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Inspire dad to be fit for life this Father’s Day.

posted by Danielle Lewis September 1, 2017 0 comments

If you are anything like me, you are scrambling to buy daddio a last minute Father’s Day present this year. Not that I don’t love my dear ‘ol dad with all my heart, but sometimes life gets in the way and best laid plans of picking out the perfect gift goes out the window.

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Introducing Mammoth Meat Co

posted by Maddie Vlismas July 25, 2017 0 comments
Are you really from Brisbane if you haven’t been to Woolly Mammoth Alehouse? It’s an institution! Housing Queensland’s largest selection of craft beer on tap (with 30+ to choose from) and the most incredible pub food you’ve ever had, it’s an obvious choice for any night out.

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Best American Food In Brisbane | Brisbane Threads
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Where To Get The Best American Food In Brisbane

posted by Cass Catsoulis April 16, 2016 17 Comments

We are always trying to update our mind and stomach, and this post is no exception. We know you loved our post on the best American food in Brisbane from a couple of years ago, so we pulled it from the archives, gave it a fresh update and added a bunch of new restaurants to help you introduce your sheltered Australian palette to the holy grail of American foods. American food is addictive, growin’ and stickin’ around Brisbane and sometimes it can even stick to your hips for- days, weeks and months after that juicy pulled pork slider.

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Coco Republic | Brisbane Threads

Coco Republic International Gallery Launch

posted by Bec Sully June 9, 2015 0 comments

Interior Design label Coco Republic recently launched a new International Gallery, housed in their Fortitude Valley showroom. Over 300 guests attended the launch hosted by Coco Republic Executive Director, Anthony Spon Smith.

Anthony’s co-host was Neale Whittaker, a man whose passion for design is reflected in his judgeship on Nine’s The Block, his role as Editor in Chief of Vogue Living and columnist for The Daily Telegraph and The Courier Mail. For Neale, the ever-developing skyline is something that excites him about Brisbane, as well as the fusion of indoor to outdoor living that is something us Queensland folks know all to well. A recent boom of hospitality development projects has put Brisbane on the map and continues to spark interest for the Queensland capital, Neale said.

The move to Vogue Living followed an eight-year tenure at Belle magazine and has sparked a fresh look for the magazine that Neale now calls home. With new writers and contributors offering a fresh perspective, the coming issues are sure to excite Interior Design lovers from all corners of Australia. Though hesitant to say if The Block will ever come to Brisbane, Neale was excited about the upcoming season, Octoblock. Fresh from their recent Logies win, the Blockheads are setting their sights on Hotel Saville, an octagonal six-storey hotel in Melbourne’s South Yarra. Considering Neil’s current description of the hotel as “the ugliest building you’ve ever seen”, they may have their work cut out for them.

Perhaps they could take some cues from Coco Republic, whose four featured designers ensured no taste was left unsatisfied. The designers; Oly San Francisco, Timothy Oulton, Jonathan Adler and Max Sparrow, each bought their own unique aesthetic to the Gallery, which spans 3000 square metres. Classic textures and British authenticity were a stand out in the Timothy Oulton exhibition, with guests each receiving a leather luggage tag embossed with their initials. Bright prints, bold colours and statement statuettes were the ingredients for Jonathan Adler, while soft blush chevrons and neutral hues accented the soft palette of Oly San Francisco. Max Sparrow was all about the details, with bookshelves and side tables styled to perfection to seamlessly translate into the everyday home. From the Block, to Vogue Living, to the cosy suburbs of Brisbane, the Coco Republic International Gallery is sure to offer something for everyone and continue to put our favourite capital city on the map.

The new Coco Republic International Gallery is located at 400 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley. It is open Monday-Friday 10am-5.30, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm.

Here’s some happy snaps from the night thanks to the team at Coco Republic

Coco Republic | Brisbane Threads Coco Republic | Brisbane Threads Coco Republic | Brisbane Threads Coco Republic | Brisbane Threads Coco Republic | Brisbane Threads Coco Republic | Brisbane Threads Coco Republic | Brisbane Threads Coco Republic | Brisbane Threads Coco Republic | Brisbane Threads Coco Republic | Brisbane Threads Coco Republic | Brisbane Threads Coco Republic | Brisbane Threads Coco Republic | Brisbane Threads

Emporium Cocktails | Brisbane Threads

Winter Wonderland: A Kaleidoscope of Cocktails at Emporium

posted by Georgia Terry May 29, 2015 0 comments

Have you ever wanted to step into Wonderland? To go beyond the looking glass where everything is so ridiculous it just makes sense? Well at the risk of telling you BT babes what you already know – that’s never going to happen. No smiling cats or crazy men (who bare a striking resemblance to Johny Depp) inviting you to equally as mad parties. While that may be quite devastating, don’t worry your pretty little heads about it. The Emporium Hotel in Fortitude Valley has the next best thing, and it comes in the form of delicious cocktails inspired by the winter wonderland of winter wonderlands.

Enjoy a beverage or many in the Emporium’s oh-so-chic cocktail bar. With its warm lighting and relaxed vibes, you can take the time to have the full Wonderland experience from glass to glass. With both old and new cocktails available on the menu you’ll be making sure you aren’t late for this very important cocktail date.

Emporium Cocktails | Brisbane Threads

The twelve chapter Winter Wonderland menu is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s psychedelic concepts. The selection, which feature drinks from the Emporium’s own cocktail creator Zac, offers a beautifully nonsensical but oh so delish taste-scape. Each drink is named after quintessential elements found in the classic story. Drink the night away with a Mad Tea ( Gin, Green Tea, Fig and Turkish Delight Liqueur and apple juice) or sip on the Gardener’s Fizz which makes you feel like you’re the guest of honor at the Mad Hatter’s very own tea party.

And for those of you who enjoy some kind of gastronomic delight to accompany your drinks, don’t worry the Emporium has a vast array of food you can order from the bar. If you’re into classic finger food with a bit more finesse the Mushroom Arancini balls are hard to miss, as is the soft shell crab. The Chicken Bites are also quite yummy.

So if you ‘re keen for a few drinks with the girls, feel like taking you’re one true love out on the town or are simply a literary lover from way back, it’s the perfect place to pay a visit. Take a leap like Alice, descend the rabbit’s hole and enjoy the Emporium’s take on Wonderland this Winter.

Emporium Cocktails | Brisbane Threads

Brisbane Threads

24 Hours To Explore Brisbane

posted by Joanna Fraser May 8, 2015 6 Comments
It’s Saturday morning and you’re heading to the airport to pick up your ‘cooler-than-thou’ friend who has flown up from Melbourne for weekend. You know, that friend who is always posting cool instagrams of local underground bars and geometric coffee art. You have defended Brisbane again and again, swearing black and blue that you don’t live in some hick country town. We have burger places! And tiny dark bars! And doughnuts! Don’t sweat it my panicked friend, I have your back. Here is your guide to having the best 24 hours in our city as you explore Brisbane.
Brisbane Sunset | Brisbane Threads
Saturday 9:30am– Don’t you even dare getting out of bed before 8:00 o’clock on a weekend morning. Did you know that every time someone gets out of bed early on a Saturday morning, a unicorn falls down dead?
Begin the day with breakfast at Plenty in West-End. Plenty cooks up the kind of food that brings to mind lush vegetable gardens, dappled cornfields and barefoot days running through green grass. The menu is fresh, colourful, and locally grown. If you had a less-than-wholesome Friday night, then every forkful of food you shovel into your mouth at Plenty will feel restorative and delicious. Try the poached eggs, avocado, heirloom tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella on toast if you’re after something light or if you are taking this ‘treat yo’ self’ weekend seriously then you cant go past a big stack of buttermilk pancakes.
Plent West End | Brisbane Threads
11:00amThe Davies Park Markets, conveniently situated adjacent to Plenty, are great for a mid-morning browse. Pick up a coffee at one of the many coffee vans, plonk yourself down and listen to a band or two when they take the stage near the river. If you’re still peckish (no judgement here), the markets have an amazing selection of food from golden potato röstis to handmade artisan doughnuts.
12:00pm Stroll up from the markets into the heart of West-End and hit up some of the indie stores that line the main street. Pop into Jet Black Cat for the coolest record selection around, peek into newly-opened Junky comics and pick up a zine and then swing past Box Vintage for a new floral dress or vintage tee. Other favourites include, The Happy Cabin for cutesy attire, Avid Bookstore for (you guessed it) books and SWOP for good quality vintage apparel.
What To Do In Brisbane
1:00pmWest-End has a plethora of delicious lunch time options but it’s hard to go past a pizza and a beer at local favourite, The Burrow. With woodsy interiors that transport you to a cabin in the woods, a selection of craft beers that even the most hipstery-hipster would froth over, and the main event, delicious cheesy pizzas. Oh hello, tipsy weekend lunch.
2:30pm– With the best of West-End under your belt (literally.. it’s in your belly), it’s time to walk it off. Stroll towards the city through to South Bank where you can pop into the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. With regularly changing exhibitions showcasing some truly impressive artists such as David Lynch and Michael Parekowhai, you can spend an hour or two in GOMA. Just make sure you put up at least 2-12 Instagrams of GOMA or else it never actually happened.
What To Do In Brisbane
4:00pm-Hop a bus, or an Uber, and head over to another of Brisbane’s hippest suburbs, Fortitude Valley. If you’re not a Brisbane local or you simply want to take your weekend to the next level, check into a hotel for the night. Newcomer, Tryp in Fortitude Valley, makes the swish inner city hotels look as cool as your dowdy old uncle. The decor brings to mind Brooklyn brownstones with it’s graffitied walls and industrial feel. Complete with a rooftop bar, matte black bathroom fixtures and a popular downstairs burger joint, you will get serious points with your pretentious Melbourne-dwelling friend when you check-in at Tryp.
5:00pm– With the descending sun painting Brisbane with it’s long golden rays, now is the time to head up high and check out the view. Tryp hotel’s gorgeous rooftop bar UP! has an extensive drinks menu featuring pretty signature cocktails and a good selection of beers on tap.
TRYP | Brisbane Threads
6:00pm– Fortitude valley has exploded onto the Brisbane dining scene with new hip restaurants opening up every week. Chinatown entices with it’s fragrant, spicy smells, Bakery Lane beckons with it’s cool atmosphere, and how on earth can you choose which new burger place to eat at? As long as you check your fear of heart disease/obesity at the door, Miss Kay’s on George St is a winner. Wash your meal down with an ice cream sandwich and an alcoholic ginger beer.
8:00pm– Toast a day well spent at another new favourite, The Tree House. A woodsy bar with a great vibe and an even better drinks menu, The Tree House is tucked away in the newly opened Bakery Lane precinct. This bar will make all your Swiss Family Robinson dreams come true however if you’re after something with a similar vibe that is a little more ‘Club-ish’, head to Brisbane’s original hipster hangouts Ric’s Bar & Cafe, or the Black Bear Lodge.
Doughnut Time | Brisbane Threads
9:30pm– Soak up some of that alcohol with a Bacon Me Crazy (maple bacon glazed- yes please) from Doughnut Time. Heading to this popular little doughnut joint later at night runs the risk of it being closed/sold out but if it’s open, there is rarely a line. YUM. 
Sunday 8:00am– And we made it. No unicorns were killed, wholesome food was eaten, not-so-wholesome food was eaten, delicious drinks were consumed, sun-drenched views were Instagrammed, and late-night doughnuts were scoffed. If this itinerary doesn’t impress the pretentious Melbourne Hipster then he can fly right back where he came from.
TRYP hotel brisbane
What would you did if you only had 24 hours to show the pants off Brisbane? We’d LOVE to hear from you below in the comments, or tag your social snaps with #BTinsidertip

We Are Kindred: A Floral Explosion

posted by Teagan West March 8, 2015 0 comments


There’s a beautiful new addition to James Street and it’s set to cause a stir among Brisbane’s boho-glam enthusiasts.

We Are Kindred, the dreamy Australian label created by Sydney sisters Lizzie and Georgie Renkert, has arrived in the sunshine state with a bang – or more likely, a floral explosion – to showcase the new Autumn/Winter collection in a special pop up shop in James Street, Fortitude Valley (right next to fellow Aussie fashion heroes Sass & Bide).

But the one month only pop-up boutique isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill retail outlet. In fact, it’s far from that. The We Are Kindred pop-up is full of magic, atmosphere, good vibes, beautiful colours and OMG-worthy textures.


The clothes, of course, are spectacular in their own right, but it’s the beautiful space that creates a spectacle of its own.  It’s small (20 square-metres), but oozes inspiration, sophistication, creativity, beauty and elegance – everything the brand stands for.

The large glass window which looks out onto the James Street shopping precinct is filled with a gorgeous transient inspired installation by We Are Triibe; a floral design that sets the scene for the duos third collection, appropriately titled ‘Winter Garden.’


Inside, a sole circular rack displays the pieces of art (clothes) and a floral wreath filled with fresh roses and eucalyptus hangs from the ceiling.

Once you’ve taken in the grand space that has been created for the limited-time pop-up shop, your eyes dart towards the Winter Garden collection and are treated to an equally brilliant array of textures, clean lines and gorgeous patterns.


Plush rabbit furs, luxe lace dresses, hand embroided antique gold leaf, metallic embossed jacquard, georgette pussy-bow blouses and butter-soft leather are just some of the things you’ll find yourself lusting over.

It’s a collection that is elegant and timeless, designed for the modern, fast-paced woman with an eye for style. It’s the brands signature flare that devotees have come to know and love, and it’s set to win us Brisbane folk over, one dreamy soul at a time.


You can visit the James Street pop-up boutique and shop the complete Winter Garden collection, including items that are not yet available anywhere else in Australia, until march 29 on James Street.


Top 10 Venues for a Cheeky Sunday Session

posted by Teagan West December 3, 2014 0 comments

We all know the saying “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” So go forth and spend your Sunday wisely – we’ve got you sorted when it comes to a couple of cheeky Sunday bevs and a good feed with your best pals in tow.

Blackbird Bar and Grill

Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane

Blackbird Bar and Grill is possibly ‘the’ riverside hotspot every day of the week, Sunday included. The newly launched Sundays at Blackbird is complete with a beast on a spit that is carved into tasty sliders, boutique mix & match beer buckets, summertime cocktail jugs, a new bar menu with lots of casual dining options and a luxe afternoon vibe above the river.


Archive Beer boutique

100 Boundary Street, West End

For craft beer enthusiasts look no further than Archive Beer Boutique and its 22 rotating drought beers on tap and over 400 domestic and imported bottled beers. It’s the perfect place for an afternoon catch up over a couple of beers.

The Fox Hotel

71-73 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane

The Fox Hotel has had a facelift recently, making the shift from teenage party hub to a more chilled out atmosphere with a quality food and drinks menu. Soho Sundays on Dandy’s Rooftop is definitely a thing when a spicy chorizo, sweet corn and feta pizza and mango Weisbar inspired cocktail is on the menu.


Cobbler Bar

7 Browning Street, West End

Cobbler is a whisky and cocktail bar with a twist. Sure it has 300+ whiskeys from all over the world, but it’s the food menu, or lack of, that intrigues me most. Cobbler is BYO food! Yup, you heard correctly, you can take whatever food you wish to consume with you – a DIY cheese board, selection of desserts, takeaway from nearby restaurants… let your imagination run wild.

Alfred & Constance

Corner of Alfred and Constance Street, Fortitude Valley

Alfred & Constance is synonymous with quirky hipster, it’s colourful, fun and unpretentious. There’s three bars and so many areas to explore – the White Lightning Tiki Bar, The Vanguard Beer Garden Bar, The Alcoholic Juice & Smoothie Station, the underground Fever Club and a number of foodie hotspots to fill the gap between drinks. And you get lei’d on arrival.


The Normanby Hotel

1 Musgrave Road, Red Hill

It’s the place to be on the northside come Sunday afternoon, with flowing drinks, hearty food and many areas to mix and mingle until your heart is content.

Woolly Mammoth Alehouse

633 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley

Although Woolly Mammoth is the new kid on the Valley block, the contemporary beer hall has gained a large following with its rustic off-the-bone menu, large selection of craft beer, crowd-pleasing entertainment and indoor activities to the likes of Bocce, Giant Jenga and Shuffleboard. Enjoy a Mammoth Sunday. They also provide a little something extra for the craft beer lovers.


Dutch Courage Officers’ Mess

51 Alfred Street, Fortitude Valley

Dutch Courage Officers’ Mess is a gin bar with all of the trimmings. Inspired by the British colonial outposts of the late 19th century, Dutch Courage specialises in gin cocktails and has a well-planned selection of share plates and tapas on offer. For those basking in Brisbane’s gin scene – this is the place to be.

Riverbar & Kitchen

Riparian Plaza, Promenade Level
71 Eagle Street, Brisbane

Spectacular Story Bridge views, plenty of seating, a colourful menu and drinkies abound, Riverbar and Kitchen is as casual as it gets without compromising quality and atmosphere. Come at me jug of Passionfruit Sangria!


Soleil Pool Bar

Podium Level, Rydges, Corner of Grey and Gleneig Streets, South Bank

Poolside bars are the It-Girls of the Brisbane nightlife scene when it comes to hot days and sunset hangs. Although Soleil Pool Bar has only just opened, it’s set to become a Sunday go-to thanks to its luxe interior, tasty bar menu, summertime drinks list and inviting pool begging you to take a splash.

teagan west


Get Ready – An Urban Vacation Is Coming

posted by Teagan West October 21, 2014 1 Comment

“The pool baskets have been cleaned, the tennis courts have been prepped, and the cocktails have been shaken, so it’s time to feast your eyes on the RESORT official program!”

The inaugural event series “RESORT” is on in James Street, Fortitude Valley this weekend, and my gosh it looks exciting! The teaser trailer alone had me intrigued from the moment it popped up on my Instagram feed some weeks ago.


RESORT will play host to 11 events and countless exclusive activities over three days (Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th) and features discussions with some of the biggest local and international tastemakers in fashion, art lifestyle and global trends. It’ll be dynamic and full of good vibes and cool peeps as the trendy Fortitude Valley precinct is transformed for an urban vacation.

The biggest part of the extravaganza comes on Friday night, where we are invited to stay up late for RESORT After Dark and bask under the stars as James St channels a street party, complete with live music, art installations, one-off collaborations, pop-up shops, designer meet and greets and a must-not-be-missed shopping spree full of amazing offers. Here’s what the lovely folk over at James St recommend you don’t miss on Friday October 24.

And then on Saturday, Leandra Medine, a.k.a The Man Repeller to all those fashionistas following her every digital move, is appearing for an exclusive discussion about fashion meets digital alongside Nicky Zimmerman of Zimmerman and Susannah George from The Urban List.


Here’s the official program:


9:30am – Checking In: The latest intelligence report from the international travel market with Tyler Brûlé, Editor-in-Chief of Monocle magazine. Presented by Brisbane Airport Corporation at The Box. (Via invitation only)

12:30pm In Bloom: Molten Store Fragrance Launch at Harveys. Join purveyors of otherworldly jewellery and curious artifacts Molten Store as they introduce their signature fragrance at an intimate launch hosted by director Jessy Cameron. (Via invitation only)

6:00pm – Chris Trueman Exhibition Launch at TW Fine Art. Celebrate the launch of artist Chris Trueman’s latest exhibition, Alchemy. This is the first time Trueman’s ground-breaking work will be exhibited in Australia, after sell-out exhibitions across the world. (Open invitation)

7:30pm – Easton Pearson Cruise ’14 Collection Show. Join Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson as they celebrate 25 years of Easton Pearson. Presented by Audi Centre Brisbane and MAC Cosmetics at the Institute of Modern Art. (Via invitation only)



 11:00am – The Story of Acne Studios. Join Nicky Charman and Acne Studios’ Max Veljanovski for an insight into this cult international fashion brand. Presented by Calexico. (Open invitation)

5:00pm – Late – RESORT After Dark. You are invited to check-in as James Street turns into a balmy party under the stars with all of your favourite James Street destinations humming until 9pm. Stay tuned for a full wrap of events, exclusive offers and exciting activations. (Open invitation)

7:00pm – RESORT ROADTRIP presented by camargue with guest, Leandra Medine. Don’t mean to be dramatic, but this is happening and it’s going to be #nextlevel. (Via invitation only)


11:00am – Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion, Exhibition Preview Discussion. Presented by QAGoMA at The Box. Join Dr Nadia Buik from The Fashion Archives alongside QAGoMA Associate Curator, Tarun Nagesh, talking all things Japanese fashion and beauty.  Reserve your seat here.

2:00pm – RESORT Trailblazers: Fashion x Digital. Join Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, Zimmermann’s Creative Director Nicky Zimmermann and Founder of The Urban List Susannah George for an intimate forum discussion hosted by ELLE Australia’s Deputy Editor, Damien Woolnough at The Box. Reserve your tickets here.

3:00pm – Pulse Points: A Denim and Fragrance Masterclass. Join Pistols at Dawn and Libertine Parfumerie as they articulate the quality and craftsmanship taken to create their signature scents and fabrics. This masterclass, held at Pistols at Dawn, will help you create your own perfect denim and fragrance wardrobes for the season ahead. (Open invite from 4:30pm)

8:00pm – Garrett Leight: #SunglassesAtNight presented by Optiko Eyewear in association with Gerard’s Bar. A nocturnal experiment between Garrett Leight Californian Optical and the home of eyewear like nowhere Optiko. Shades compulsory. (Via invitation only)


Fortitude Valley Markets – Re-launch

posted by Danielle Lewis October 7, 2014 0 comments


The Fortitude Valley markets have been a Brisbane institution since they first hit the streets back in 1992. Now with the refurbishment of the Brunswick Street Mall, the markets too have received a facelift and officially re-launch this Saturday the 11th of October  and will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 9am-4pm. The markets will run weekly, flowing through Liquorice Lane to the Chinatown Mall.

Like always, the markets will feature Brisbane’s best up and coming designers and artists along with some great fresh produce and food stalls offering a range of tasty treats.

They will grow every week with new pop up shops, local designers, art, sculpture, fashion, homewares, collectibles, food stalls, fresh produce and live music.

The market scene in Brisbane has flourished in the last 12 months and the re-launch of the Fortitude Valley Markets will be no exception. So pop on your flats and hat and show your support this weekend!

For any interested stallholders you can place an online application at their website here.

Plus for live updates follow the fun on Facebook and Instagram!


James St Food and Wine Trail Starts Today!

posted by Danielle Lewis July 31, 2014 0 comments

20130806_TUL_TorbreckWine GerrardsBistro_FoodTrailEvent_0048 copy

Food bloggers and amateur instagrammers alike didn’t get much sleep last night. For today the James St Food and Wine trail officially opens for four wonderful days of food!

The four-day event program will feature an extensive culinary market hosted by the Standard Market Company, unique cooking demonstrations at ILVE ‘Pop-Up Kitchens’, and exclusive degustation dinners hosted by Harveys Bar Bistro & Gerard’s Bistro.

Marie-Louise Theile, Creative Director of the James Street Initiative describes the Food and Wine Trail as an event that brings together a likeminded community over their passion for food.

With ‘zones’ like Gerards Charcoal Grill; Taste & The Standard Market Co Cheese & Wine event; Middle Eastern Bazaar and The Wellness Zone – there is literally something for every taste sensation.

If you fancy yourself a little clumsy in the kitchen and want to pick up a few more skills, James St Cooking school has got you covered with classes throughout the 4 days.

If your like me and simply must sample everything, comfy shoes and relaxed pants are the order of the day. Settle in for an evening of culinary delights and have the iPhone at the ready to snap and share your new found favourites.

To help you enjoy the day the lovely folk at James St and UBER have organised to cover your ride as well! With two free rides up to $25 each!

Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Download UBER’s app here
  2. Enter the promo code: FWTJSI
  3. Request your ride to or from James St

For the complete itinerary visit James St Website here, or check out our top picks of the weekend below…

DSC_3125 copy

What we are looking forward to:

Harvey’s Garden

Harveys know the way to your heart is with caffeine, which is why they have teamed up with Merlo to bring you an on-site coffee-cart all day to satisfy the strongest coffee urges.  As the sun starts to slide, this picturesque alfresco space will transform into an espresso martini bar, with martini’s prepared specially for you by the Merlo barista team and Harveys expert mixologists.

To Market Zone

The James Street Market has long been a haven for all who care about the quality and provenance of their food – restauranteurs, chefs, passionate amateur cooks and those who simply love to eat and drink outstanding fare.  This year’s outdoor market will be populated by a community of exceptional stallholders, all who care deeply about the produce on offer.

Many of the stallholders are the actual makers behind the products – so come down and meet the people who rear, grow and make the food you love.

The Wellness Zone

For those seeking a sanctuary from the temptations on offer in the precinct, head to the Wellness Zone.  Join Lululemon, Health Place, and Hive Cafe for a host of nutrition talks, competitions, raw food demos, samplings and music throughout the day.