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Take a Style Masterclass with RÚDI MIRO

posted by Karlicca Culalic February 27, 2018 0 comments

Every now and then a beautiful label comes along with an ethical, considered and slow approach to production and a genuine interest in sustainability. At BT, we love this because it puts our beloved Australian designers on the map. This month, we’ve blissfully discovered a new #stylecrush. It’s gorgeous ready to wear label, RÚDI MIRO. Launched November 2017, with feminine silhouettes and a collection of effortlessly classic designs, RÚDI MIRO are out to show women just how easy it is to build the ultimate Forever wardrobe. On March 22, the Brisbane label will host a one-off complimentary masterclass with Stylist and fashion maven, Laura Churchill. Here are all the reasons why we’re putting this one on the calendar in pen. 

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Spotlight on: Gretel & Dexter | Brisbane Threads

Spotlight On: Gretel & Dexter

posted by Cassandra Catsoulis August 6, 2015 0 comments

It’s safe to say that it is more than handy to have a good friend who is able to whip up you the perfect bohemian dress for a Sunday “soho sesh” the night before in a matter of hours. Well, that’s just how this young designer started out. This week for Spotlight On I chatted to Gretel Harvey, owner and designer of gretel & dexter who started her label in 2012 by “accident” when she made her first, perfect little black dress.

The Byron Bay lover of bohemian fashion styles started out only making the classic shoulder dress, but has now added a diverse collection to the Gretel & Dexter range that includes jewellery, accessories, bags, tops and of course dresses. That’s when Gretel needed space to work and continue expanding her brand. Inspired by loose, feminine and relaxed silhouettes gretel & dexter naturally is an elegant boho fit for every age.Spotlight on: Gretel & Dexter | Brisbane ThreadsBT: Where did it all start?

Gretel: My grandmother taught me to sew at the age of 5 and I had always spent time on the sewing machine as a child, as it used to be a huge creative outlet for me. I then started making my own clothes by the time I was 16 and began getting requests from close friends and family to make similar styles for them. One thing lead to another, and before I knew it I was selling garments to strangers.

BT: What are your favourite pieces of the collection?

Gretel: My favourite would be the Mima dress, however the Ayana Top and the Mima are two very easy to wear and versatile pieces.

BT: Would you say your personal style resembles g & d or do you have a whole separate style? 

Gretel: Yes, entirely. I have to sometimes question myself when designing new pieces and remind myself that just because it’s something I would wear doesn’t mean it’s what my customers would wear!

BT: What is the design process you go by…is there something/someone who automatically gives you inspo?

Gretel: I find a lot of my design inspiration from social media, particularly Instagram and Pinterest. I then sketch and formulate my own designs which are then passed onto the manufacturer who will compile a number of samples for me to have a look at and from there we may do another 6 or 7 samples until we get the perfect prototype which is then manufactured and then ready to sell.

BT: When did you decide to open your own shop?

Gretel: Shortly after I started the label, I was originally working from the guest bedroom of our family home and needed a space to work from and display the collection.

BT: What are your goals for the next 5-10 years?

Gretel: My first goal is to finish uni. Once I graduate, I will be able to spend a lot more of my time on the label. I will probably aim to spend a lot more time in Bali designing new pieces more regularly and see where the label goes after that.

BT: Will you come out with a winter collection soon?

Gretel: No, I will probably start offering a winter line in 2017.

BT: What is you dream for g & d?

Gretel: To be an internationally recognised house hold label for everyday wear.

BT: Where did Dexter come from?

Gretel: No relevance to the label at all, but Dexter was the name of the puppy I had as a child…gretel & dexter had a ring to it and so it goes!

BT: Which items can’t you leave home without? 

Gretel: My watch, a nice pendent necklace and a stylish bag.

Now it’s over to you guys, what is your favourite item from g & d?Spotlight on: Gretel & Dexter | Brisbane Threads Spotlight on: Gretel & Dexter | Brisbane Threads Spotlight on: Gretel & Dexter | Brisbane ThreadsFor more information or to shop visit: http://www.gretelanddexter.com/ and be splendour-luscious all year round!