Smell the flowers: Sneak peak at spring trends with Universal

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Spring has sprung – so what should you be wearing this season? Spring is such a difficult season to dress for: is it hot or is it cold? The best thing you can do is know the trends and dress accordingly. If you find that you don’t have any of the items listed in this article, head to your favourite fashion store such as Universal Store to acquire them – it’s that easy!

Unique Bags

This season, big unique bags are really in, so get yourself one. It’s great to have a big bag, and one that is a statement piece is so advantageous. When your bag is your statement piece, your outfit can be so simple and easy – it makes getting dressed in the morning less of a pain in the backside! Plus, when you have a really big one you don’t need to worry about not having everything with you – you can fit your entire bedroom inside it!

universal bag


Spring has seen the arrival of pleats into this season’s trends – especially in skirts. Everywhere you look now, someone is wearing a pleated skirt so you should jump on the bandwagon too. They come in long or short skirts and can be worn with everything. They’re versatile and stylish, what’s not to love?


Remember back in the 20s when flapper dresses were really big? Or out in the west where cowboys are fond of fringes on their boots? Well that’s what spring has brought us! These new modernised fringes are going on everything – bags, shirts, dresses, even jackets! Some say they’re slightly annoying – we say, they look absolutely fabulous! Beauty is pain… apparently!

Stacked jewellery

It’s become a serious trend to stack jewellery. Buy a couple of rings and wear them all on the same finger. It just means you can buy all the rings you want and wear them at the same time – without looking like a crazy rich lady or Phoebe from Friends. Now it’s moved on to also stacking bracelets. Stacked bracelets look really cool and have been a trend for years – though now it’s really coming in big. So go out and buy a couple of bangles and wear them all at once – you’ll fit right in with the crowd and look great while doing it!

universal bracelet

Floral Prints

As with every year, the arrival of Spring means the arrival of floral prints on clothing. This year, floral jeans in particular are really in and really cool – they create a nice 50s housewife meets pin up girl look. You’ll also find lots of floral print dresses – mostly midi or mini length as maxis are on their way out again (floral wise).

Universal floral

It can be so hard keeping up with trends – each season means a different set fashion guidelines to follow. Hopefully this article has helped you and you’re now all set to stay completely up to speed with what’s hot this season. Have a great spring – you look good for it!

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