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Where To Get The Best American Food In Brisbane

posted by Cass Catsoulis April 16, 2016 17 Comments

We are always trying to update our mind and stomach, and this post is no exception. We know you loved our post on the best American food in Brisbane from a couple of years ago, so we pulled it from the archives, gave it a fresh update and added a bunch of new restaurants to help you introduce your sheltered Australian palette to the holy grail of American foods. American food is addictive, growin’ and stickin’ around Brisbane and sometimes it can even stick to your hips for- days, weeks and months after that juicy pulled pork slider.

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Bird’s Nest is Best

posted by Teagan West October 22, 2014 1 Comment



As soon as a silhouette appears in the doorway of South Brisbane’s Bird’s Nest Yakitori and Bar, “Irasshaimase” is hummed from the other side of the threshold. It’s a traditional Japanese greeting of welcome echoed by the chefs and wait staff as people enter the inviting, dimly lit yakitori bar. It’s only the beginning, but you can tell the staff are friendly, their welcome is warm and the customer service is undeniably perfect.

Bird’s Nest has been sneaking to the top of my ‘Restaurants To Try’ list ever since I devoured a tomato and pork belly skewer at Brisbane’s first Night Noodle Market in July. So when an email popped into my inbox last week and I was invited along, let’s just say I was very quick to reply.

Yakitori directly translates to ‘grilled bird’ and is traditionally cooked on skewers over Binchoutan, a white charcoal with a high burning temperature of 1000+ degrees. It’s an age-old cooking method in Japanese culture, and owners Emi Kamada and Marie Yokoyama pride themselves on being the first Binchoutan in Australia to use the traditional concept.


Bird’s Nest brings yakitori to Brisbane in a casual dining setting where us Brisbane folk can experience the authentic Japanese fare. Perched on a barstool overlooking the grill, we were immediately transported to the streets of Japan as smoky aromas filled the air, soft chatter in a foreign tongue rose and fell and people piled in and left soon after with a satisfied grin.

The menu is predominately yakitori skewers, but don’t be fooled into thinking they’re all the same – there’s such a variety of flavours and produce that each combination is different and you simply must try them all (it’s probably best to do this on repeat visits in quick succession, they’re only small but that ‘full’ feeling sneaks up on you very quickly).

And, it’s an indulgence that doesn’t leave you feeling bloated and guilty, all ingredients are fresh, free range and organic, and almost all meals are 100% gluten free, so there’s no reason not to go OTT when ordering.

I had the Omakase (chefs selection) set menu course that comes with 7 chicken skewers and 2 vegetable skewers, a rice course and dessert. If you’re a first timer at Bird’s Nest, this is definitely the way to go! The chefs deliver a new skewer in perfect timing as each previous one is devoured, telling you about the ingredients and how to eat it as they float back to the grill. There’s also a number of other set menu options that vary in price (from $30 to $70 per person) or you can just order the skewers individually, from chicken to pork, vegetable and tofo, or for the game, there’s chicken heart and quail eggs!

Here’s what you can expect (drool on keyboard included):

Eringi – King oyster mushrooms, soy butter

bird's nest brisbane 

Sasami – Chicken tenderloin with wasabi mayonnaise or Tenderloins with ume and shiso leaves

bird's nest brisbane 

Hatsu – Chicken heart

bird's nest brisbane 

Negima – Chicken thigh with shallots

bird's nest brisbane

Torikawa – Crispy Chicken skin

bird's nest brisbane

Tomato wrapped in pork belly

bird's nest brisbane

Tebasaki – Chicken wings

bird's nest brisbane

Zukki-ni – Zucchini, soy butter

bird's nest brisbane

Torichazuke – Hot chicken broth poured over rice and topped with shredded seaweed and wasabi

bird's nest brisbane

 Yaki Onigiri – House specialty, grilled rice ball brushed with tare

bird's nest brisbane

 Shouga no purin – Japanese style crème caramel, ginger infused

bird's nest brisbane

Bird’s Nest is open for dinner on every night, 5.30pm until late, and on Friday from midday for lunch.

Bird’s Nest Yakitori and Bar

Shop 5, 220 Melbourne Street

South Brisbane
Tel: (07) 3844 4306
[email protected]


Rekorderlig Cider bottles the Australian Summer!

posted by Danielle Lewis September 7, 2014 1 Comment

2014-08-16 16.41.31-1

This post is long overdue, but I actually think perfect timing considering how nicely the weather has warmed up and now that Spring is upon us! We received a gorgeous picnic basket filled with goodies from our friends at Rekorderlig , set for us to taste their newest flavour ‘Pomegranate’. This delicious addition to the Rekorderlig family has been created specifically with the Australian palate in mind.

This distinctly unique flavour of crisp pear cider, beautifully blended with pomegranate, has a delicious summer fruit fragrance & is a perfect way to liven up your taste buds. Our serving tip is over ice with a wedge of lime for a delicious fresh summer taste. What I love the most is that it’s no fuss… the flavour speaks for itself, no need for mixers, shaking, stirring or bartending skills of any kind!

Pomegranate now features on many restaurant and cocktail bar menus, appealing to both the savoury and sweet palate. We spoke to Rekorderlig’s Marketing Manager, Nikki Langford who said, “We’re really excited to be launching Pomegranate Cider, the latest addition to our portfolio. Always looking to push the boundaries and create innovative flavours for every season, we believe that pomegranate is perfect for the summer”.

We agree, this picnic-perfect taste is pot on for Summer!

Rekorderlig Cider is crafted at the cider’s family owned fourth generation brewery in Vimmerby, Sweden, where it has been made since its first creation. Their full innovative flavour range includes, much-loved Strawberry-Lime, Apple-Guava, Passionfruit, juicy Wild Berries, crisp Pear, tropical Mango-Raspberry, Orange-Ginger, traditional Swedish-style Apple, Apple & Blackcurrant and now Pomegranate.

I think I just found my Summer beverage! xxx

P.S. If you are after some beverage inspiration… check out their Instagram feed!!

2014-08-16 16.48.23


Getting Crafty

posted by Teagan West May 14, 2014 1 Comment


It seems there is always a new bar/restaurant/café opening in Brisbane’s inner-city suburbs that is promising something new and different. Yet only a select few manage to provide that unique point of difference.

The Mill on Constance is one of those places.

The Mill on Constance is housed in the beautiful old mill, built in 1904, on Constance Street in Fortitude Valley. A trio of fast-thinking friends became business owners when the space on the bottom floor became vacant, and was subsequently transformed into The Mill on Constance – a craft beer bar with character, charm and a whole lot of class.

When I caught up with Gillian, who owns the cozy bar alongside her partner and a friend turned business partner, she said many people overlooked the old mill before they stumbled upon it by chance and luck – the boys were tradesmen working on the building when the space became vacant. With Gillian on board the trio saw potential and took the opportunity to create something unique. And that they certainly have.

The Mill on Constance is a unique craft beer bar, specialising in Australian produced craft beers, boutique wines and locally produced spirits. The bar has 4 taps on constant rotation, serving 4-10 different kegs of beer each night, alongside a growing cocktail menu of exclusive blends and craft spirits.

Gillian said craft spirits, such as Tasmanian vodka and Perth-based gin, are much harder to find but they are “worth the effort.”

“For us… it’s definitely all Australian and we try to focus on as many local ones as possible,” Gillian said.  And that’s not just the drinks either. The produce is entirely Australian sourced and made, with local items including olives, cheese, meat and butter.

You must also know, these guys know their drinks. And I mean know them. They’ve tried and tested everything they sell, giving them the opportunity to provide expert advice and recommendations to customers and give them a drink they know they’re going to love. And the range is curated to perfection.

Gillian said, “We started with about 18 beers in the fridge and now we’re up to about 45. We like to add it on once we have tasted it and go okay that actually adds to the collection or no it doesn’t, because there’s no point in adding something just for the sake of adding it.”

I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of philosophy I want my local bar to uphold.

The Mill on Constance has been open for less than 6 months, but its debut has been jam-packed with craft beer festivities, community events and the opening of their kitchen, which is now serving meat and cheese platters as well as beef burgers, lamb burgers and chicken wings – all the essentials to accompany your drink-tasting endeavours.

So why craft beer, wine and spirits?

Gillian said when they first bought the space they began thinking about what type of space they would create, and because the group are into the craft beer scene they decided to venture in that direction.

“We just feel like people want to try something different and want to find a new drink, but its like, how do you do that when all of the bars just stock all of the same things.” She said they want to get something that tastes different (and better) and is something that you won’t always find in a bottle shop.

So quality craft beer, wine and spirits became their point of difference in a market saturated by the big brands and international liquors.

Gillian said, “It’s the people that want to come here that are here. It is people who are interested” and those who are looking for something different.

She said “people are obviously becoming more into craft beer” and once they find us they tend to slip through the door and climb the few stairs that bring them into The Mill on Constance on a regular basis as they appreciate and become passionate about craft drinks.

And don’t get me started on the interior deco, the cozy feel, the superb woodwork and the suspended pieces from the old mill. You’ll have to go and check it out for yourself!


The Mill on Constance is open from Thursday – Sunday from 3pm until midnight.

Follow them on Facebook for updates and special events: https://www.facebook.com/themillonconstance



Last minute Valentine’s Day ideas!

posted by Danielle Lewis February 13, 2013 1 Comment


A cookie for your Valentine? (Mrs Fields)

If you missed the spattering of love red hearts that seem to have covered the city in the last couple of weeks… and you are looking for some last minute suggestions to get yourself out of hot water with your Valentine… then this list should have you covered! There is something for everyone, from the budget conscious to the adventurous; if it’s not on this list then it’s not worth doing!


For those on a budget…

Nothing beats a picnic if you are broke. Grab a table cloth or a few beach towels. A six-pack of beer or a bottle of wine. Your iPhone speaker/dock for your favourite tunes. And a pack of chips or something to nibble on. My boyfriend and I have done this the last two Valentine’s Days and I am always surprised at how much I enjoy it. I don’t get to just sit and ‘do nothing’ very often so it is a fantastic excuse to relax and enjoy each other’s company. This is also a fantastic compromise to deal with those ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’ types!


For those trying to impress…

If you are cashed up and want to WOW your Valentine’s date then a luxe experience in one our city’s finest hotels is our pick. (And whilst I thoroughly enjoy my yearly picnic… I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t  be swept of my feet by one of these special offers instead!)

Stamford Plaza Romance and Seduction Package.

Imagine escorting your date into a room scattered with rose petals, with soft music playing, a bottle of French champagne chilling and a selection of chocolate dipped strawberries waiting for your indulgence. You won’t want to leave the room! Click here for more details.

Valentine’s Day Enchanted Evening Package.

If the only red you want your loved one seeing this Valentine’s Day is that of rose petals then treat them to the ultimate experience at the Emporium Hotel. A romantic turndown service with rose petals, a bottle of Mumm Champagne and a limited edition candle to take home… sure to set hearts a flutter! Book here.


For the nostalgic…

Regatta Hotel Veranda Dinner

If memories of loved up Sunday afternoons in the beer garden take you back to a time more simple… then the Regatta Hotel Veranda Dinner is for you. With almost 140 years of first dates, first kisses, marriage proposals, weddings and anniversaries all happening across the iron-lace verandas of the hotel, Valentine’s Day 2013 is set to be another beautifully romantic evening for those couples looking for something special. More info here.


For the foodies…


They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, that being said I am a sucker for a delicious meal myself. Vintaged offer an exclusive Valentine’s Day menu with pork belly, spanner crab and a grain fed Black Angus Sirloin…followed by a white and dark chocolate mousse and a selection of macaroons… You may be too full for a Valentine’s Day kiss… but you’ll certainly be satisfied. More here.


For something more casual…

Limes Hotel.

For an evening under the stars, you can’t beat Brisbane’s number one rooftop destination, Limes Hotel. Details here.

Dendy Cinema.

There’s no better way to eliminate awkwardness by going to a movie… and Dendy Portside has you covered with the guise of a romantic flick and delicious dinner for two. Book here.


For the adventurous…


If fun and adventure are your thing then an evening full of laughs and activity are in order. Riverlife Brisbane offer a instructed night kayak along the iconic Brisbane river followed by a selection of canapés and drinks by the city lights. Book here.


For the singles…

Max Brenner.

Grab your girlfriends and indulge in an evening or sweet treats and dreaming at Max Brenner, Southbank. Check them out here.

Chalk Hotel Back to Love Party

Ditch the couples and get into some serious dancing this Valentine’s Day, with a complimentary drink on arrival and fun flirty games throughout the evening! Get tickets here.

Rose petals for a DIY romantic evening from French Flowers!


Bacchus Restaurant, South Bank

posted by Danielle Lewis October 25, 2012 0 comments


Now I am usually not one for fine dining… and I must admit the lure of a rooftop pool bar is really what brought me there…. but it was the amazing service, the delicious food and the lush interiors that will bring me back to Bacchus, newly opened restaurant at Rydges, South Bank.

It all started with the phone reservation, the usual details, then an unexpected…  ”..are you joining us for a special occasion this evening..?” They were already interested in ensuring our evening was special… and we hadn’t even arrived.

We were greeted at the door by two gorgeous girls dressed in white, who were all smiles and led us to our table.

Our charismatic waiter took us through the menu and drew our attention to the locally sourced olive oils that highlighted each meal… an innovative way to differentiate the characteristics of each dish. We settled on the fish and the lamb…. I had the lamb…. It was perfect! Succulent slices of tender lamb shoulder on a bed of more slow roasted lamb (cue the melt in your mouth moment!) accompanied by a smooth pumpkin mash, crispy potatoes and lemon polenta.  YUMM!

We finished the evening with a drink on the rooftop (the main restaurant is indoors and opens up onto the roof with the pool and bar)… the design of the whole venue is just gorgeous.. in fact Bacchus enlisted the talent of Tracy Beckmann who has an extensive portfolio of New York and LA hotels and bars under her belt.… and we think she has done a phenomenal job of bringing the atmosphere and essence some of the coolest big city bars right to the centre of Brisbane.

Named after the Roman God of food, wine and indulgence, Bacchus certainly lives up to such tall claims. A must-visit.



9 Glenelg Street

South Bank Brisbane Q 4101

P: 07 3364 0843

W: http://www.bacchussouthbank.com.au/







Mid week snack at ‘Cabiria’

posted by Danielle Lewis September 30, 2012 0 comments


A late afternoon meeting this week saw a rumbling in my tummy and quick stop at the decadent Cabiria at The Barracks, Paddington.

Pronounced Ca-be-ria, this dark and mysterious restaurant/wine bar lures you in with its walls of gleaming wine bottles and aroma of hearty fare.

After perusing the wine list it becomes evident that it could be a long night.. and after your first sip one of their prohibition style cocktails and a fresh olive the outside world seems to fade away as if there wouldn’t be a 9am meeting tomorrow anyway…

No 6. The Barracks
61 Petrie Terrace
Brisbane QLD

T: 07 3368 2666

Tuesday to Saturday
7am – 10.30am

Tuesday to Sunday
12pm – 2:30pm

Tuesday to Saturday
5pm – late