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Eliza is the self titled label of Brisbane designer Eliza McCabe, whose life long love affair with fashion has culminated in the launch of her very own label. The crisp clean lines, bold colours and accented silks bring together a dreamy collection full of promise for the summer season. We had a chat with Eliza to dig a little deeper into this gorgeous Brisbane brand…

BT – How would you describe your label?

EM – Fresh iced tea.

BT – What inspired you to create your own fashion label?

EM – I have always been interested in designing and making clothes. The shift towards people being stimulated by the street style fashion movement inspired me to delve into what I wanted to represent amongst a crowd. Having a bit of time off after graduating from fashion design allowed me to think about where I wanted to go and what I want to achieve as a designer. Creating my own label and releasing it to the public was the next step.

BT -You’ve described your current collection as “minimalist and relaxed” – is that something you’ve drawn on from your own personal style?

EM – I have always been drawn to bold textiles as well as bold colour. The mix of the two, with simple and relaxed silhouettes, speaks power. My somewhat minimalist approach, which is categorized by bold lines, allows for confidence without overstating. That’s what I try to portray in my personal style.

BT – What has been the most exciting part of launching the new label?

EM – Definitely resolving my work! After all the labour and needle pricks, seeing the looks on the model in a photo shoot reiterates in my mind why I do this (as all artists need positive resolution of their work). I’m lucky enough to be able to work with my older brother in shooting, he gets what I want and where I want to go.

BT – Do you have a particular signature design?

EM – A look that is reoccurring in my work is matching sets. I love the idea of intentionally matching similar textiles. It’s usually seen as a fashion no-no (eg. stripes with stripes or dots with dots). However if worn convincingly, it can have a quirky sophistication that makes a statement. Something I think people admire.

BT – The Queensland climate is varied all year, are you excited to be able to design for such variety, do you have a favourite season to design for?

EM – My work does have a holiday/resort feel to them, reflecting Brisbane’s warmer climate. At the same time, it excites me that I can play with wintery looks without having to be overly practical because it doesn’t ever get too cold!

BT – Describe your design process.

EM – I usually immerse myself in materials, find something I like, and play with it for a couple of weeks. I am constantly on the prowl for textiles. If I go on a holiday, you can usually find me on the hunt for fabric and inspiration. I like to have a large variety of samples in the studio. After finding the fabric, I draft and work through a design process of drawing and mocking up ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes my ideas materialize quite quickly, and sometimes it can be a bit of an arduous process. It is the best feeling when I have all the final looks drawn up and ready for production.

BT – What would you be doing if you weren’t designing clothes?

EM – It’s hard to imagine what my life would be like without design and sewing, it’s always been my creative outlet. Modern history is something that excites and inspires me. Having this interest has exposed me to trends, fashion and movements over the last two centuries providing a strong foundation for what I want to create in the future.

Own your own piece of Eliza here.

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