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If you’ve been paying attention to the interior design trends of 2017, you’ll know that funky, accented lighting is where it’s at. It’s a winner in our eyes too- adding colour and character to any space and is of course functional to boot. No matter the overall style of your home or office, there’s something to suit that’ll brighten up any room (pun intended).

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Brisbane Threads | Matt Blatt: changing the game of Interior Design
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Matt Blatt: changing the game of Interior Design

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Is it just us or is old mate Spring calling our names…then comes the endless Brissy Summer. We could not be more excited for the heat. But, a Spring clean is a fun time and a way to feel fresh and new! I wouldn’t call myself an interior designer of any sense of the imagination but there are ways to make you feel like one. With Matt Blatt, it is oh so tempting and oh so easy to change the look of room with one simple or crazy piece.

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Triibe Bedroom Styling Workshop

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Do you scroll through your insta-feed envious of the perfectly put-together bedrooms of celebs, fashion bloggers and designers? Well, envy-no more! Our gorgeous friends at Triibe have come to the rescue. Triibe co-founders Jessica Stewart and Christina Symes are bringing their interior styling talent up from Sydney for one day only, to share their industry knowledge, tips and tricks with you!

Jessica and Christina are holding a 2-hour bedroom styling workshop on Saturday March 28th at Metro Arts in the Brisbane CBD. And with backgrounds like working as an Interior Stylist for Swedish company Fantastic Frank in Berlin, and Interior and Exhibition Designer for GoMA, they know their stuff.

The ladies will talk you through and demonstrate step-by-step how to translate a bedroom into your own signature style by creating 3 different schemes from scratch.

In this 2 hour bedroom styling workshop you will learn key tips and solutions about spatial planning, how to identify your own individual colour scheme, tricks on how to introduce and display art, as well as learning what the key necessities are to tie a space together.

Get ready Instagram, we are just about to up our bedroom-style game.

But hurry, tickets are strictly limited.


March 28, 2015, 10:30am-12:30pm


Metro Arts Studio 4.2
Level 4 / 109
Edward St, Brisbane


$120 per person, light refreshments included.

Purchase here. 

WeAreTriibe 063-2



Become a BT Insider!

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2015-02-17 Networx Soliel No Logo-58

The one thing I love the most, is following all you YOU on Instagram. Brisbane has an AMAZING community of foodies, fashion lovers, beauty queens and design mavens. So it makes sense that we look to YOU for inspiration. And it makes sense, to reward you for your efforts. So from now, when you are out exploring all of the awesome things Brisbane has to offer… hashtag your photos with #BTInsiderTip and @brisbanethreads. We will give a shoutout to the person who posts the best pic of the week, plus we’ll be organising some prizes along the way.

See you on Instagram!



*Image via Networx Brisbane.


Last Minute DIY Christmas Table Decor Ideas

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Christmas is creeping up in a few short days and if you’re anything like me, you like to give it your best and go all out – decorating up a storm, true Pinterest style but you may have left it to the last minute. Whether you’re on a tight budget, have a little more to spend or want a theme, we’ve got you covered. Happy decorating, may your guests be impressed and your photos be re-pinned for the world to see.

Under $20

DIY Table Decor

Image Source : Pinterest

You’re on a budget, but it doesn’t mean your set-up can’t be effective. Think Australiana for a simple way to save some dollars but keep it stylish.

The following ideas are a great way to stick to your budget but pack a punch:

If you’re having Christmas dinner and want some mood lighting, rescue a few glass jars from the recycling bin. Wrap them in a simple strip of burlap (or hessian) and pop some sand and a tea-light candle inside. You should be able to pick up some recycled hessian sacks from local the fruit shop for a few dollars. This is such an effective way to make an impact. Not only this – but in the dark of night it makes it look like you put more work in then you did. And that’s what decorating should be all about, right?

My all time favourite thing to do in the lead-up to my Christmas day is traipse around the garden (or even a cheeky walk around the neighbourhood) gathering anything that I can turn into a table display or wreath to go around jars and candles.

If you’re getting greens and flowers, make sure you leave this as late as possible. Brisbane heat will wilt those babies before too long!

Cut remaining hessian into ribbon strips or just use some simple kitchen twine. Wrap each person’s cutlery up threading a simple hand-written name tag on brown card and bow it sweetly by their plate like a little parcel.

Cheap and cheerful baby’s breath or general bush-style scrub from the florist (or the actual bush!) will go a long way in recycled jars as filler. Go crazy with this for a great impact.

Approximate Budget: $6 (recycled hessian sacks) + $3 brown card for name tags from Office Works + $11 babies breath (from market or local florist) = $20

Under $50

Australian Style DIY Table Decor

Image Source : Pinterest

You’re still on a bit of a budget but you do have a little more money to play with. When you’re limited financially, sticking to the ‘Straliana theme is still ideal. It adds character and allows a lot of DIY elements that aren’t costly.

You’ve got a little more money to play with so let’s think about the details:

Buy some off-cuts of timber from the local hardware store, or even use a fallen branch in the back yard! Hardware shops can usually cut these up for you for a small fee if you don’t have the tools. You want to saw a slight indent in the top and centre so that a name card can easily slot in (as pictured above).

Invest in a few bold natives from the local florist. You can fill them in with backyard scrub, they will make an impact as a centrepiece and will last for weeks afterwards.

Take a visit down to the local op-shop and see if you can find any vintage tins or wide mouthed bowls or vases. Because you’re getting natives which have thick stems, you’ll need a little room.

Approximate Budget: $20 (timber and timber prep) + $20 native flowers (from market or local florist) + vases $10 = $50

Under $150

Image Source : Pinterest

Image Source : Pinterest

You’ve got a decent budget, so let’s think grand and bold. Try a white Christmas theme with hints of colour. To keep it classy but with a twist of something different, pair the white with a Tiffany blue for a grand affair. You have a little more money to play with so let’s get the most out of it:

Head to Spotlight or your local fabric store and buy some plain white fabric for a crisp table cloth. The beauty of making a table cloth is that all you have to be able to do is sew in a relatively straight line around the edges – but you still get to claim handmade! Make sure you head to the furnishings part of the fabric store and get a heavy duty linen that will last you for Christmas’ to come! Measure up your table and add a good 50-60cm to the width and length for some over-hang. Any left over? Turn it into napkins!

Keep an eye out for some tiffany blue baubles, tumblers, small-medium sized vases and jars. If you have plain white plates, this combined with a pure white table cloth will look striking with some blue centrepieces.

Fill your jars and vases with baubles and some with plain white flowers from the local florist and get some baby’s breath for filler.

Pop down to Office Works or the craft shop and buy some slightly textured white card. Simply cut into rectangles, fold in half and use as individual place cards.

Approximate total: $60 fabric + $50 baubles, tumblers and blue décor + $30 flowers + $6 place cards native flowers = $146

No matter what your budget is, you can still create a beautiful table setting with a little creativity and time. Have a good look deep into the kitchen cupboards or garage and see what you can use that you already have on hand, and work around that. The Australian theme is perfect for a tight budget because you can make the most of your natural surroundings.

Have you got a theme in mind for Christmas this year? Do you plan to decorate your table and get into the Christmas spirit?


Brisbane Interior Designer : CG Design Studio

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Recently I sat down to chat with Chris from CG Design Studio, one of Brisbane’s newest interior design firms. Not only does Chris have an impeccable eye for styling and design but he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. He is slowly renovating his home room by room, but his ‘in-progress’ looks very different to your average reno. Chris and his partner Justin are slowly turning their home into a work of art. Have a read, get to know Chris and check out some of his gorgeous work.

chris reading the paper BT

 A: Tell us a little about your design and career journey pre-CG Designs…

C: When I finished school I studied Business and worked in retail management and merchandising. In my early 20’s I decided to study design as it was my first passion. I would spend hours as a child designing houses and visiting open homes with my parents.

In my final year of studying design I started working for Coop Creative. The firm was in its infancy then. The ten years I spent there really allowed me to hone my craft and develop a broad range of skills.

A: What are you excited about most now that you’re your own boss and have full creative control?

C: I have always had a lot of freedom to test and implement my design ideas. Right now, I look forward to working closely with my clients to give them a unique resolution. I don’t tend to do the same design over and over.

Having my own studio will also allow me to start to develop a furniture and home-wares range. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time so I’m really looking forward to the process.

bitter campari BT brisbane interior design BT brisbane interior design CG BT

hutch interior design BT

A: How would you sum up your personal design style in three words?

C: Crafted, Practical, Eclectic

A: We know you’re an interior designer but you’re also hold qualifications in building design. Can you tell us what that actually means?

C: It gives me more control over the environment, beyond colour, fabric and oddities. I can offer my clients a comprehensive service as a building designer. I can reconfigure and design structural elements of their homes. I have a lot of experience in renovations and extensions and with an interiors background I start from the inside and work my way out. This process ensures the areas that the clients interact with are liveable and practical to their needs.

For example, I often come across clients with beautiful new homes and impressive art collections but no walls on which to hang their collection. This needs to be considered at the beginning.

One new service I offer is attending open homes with clients to walk them through the potential concerns or opportunities they might have with their future home. To put it simply, I can do from foundations to cushions and everything in-between.

interior design bathroom BT

interior design kitchen BT

interior designer CG BT

A : Tell me about your absolute dream project you hope to achieve one day?

C: I have too many, I am constantly dreaming about projects and ideas. But here goes:

  1. I’ve been watching too much River Cottage and it has inspired me to want to buy a hobby farm and design and build a contemporary farm house.
  2. Doesn’t everyone have a dream of renovating a villa in the South of France?
  3. Working with a fashion house to design their flagship stores and retail presence. I think it would be a really interesting creative collaboration.
  4. Getting off dry land and detailing the interior of a supa yacht that would be fun.
  5. I’d like to expand my design vision to develop a furniture and home-ware range.

A: What has been the achievement in your career that you’re most proud of?

C: Whilst at coop I was lucky to be heavily involved in the design on the Spicer’s Balfour Hotel in New Farm. It was a complex project architecturally and I learnt a lot. The finished project is a successful example of relaxed luxury and the project won numerous awards in Australia and Internationally.

balfour-homepage-spicers balfour-accom-spicers

A: What do you do in your spare time when you’re not working your bum off to get CG Design off the ground?

C: At the moment I’m really enjoying my garden and trying to get it established. I spend hours researching plants. I am also slowly renovating my own home, I like to get on the tools and have learnt a few new skills; I’ve gotten pretty good at tiling.

interior design outdoors BT

Some more of Chris’ portfolio of work:

cg design studio2  cg design studio 4cg design studio3

CG Design Studio

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