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Take Flight iFLY on the Gold Coast

posted by Madi West July 2, 2016 0 comments
Take Flight with iFLY | Brisbane Threads

If I told you I could fly, would you believe me?

Of course not, but it is (kind of) true thanks to the friendly team at iFLY on the Gold Coast.

The truth is, we didn’t technically fly and it was more of a hover inside a giant tube against a very very very large fan. That’s right, my BT assignment was to go indoor skydiving, and boy was it an experience to remember!

iFLY is located in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and is a thrill seeking experience created to simulate the exact feelings of skydiving. Having been actual skydiving before (like the out of a plane kind), I can happily say that iFLY was the closest feeling you will get without having to climb 40,000 ft into the air. It’s an adrenalin pumping activity and with half the price tag and equal amounts fun, who can complain!

With a safety briefing out of the way and the most fashionable protective gear handed out, we were in the tube and flying in no time. 360-degree turns, a trip up the tube and back down as well as some world class hovering, iFLY is an experience like no other, and one that I would definitely recommend you add to your to-do list, especially if you are trying to entertain kids this holiday season!

So if you’re like me and have always answered the ‘what’s the one superpower you wish you had’ question with flying then jump in the car and head south to the Gold Coast, book in your session with iFLY and get flying. You won’t regret itTake Flight with iFLY | Brisbane ThreadsTake Flight with iFLY | Brisbane Threads Take Flight with iFLY | Brisbane ThreadsTake Flight with iFLY | Brisbane ThreadsTake Flight with iFLY | Brisbane ThreadsTake Flight with iFLY | Brisbane ThreadsThanks iFLY for having us!

For more information about iFLY and indoor skydiving, check out their website here (it’s best to book in before you make the trip). 


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