PeepToe Stiletto Run

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Brisbane’s second annual PeepToe Stiletto Run is on again in 2011. An 80m dash in which a sole winner will take home a whopping $5000 cash. A unique opportunity to don the heels for charity and the chance to win an amazing cash prize, the track will be on fire – be sure to pre-register here.

Here’s the Details:

  • The PeepToe Stiletto Run will be held between the regular races (at approximately 2pm) during the SITA Australia Raceday
  • Heats will be conducted with groups of approximately 10. The fastest runner in each Heat will go through to the final
  • The winner will receive $5000 cash and a shoe wardrobe worth $2500!
  • Registrations are open to eligible entrants (yes that includes males and females)
  • Registration will include entry to the races and the PeepToe Stiletto Run plus a tee and donation to charity
  • To be eligible to compete, PeepToe Stiletto Run contestants must be wearing heels with a minimum height of 7cm and maximum 1.25cm in diameter (NB. Shoes cannot be taped to the foot. Contestants cannot compete in athletic shoes, altered with a heel. No wedges)
  • All contestants will be required to sign a waiver



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