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Think having a stylist is a luxury reserved only for celebrities? Well think again! Having a stylist’s advice to help you change your look, make better use of all of the clothes in your wardrobe or simply give you a few tips on how to wear current trends can take the stress out of fashion and make you feel more confident when you leave the house!

The best part of this story though, is that enlisting some style help is actually affordable!

Cue the gorgeous Rebecca Williams.

Rebecca is a Brisbane based Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. With experience within the fashion and media industries as well as working with regular Joe’s like us who just want to know how on earth we are going to make the military trend fit into our corporate style!

Rebecca not only lends her creative talent to photoshoots, but in educating individuals on how to dress for their own body shape and size, through the understanding of what colours and styles suit and accentuate their best features, being a fashion victim no more.

Self-taught and formally qualified in fashion styling and clothing production with many years experience in the fashion industry, Rebecca will help create a better image you project to the world through the use of clothes & accessories, whilst also connecting you up with makeup artists & hair stylists who are the best in the business.

For more information on Rebecca or her styling services visit her profile HERE.

Rebecca has also been kind enough to donate to our Surprise Fashion Finds! For your chance to pick up a little fashion surprise click HERE!


{*normally $40/hr}

Dread shopping for clothes and shoes? Walk into a shopping centre and don’t know where to start? Tired of sales assistants harassing & lying to you?

Have an event coming up and don’t have anything to wear? Looking for a quick style update?

With Rebecca, you can shop without fear and have professional fashion advice on hand whilst providing you guidance on what suits your personal style and image BEST, all while keeping within your budget.

Great if you’re time poor, need a special occasion outfit, or need a helping hand putting together outfits.

So forget about those pesky sales assistants and start making clothes shopping fun, simple, & easy for yourself by booking your Personal Shopping trip with Rebecca TODAY!

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