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7 things to get your beau this Valentine’s Day

posted by Karlicca Culalic February 12, 2018 0 comments

Buying for the male species sucks! Let’s just get that on the record. When on the hunt for something dazzling for the beau in your life, dazzling stretches from a rotation of cologne to watches and endless shaving kits. Whereas, we girls pull our weight. We’ll have ten curated gift options ready to rock and roll at any given moment and we’re happy to drop the hint if it’s necessary. It’s true, it’s not easy to find something unique that your dudes will love, but here are a few options we think just might manage.

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Father's Day Gift Guide | Brisbane Threads

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016

posted by Jacquelyn Cox August 26, 2016 0 comments

With Father’s Day just around the corner (literally, 9 days away!) we wanted to do a round-up of some gifts your dad (or significant other!) will actually love. From skincare products to events they’ll be itching to go to, we have you covered. Check out what we’ll be getting our dads this year!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide Part Two + Giveaway!

posted by Teagan West May 5, 2015 0 comments

It’s now 5 days until Mother’s Day. Are you organised? Card, present, lunch organised? Fear not, my friends, because we love solving problems, especially when it involves a spot of shopping for a special someone. If you missed part one of our Gift Guide you can find it here, full of gift ideas for Mums with style, homeware collections and also some tips on getting a gift for the Mum that seems to have everything.

In Part 2, we’re talking gift ideas for Mums who are into active lifestyles, beauty routines and those who are a pro in the kitchen. Plus, if you want to earn some extra brownie points, we’ve got a giveaway to win a coconut-filled health and beauty pack, but you’ve only got until Wednesday May 6 at 3pm to enter.

So without further ado, here’s Part Two of our Mother’s day Gift Guide.

The Active Mum

Whether your Mum is a bit of a gym bunny or a zen yoga enthusiast, good quality activewear and accessories never go astray for the Mum who loves to live an active lifestyle. Get her the latest health-conscious cookbook (we’re loving Lola Berry at the moment) so she can be inspired by healthy recipes, or gather a collection of accessories for her gym bag that will help her get up and moving when its exercise time. If she needs some extra motivation, a Fitbit is a great place to start as it counts your steps each day and encourages you to keep on moving throughout the day.

activewear for Mum

The Masterchef Mum 

Is Your Mums a pro in the kitchen? Then she’ll love any gadgets and trinkets that belong in her little haven. If she’s in the market so a new appliance, splash some cash and treat her to something she wants and needs. A nice dinner set or a beautiful platter won’t go unused, neither will novelty products like a fondue machine, coffee grinder and tapas plates. If you’re feeling creative put together a personalised gift pack of some of her favourite things in the kitchen, such as her favourite tea, beautiful salad servers, a new cookbook, gorgeous moroccan bowls, a clean apron, a shiny baking tray and some colourful decor to redecorate with. The possibilities are endless!

Coconut Culture Gift Pack | Brisbane Threads

The Beauty-Guru Mum 

If you’re Mum has a bigger collection of makeup, skincare products and perfumes than you, there’s no doubt she’s a beauty guru who loves to keep up with the latest trends. This doesn’t mean she has everything though, so have a snoop and see what gaps you can fill in her collection. Go-To Skincare by Zoe Foster Blake is one of our favourites and Australian online store Lulu & Lipstick always have a good collection of beauty products and gift sets in their range if you need some inspiration. Our pick of the crop though is this Coconut Culture Smooth & Soothe Cream. Not only do coconut products smell and feel great, but they’re also incredibly good for your beauty routine too and you can use coconut oil as a facial cleanse or scrub, to help clean your teeth and gums and as a hair and scalp treatment.

And here’s the best part – thanks to our friends at Stance Global and Coconut Culture, we’re giving away this glorious coconut gift pack this Mother’s Day! To enter, simply like us on Facebook and Instagram through the widget below. You can enter as many times as you like and the more times you connect with us on different platforms, the more entries you will receive. But be quick, entries close at Midnight on Wednesday May 5 (AEST) and the prize will be express posted to the winner on Thursday. Enter for Mum and make her Mother’s Day extra special, or if you’ve got her gift sorted, why not enter for yourself instead (because after all, we all could use some extra indulgence here and there!).

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide Part One

posted by Teagan West April 24, 2015 0 comments

How is it that Mother’s Day always sneaks up on me every damn year?! We’ve still got three weeks, so I guess that’s still enough time think up a plan and woo the mother hen. So while I’m racking my brains for the present that will knock her socks off, I thought I’d share my wisdom with you lovely folk and create the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide. There was too much to include in one post (because after all, you have to spoil your mum), so we’ve got part one here for you today, and part two of the gift guide coming next week.

So let’s get started!

The Stylish Mum

If she’s a stylish lady (and especially if she has her own Instagram account) then there’s no such thing as too many accessories. As we are moving into the cooler months, some new accessories to compliment her winter wardrobe are perfect – think scarves, jackets, ponchos, winter hats, cozy wraps and statement jewellery in warm colour palettes. Shop at some of her favourite stores (you may have to do some sniffing around to find out where) and make sure you keep all of the receipts incase you need to change size, colour or product. If you are hesitant with buying her clothes and accessories, opt for some skincare products, body lotions and bath goods so she can pamper herself at home.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Homewares Mum

If you think your Mum has missed her calling as an interior designer or event stylist, then it’s safe to assume she’s a homewares Mum. Think colourful cushions, throw rugs in gorgeous textures, a mosaic vase, a piece of artwork to match her living room, a vibrant fruit bowl or an inspirational quote to bring love into the home. If you’re still unsure, a safe option is always a nice smelling candle in her favourite scent (go for citrus, creamy or floral notes) from the Glasshouse Candle Range or the Palm Beach Collection.

Flowers at the Rocklea markets

The “She Owns Everything” Mum

If she’s one of those mums who has everything, or you can’t think of something she’ll need/use/love, why not head over to a site like Personalised Favours and send her a lovely gift pack. Gift-giving specialist sites will have a bunch of ideas in their range for every occasion, some that you probably haven’t even thought of yourself. You can have a gift customised with engraving, a unique package created and have it professionally wrapped and delivered to your door before Mother’s Day, so all you’ll have to do is deliver it to Mum (and you’ll get all of the credit). If you’re up for some extra brownie points, pick up a bunch of beautiful blooms in her favourite hue to go with the gift and watch her smile beam from ear to ear.

So how did we do… have you go some ideas for Mum yet? Next week we’ll have a wrap up of the best gifts for beauty, health and chef Mum, so make sure you stop on by again.

This post was written in collaboration with Personalised Favours, however all opinions, thoughts and recommendations are my own.


Christmas Gift Guide: For Your Mother Dearest

posted by Chloe Clark December 8, 2014 0 comments

Need some gift-spriation for the number 1 gal in your life? Christmas is just around the corner and if you don’t want to brave the shops, all of these gift ideas can be delivered straight to your door!

I have given all of these gifts to my mum at some point in time, so I know they are going to go down a treat.

Happy shopping!

Go-To Skincare

go to skin care

Image: Go-To skin care

We’ve raved about it before, but Go-To makes skincare uncomplicated, and we could all do with a bit of that in our lives! Founded by beauty editor Zoe Foster Blake who spent 10 years testing and reviewing all kinds of beauty products, she knows her skin care!

You can choose from a facial cleanser, exfoliating pads, multi-purpose oil, lip balm and anti-ageing moisturizer, all of which are cruelty free.

Choose what you think your mum will love the most, or take the lot! You will be sure to have a laugh when ordering online with Go-To, and can have a personal email delivered straight to your Mum’s inbox.


gift guide for mum

Image: Piyama

Let your mum relax, rejuvenate and recharge in style. Piyama sleepwear and loungewear is made to be worn in the bedroom and beyond. Their soft breathable fabrics are not only comfortable, but perfect for the balmy Brisbane climate. Free Xmas gift wrapping is sure to make this a no brainer.

Lorna Jane – 2 for $60 gifts

Lorna Jane

Image : Lorna Jane

Give your mum something, or two things, from Lorna Jane that will motivate her for a fresh new year. She can get organised with a planner or diary, get motivated with Lorna Jane’s fitness and business success stories, and make some nourishing recipes in a stylish new apron.

My mums picks are the insulated lunch bag and Nourish cook book – which if you grabbed for your mum, would save you $30!

Enjoy spoiling your Mama the way she deserves!


Christmas Gift Guide : For the Special Guy in Your Life

posted by Scott Duffield December 2, 2014 1 Comment

I usually hate men’s gift guides. They’re either full of gimmicky rubbish (can we please give up on whiskey stones already?) or super cool, super expensive stuff that I could only justify putting on my own gift list if I found out that Richard Branson is actually my uncle. There’s no middle ground – nothing that I actually want that my friends and family could actually afford.

That’s why I’m keeping this guide super practical. These are quality gifts that would last you well beyond January. They’re things you’ll use every day, which I think is important in a gift.

In hindsight, I kind of dropped the ball on the inexpensive criteria. Things got a little more expensive than I hoped. But most of these products are small batch or handmade, so I think your friends and family will appreciate why they’re paying a little extra.

 Shokunin Kitchen Knives

Shokunin Kitchen Knives

Best Made

We’ll take it as a given that you want a Best Made axe. We all do. I want one for display and another that I actually use. But use it when? I can’t remember the last time I cut anything with an axe. I can’t even remember being in a situation where I thought, “Gee, this would go a lot better if I had an axe.”

So I’m adjusting my expectations this Christmas and turning my blade lust to this set of four Shokunin Kitchen Knives. These knives are super sharp – literally and figuratively. They’re made in Japan to Best Made’s high standards, so you know they’ll pass the mustard if you get a craving to put on a bloody apron and deconstruct an entire sow.

Ceramic Flask

christmas gift guide for guys

Misc Goods Co

It doesn’t matter whether it’s scotch, brandy or raspberry cooler. Drinks just taste better when you’re sipping them from your very own flask. I’m not big on stainless steel flasks though. Even the plain ones just look like they’re waiting for someone to slap on a big old Johnnie Walker or V8 Supercars logo.

Misc Goods Co have really stepped the quality up with their ceramic flask. It really is the classiest way to drink on the sly in public. The lustrous white ceramic is offset by leather and brass accents. Your liquor is held in place with an actual cork stopper. They’re like little baby stoneware growlers – so cute!

Derby City Money Clip

mens gift guide

General Manufacturing Co

Are you still carrying your cash around in a wallet like some sort of animal? We’ve all moved on to money clips now. This Derby City money clip is a seriously good-looking clasp for your cash. Made of white or standard brass, it’s got a bit of an art deco feel to it that I really appreciate. The good people at General Manufacturing Co suggest it can take up to 20 notes. 20 notes? Do I look like Rockefeller? As long as it holds my license, Medicare card and Subway loyalty card, I’m set.



Topo Designs

Man, I love a good backpack. My partner thinks I need to adjust my swagger when I wear one, but I don’t let that get me down. (Apparently I look like a kid excited for his first day of kindy).

My next backpack is going to be a Topo Design Daypack. It looks classy on the outside and has heaps of room on the inside. There’s enough special pockets, clasps and hardware to make it practical, but not so many that you start feeling like you’re packing for some tactical assault mission. The daypack is available in olive, clay, navy or black and, if you’re really confident, you also have the choice of two different camo patterns.

 Waxed Canvas Wall Pocket

Wall Pocket

Peg and Awl


I’m not a neat person. My desk always looks like it’s just been turned over by crims. On bad days, it looks like the police came through afterwards and dusted for prints. It wasn’t a problem when I worked in an office, but my stationary organising skills are putting some serious strain on my relationship now that I work from home.

This waxed canvas wall pocket could keep me from becoming single. There’s a pocket or slot for everything. The design is inspired by the form and function of antique work aprons, and it actually looks good enough to be hung on the wall. There’s four or five pocket versions, depending on how much junk you have. I’m probably going to get two five pocket versions and hang them side-by-side.

Well, that’s what I hope Santa packs in his sack for me this year. I hope it’s what you’re after too.

Have you seen anything awesome that should be on this list? Let me know.



13 Christmas Gifts with an Eco-Twist!

posted by Danielle Lewis December 16, 2013 0 comments


For every person in your life, whether it’s the foodie, the animal lover, the ‘Miss I’ve got everything’, there’s a gift to be bought. But this year I challenge you to give a little thought to where your gift comes from. Embrace re-cycled, up-cycled, eco-friendly and sustainable practices! Show the receiver you not only care about them, but their world and their future.

To give you a hand we’ve hand-picked our top 13 eco-friendly gifts from our favourite Brisbane eco-store, Biome!

With locations in Milton, Brisbane CBD, Paddington and online you’ll have your Christmas Shopping done in no time!

Enjoy x

For the homemaker…

1. Organic Bed Linen

2. Japanese-style Luminaria Candle Bags

3. Vintage Jars + Accessories

For the fashionista…

4. Solemate Socks

5. Earth Bracelet

6. WeWood Watch

7. Apple & Bee Canvas Tote


For the beauty queen…

8. EcoTools Bamboo Make-up Brush Set

9. Inika Mineral Eye Shadow (in fairy floss of course!)

10. Butter London Nail Polish (Jaffa is my Summer colour pick!)

For the littlies…

11. SoYoung Backpack

12. Recycle Yourself Bag Tag

13. The Lorax by Dr Suess