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MADE IN AUS: 5 Aussie labels with ethics we love

posted by Karlicca Culalic January 18, 2018 0 comments

In 2018, our fashion faux pas go beyond our style choices. There is a much darker side beneath fashion’s sparkling façade, where labels mean luxury and more shoes equal more happiness (and it’s not blisters and bank accounts in anguish). It is discovering the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Yikes. That’s why we LOVE uncovering labels with sustainable intentions, especially Australian ones. Here’s five that absolutely need to be on your radar…

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Natural Beauty Products For Your Face | Brisbane Threads

Beauty Tuesday: Organic Beauty Products For Your Face

posted by Teagan West July 21, 2015 1 Comment

Good morning and happy Beauty Tuesday for another week. Today we’re continuing on with last weeks eco-friendly, natural and organic beauty products theme, except today, we’re talking about ya face! Yep, we’re talking eco, au natural and organic beauty products for your gorgeous face, so if you’re having trouble finding the right products to lather or you have sensitive skin, here is a round-up of some of our favourites that will do good for your face, body and the planet. Here’s the verdict…

CLEANSERS: Since I started working on this feature a couple of weeks ago I’ve trialled 7 different cleansers and, as it turns out, they’re all pretty special. Here’s a quick wrap up: 1. Of course, cult favourite LUSH do a milky cleanser made from orchid, almond and other natural ingredients that works to cleanse and sooth. 2. The 100% Pure White tea cleaner smells exactly as it is labeled and is a good foam cleanser to have on hand in the shower as a first responder. It may dry your skin out a little, so have a good moisturiser on hand to follow with. 3Mukti Organics, with their three pronged approach (sustainable, ethical and organic) do a hydrating cleansing lotion for normal and dry skin that is certified organic and only contains the good stuff. 4Go-to‘s ‘Properly Clean’ cleanser by the very witty Zoe Foster Blake would have to be my ultimate favourite, the packaging is cute, the smell is peachy, it’s not tested on animals and it actually works. 5GAIA Skincare‘s Geranium and Palmarosa Creamy Cleanser is a great general cleanser and it’s ace at removing thick mascara when smothered over your eyelids and gently wiped. 6. Australian made MUSQ Cream Cleanser does what it says it will do and is vegan with a smooth consistency and a strong yet pleasant grapefruit scent. 7. The Deliciously Clean Butter Cleanser by Delicious Skin smells good enough to eat, but it is in fact a little pot full of a thick serum that cleanses, moisturises and soothes.

Natural Beauty Products For Your Face | Brisbane Threads

MOISTURISERS: To moisturise that gorgeous face of yours with only the good stuff, check out GAIA Skincare’s Lavender and Frankincense Facial Moisturiser, it’s quite thing and does the job well. As does the MUKTI Organics Hydrating Moisturiser which is the perfect travel size. I’m going to go all boss lady on you now and say ya’ll must moisturise morning and night with a good concoction made with natural ingredients. It not only improves the quality of your skin, it keeps it hydrated, tames inflammation and repairs and replenishes. Get to it ladies.

LIPS: I’ve been using ‘Lips’ by Go-to skincare for months now and I probably won’t stop. It’s the day time equivalent to Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment because it has a thinner consistency but still relieves sore, cracked and dry lips immediately. It’s the best dang $15 I ever did spend and it’s lasted me months despite applying multiple times a day. Did I also mention that Go-to products are all accredited by Choose Cruelty Free Limited and contain no nasties.

While on the topic of lips, I’m also diggin’ the Bloom Organics Soothing Lip Balm made with beeswax and shea butter. I don’t love that you have to put your finger in the goo to apply, but I do love that it doesn’t leave a bad taste on your lips and is nice and smooth, so it’s perfect for cracked or wind-burnt lips. I must also mention the incredibly smooth and utterly delicious LUSH lip range with every flavour including bubblegum, eggnog, honey, latte, mint and popcorn. They’re great for your lips, but should come with a caution: ‘May make you hungry or crave sweets.’

Natural Beauty Products For Your Face | Brisbane Threads

FACIAL TREATMENTS: Briese Botanicals, a new brand that I was thrilled to trial, fast became a favourite because of the brand’s philosophy to harvest the ancient gifts of the land, gorgeous packaging, luxurious products and they were founded by a clever lady on the Sunshine Coast (QLD representing)! The Healing Facial Masque is thick, wet and grey, resembling wet concrete rather than a skincare product, however once lathered on it is quite refreshing. Although it did feel like I’d had my face painted at the time, after a slick layer of moisturiser my face was feeling so good. The Eye Rescue Serum and Antioxidant Concentrate have also become part of my nightly ritual.

Some other fav facial treatments and serums that I’ve stumbled across include  Scentrelle’s Reverse Time Face Serum for anti-aging, and Trilogy’s Very Gentle Calming Serum and the MUSQ sea buckthorn and pomegranate revitalise serum. To work wonders while you sleep, La Mav’s Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar and 100% Pure Super Fruits Eye Balm will do the trick.

For exfoliation, use GAIA Skincare Bergamot and Sandalwood Facial Exfoliant or pick up a LUSH fresh and natural face mask next time you are at a major shopping centre and have a little pamper session at least once a week to remove all the yucky stuff that builds up on your face.

Natural Beauty Products For Your Face | Brisbane Threads

MAKEUP: For good quality, effective makeup that is also eco-friendly, natural and organic, check out Inika and their range of pure, natural and Certified Organic makeup products and tools. Zuii Organic, also has a good range of organic makeup products and a large collection of mineral products, which are better for your skin than liquid based products. La Mav do a number of good mineral products too, and also an Organic BB Cream with natural sunscreen and anti-aging and moisturising ingredients so it’s a goodie to apply as a base under your makeup as it acts as a tinted moisturiser to even out complexion and cover minor imperfections. Biome, a market place for eco-friendly, Australia products, has a great range, and you should also check out Nourished Life, Adorn Cosmetics, Bare Blossom and Shop Naturally

Natural Beauty Products For Your Face | Brisbane Threads

Got any more fab brands for your cheeks, lips and eyes to love? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll check them out! See you next week for the last installment of eco-friendly, natural and organic beauty products where we’ll be talking about your luscious locks.



posted by Danielle Lewis August 4, 2014 0 comments


In 2013 I made it my personal mission to care. To care about how the products I purchased were made and where they came from. To care about the food I put into my body. To care about the products I put onto my skin. So I have been on a mission to find places that stock things I can feel confident about purchasing and know that they do right. I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon Ecobella to find that they operated right here in Brisbane!! Ecobella is a fantastic online boutique for all of your organic, fair trade, eco-friendly needs!! They stock the most gorgeous range of jewellery, home & living items, things for the little ones…. all organic or fair trade of course! So excited, I spent time with Irene Valentine, one of the founders to hear more about their wonderful story….


1.    What inspired you to launch Ecobella?

We’ve always been attracted to the idea of having a little shop, selling gifts which are beautiful and high quality; but which also have eco friendly and ethical standards. Ultimately, we wanted to bring highly desirable “designer” products, which have clever and ethical use of sustainable materials to the market place in a gift shop setting.
We also wanted to challenge ourselves by opening a business. It has been its been 7 years since we first dreamt up Ecobella, and 2 years since we launched with the aim of creating a destination for women who wanted great service and did want to compromise their ‘green values’ when they shopped. We are proud that we have not wavered from these core goals and values that first inspired us to create Ecobella. It has been an amazing learning process.

2.    Why Eco? What does this mean to you?

Ecobella aims to search for products that are ethical, sustainable and can be locally sourced. We are committed to reducing our footprint, and feel compelled to consider our social responsibility before making everyday decisions. It is also important that our business reflect our own personal ethics.
Elena has a great interest in environmental design, having worked designing green star commercial interior fit outs. Irene fosters a love for our environmental heritage in her students, as one of the subject areas she teaches is environmental studies. Ros still regards herself a country girl in many ways and loves home cooking with fresh produce from her organic veggie garden.
We all appreciate the natural world around us, and realize how important it is to ensure it is well cared for so that natural balances are maintained, and the natural world continues to sustain us and future generations. With young children in the family, and the prospects of more in the coming years this is especially close to our heart, and we seek out safe, and quality products which will have a minimal impact on the earth.

3.    How did your team come together?

Well, we are a close family, and had been talking about starting a business for many years. With our personal interests in the environment, design, art and retail therapy, the idea of starting Ecobella was just a natural progression for us.

4.    Give us a brief background on each team member and why they are passionate about Ecobella.

Ecobella is is a family business, owned by three women & mothers – Ros an artist and teacher, Irene an entrepreneur and teacher, and Elena an interior architect. We are a close-knit family, even though we are spread all over Australia. Ros and Irene are based in Brisbane but Elena is based in Perth. Despite the distance, we have embraced the challenge of living on opposite sides of the country and are truly committed to building a successful online business featuring quality sustainable goods. What binds us together is our shared vision and hope for sustainable future for our business, our families and our community.

5.    What is your favourite part of running on online business?

This is a tricky one as launching a e-store has been a huge learning curve. But, as the business has evolved, each of us has found great rewards and something we love. Irene enjoys searching for products and speaking to producers who create our wonderful goods. Ros normally does the dispatches of customer orders, and she really loves wrapping the parcels (a little surprise gift wrapping) and imagining the delight of the customer when they receive the parcel.  Elena loves discovering and supporting new local designers. And the work life balance and flexibility that running an online store brings is fantastic. I get to be home with my daughter most days, and that is important to me whilst she is so young.

6.    Who is the Ecobella customer?

Ecobella is a destination for women who love quality and see the value of products that are made ethically and sustainably. They come from all walks of life. Sometimes, when we have a pop-up shop (in Brisbane) , we get to meet our customers face to face who come to have a look at our merchandise and drop in for a chat. It’s wonderful that our customers are so supportive of our philosophy.

Ecobella has responded to the growing awareness of ‘green and ethical issues’ in the wider community.


Ros and Irene

7.    What are your must-have products for Winter?

Uimi’s range of bright geometric blankets for the home & for children.

8. What is your goal for the business in 2014?

There is a misconception out there that eco products can be dull or unfashionable – we’d like to change that.  We want to put the spotlight on great design and beautiful wares, so our concept is more akin to a boutique style store. Our goal is to to promote our eco-boutique to a wider community and bring even more fabulous eco-friendly and ethically made products to our customers.

9.    How does living in Brisbane impact your business?

Our business is based in Brisbane (with Elena working remotely from Perth). They are very similar in some ways. In both cities, people are quite relaxed and the sense of community is evident. Ecobella appreciates the support from our customers who love their local businesses.
10. Where is your favourite spot in Brisbane to EAT/DRINK/SHOP?

At Ecobella, we all have different likes.  Irene loves local area shopping. I support the Martha Street Precinct in Camp Hill where I can have a coffee, go to dinner and browse some cute shops and support local business.
Ros enjoys Oxford St, Bulimba cafes, because it is an easy walk from where I live, but I do enjoy the occasional visit into the city, or Southbank as well.
Elena loves the wholefood cafes in Teneriffe and shopping for vintage finds in Paddington. And, recommends if you are ever in WA to hit George St in East Fremantle, and the Margaret River Wine Region.
11. Anything else you’d love our readers to know?
Ecobella prefers to stock Australian made products and support our local designers. Most of our products come from Brisbane and Melbourne. Unfortunately, some of our designers are finding it hard to manufacture within Australia, so whilst they are designed here, often products are made in India or China under strict Fair Trade agreements. We also have a couple of international brands, including 31 Bits, which supports women in Uganda, who make recycled paper jewellery to provide a sustainable income.

As a business, our vision is to align ourselves with community groups and charities which have similar ethical and environmental concerns.
As a family, we have a passion for the beach. Some of us surf, some of us swim and some of us just love to watch the ocean and its many moods.


Find Ecobella online here on Facebook here and look out for them at future market locations!

elena & leighton -bw[1]

Elena & Leighton


Back to School: Grown Up Lunch Boxes

posted by Danielle Lewis January 17, 2014 0 comments

In  my effort to become a little bit more friendly towards the environment this year, I made a vow NOT to buy bottled water and to pack my lunch as often as I could. To my shopping-delight, that meant the hunt for the perfect (read: still fashionable) re-usable water bottle and lunch box. Plus is I absolutely MUST go back to work, I would like to add a little colour to my day.

Biome is my go-to when thinking eco, so of course I paid them a visit first.

The only trouble now… was choosing which I liked best!

Here are a handful of my favourites – plus there are loads of choices for the kids as well!

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 6.36.44 AM


Unreal. It’s like having your own bento box to fill each morning. And fantastic for small portions of leftovers, which invariably get thrown in the bin. These are imported from the US and exclusively stocked at Biome, check them out!
Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 6.44.49 AM

BUILT NY – Salad Bowl

In keeping with my New Year’s resolution theme, taking a salad for lunch also rated high on the list. This cute little sealable bowl with it’s own cooler-cover is perfect!
Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 6.32.46 AM

Compleat Food Bag

Ok, this was essential – how cute are these? And a fantastic replacement for resealable bags, which I always run out of!
Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 6.35.55 AM

Klean Kanteen

I love the finish and interchangeable lids on the Klean Kanteen bottles. I went for a matte silver finish with a green sipper lid for a bit of fun!


Find your closest Biome Eco Store here.


13 Christmas Gifts with an Eco-Twist!

posted by Danielle Lewis December 16, 2013 0 comments


For every person in your life, whether it’s the foodie, the animal lover, the ‘Miss I’ve got everything’, there’s a gift to be bought. But this year I challenge you to give a little thought to where your gift comes from. Embrace re-cycled, up-cycled, eco-friendly and sustainable practices! Show the receiver you not only care about them, but their world and their future.

To give you a hand we’ve hand-picked our top 13 eco-friendly gifts from our favourite Brisbane eco-store, Biome!

With locations in Milton, Brisbane CBD, Paddington and online you’ll have your Christmas Shopping done in no time!

Enjoy x

For the homemaker…

1. Organic Bed Linen

2. Japanese-style Luminaria Candle Bags

3. Vintage Jars + Accessories

For the fashionista…

4. Solemate Socks

5. Earth Bracelet

6. WeWood Watch

7. Apple & Bee Canvas Tote


For the beauty queen…

8. EcoTools Bamboo Make-up Brush Set

9. Inika Mineral Eye Shadow (in fairy floss of course!)

10. Butter London Nail Polish (Jaffa is my Summer colour pick!)

For the littlies…

11. SoYoung Backpack

12. Recycle Yourself Bag Tag

13. The Lorax by Dr Suess


Care for the planet this Christmas!

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Choosing the perfect gift is challenging for most of us. This Christmas why not think about giving a gift that is also a gift for the environment. An eco friendly gift will be greatly appreciated for the meaning behind your choice. At Biome Eco Stores you can choose from some of the best recycled, eco-friendly and fair-trade gifts available in Australia.

The Biome concept began in 2003, when Tracey Bailey decided to follow her passion for the Planet, creating a thriving online store. She eventually opened the doors to the Paddington Brisbane store in 2005 and our City store in 2007 with a clear message – it is easy to live gently with a few simple, eco-friendly choices each day.

Biome offers a unique range of Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your list.

And to help you out this Christmas they have compiled a list of Eco Friendly Gift Ideas on their website Plus the Top Gifts as voted by their fabulous team.

And if anyone is possibly looking for a gift for me… I want the JOCO Glass Coffee Cup in Pink; an iKOU Cosmetic Bag and a copy of Green Design Volume 1.

If you have the chance to visit one of the Brisbane stores, you can expect intermingling wafts of natural scented soaps and skincare floating about in the air, conspiring to create a shopping experience that delights and calms the senses. And not only are they packed full of great present ideas, they also have some of the most gorgeous Christmas decorations to fill your home with the eco-Christmas Spirit!


Biome Eco Stores are located in Milton, Paddington and Brisbane CBD. Or check them out on Facebook here.


Images via Biome.