to find a job and keep up with my next one-to-two year plans. As well, I will have to let people know about my label and keep things appealing and different from other fashion designer labels.

How do you think living in Brisbane will influence your next career steps? Personally, Brisbane is my favourite city in Australia because I love the tropical weather, vivid colours and relaxed lifestyle. Most of my work is inspired by colours and for my 2013 range, I will be focusing on Brisbane’s unique colours, bringing together a range of bright and fun yet beautiful tropical colours. Furthermore, I see Brisbane with a strong potential future. Although right now, Brisbane may be behind in the fashion field compare to Sydney and Melbourne, I see it in the future with a possibly bigger, fuller, stronger, enthusiastic and influential city. This is because Brisbane is a little behind other cities, thus there is a lot more room for change and growth. Therefore, Brisbane will offer better chances for me to develop my career successfully and will support me with love and attention. Brisbane needs more help from people like me to become bigger and greater and I am going to try my best to raise its level of design. Also, I want to start my business in a small market like Brisbane, rather than jumping into a big market. In this way I can break through this ‘one way of thinking’ and prove to the world that becoming a successful designer is not about living in a fancy, luxurious or great place. Rather, it is all about your talent and skills and if you have that, then no matter where you are, people will find you and will support you, as we are a global generation. Therefore, without a dream, effort and passion there is no way to succeed and no way to achieve your goals.

How do you think technology is starting to influence the fashion industry? Technology has already influenced the fashion industry and the global fashion market. Today, we can simply find any information that we want on the Internet at any time of the day. The Internet and mobile phones have become the most powerful tools in our lives in the global generation and this technology has created a whole new level of living and social networking. For example, now we can find and watch fashion shows and catwalk images on the Internet the day after a show, unlike in the past when we had to fly overseas in order to find out about new trends and innovative designs. Today, we can access anything on the Internet just with the stroke of a finger and it has made everything so much easier and less expensive. Therefore, through social media and e-commerce, the fashion industry can connect with their target customers more easily and cheaply.

Where is your favourite place in Brisbane to eat/drink/shop? My favourite place in Brisbane is James Street, which has great restaurants, bars and exclusive fashion boutiques. Also there is an atmosphere of luxury, creativity and high quality. For Brisbane, it is the hub of fashion and innovation.



INTERVIEW: Candice, Westfield Stylist’s Apprentice Winner

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Candice 2 copy

Earlier this year we attended The Westfield Stylist’s Apprentice Competition and thought the winner Candice was one to watch… 6 months later we thought it was time to check in and see how life has changed for the Gold Coast stylist turned Westfield Garden City Fashion Stylist (apprentice!).

Plus as an added bonus Candice is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a one-on-one styling session AND a $100 Westfield Gift Card!

(Enter at the bottom of the page!)

BT: Firstly congratulation on winning this year’s Westfield Stylist’s Apprentice! How has winning changed your fashion career?

Candice: Thank You so much, YES winning this year’s Stylist Apprentice 2012 has not only changed my career in fashion but also my entire life. It has opened up a lot of doors for me in the fashion world, I have met so many amazing inspiring other stylists and people in the industry, gained so much experience and had the best fun in doing so. I have traveled to different areas of Australia also and put my skills to use. This is my first official year in the “Fashion Industry” and already I have experienced so much in such a short amount of time. Recently I worked at Perth Fashion Festival alongside a friend who sponsored the event, I met so many amazing Stylists, Designers and Producers – it was a life changing experience.

BT: What is your favourite part of the job?

Candice: All areas….. I find styling clients very rewarding, but mostly I love trend forecasting and predictions: This area interests me most!! I love seeing what is fresh on and off the Runway from all the designers, and keeping up to date with what is happening overseas etc. I love also editorials and styling for shoots, I am very creative and I believe this is my strongest area of fashion.

BT: Describe your own personal style…

I am very practical when it comes to styling myself – comfort is a must. I’m modern and on trend, I focus on the now. I also am known for adding a slightly edgy tomboy twist to my style. I LOVE sneakers. If I am going to an event then I keep my style simple and elegant.

Candice: Now that you are surrounded by some of the biggest and best brands in fashion… what stands out as your favourite trends for Spring/Summer?

Stand out for me this season is NEON!! I LOVE it, I LOVE colour, and I’m also loving the coloured hair trend. I’ve had my hair rose pink on and off for years and never get sick of it.

BT: What advice do you have for those looking to incorporate these key trends on a budget?

Candice: Shop around!! Do your research, Ask shops assistants or fashion savvy friends, Don’t settle for something you only half like, As you will often see something in a week that you love. Stick to classic clothing pieces then inject a key trend as an accessory such as a necklace or bag – this is inexpensive and that way when trends come and go you haven’t invested too much in keeping up.

BT: What would you normally go through with a client in a styling session?

Candice: It depends on client’s needs and what they are wanting out of their session etc. but at Westfield we follow a specific guide. Style I.D, Body Shape Analysis, Colour Analysis and more…. We can also style a client for a specific occasion, which is always lots of fun. A client may have a special event that they are attending and need help putting together that perfect look! We also do wardrobe detoxes where we come into your home and detox your wardrobe, add in new key pieces, put together looks, and show you what works for YOU and your body shape.

BT: What is your must-have item for the season?

Candice: Must have item is a neon statement necklace & a popping lip colour!! You can throw on some simple pants with a basic tee- add the statement necklace and your popping lip colour and your look is super stylish and your ready for the day.

BT: What inspires you to get out of bed in the morning?

Candice: My work, my career, my family and friends!!

I LOVE my life and what I do, I work hard, set goals and achieve them. You can only do your best and with me “the best is yet to come…” I won’t be Australian next Rachel Zoe.. I will be better haha

Stay in touch with Candice and the rest of the Westfield Garden City Fashion stylists here.

Enter to win a one-on-one styling session AND a $100 Westfield Gift Card!