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Finding a good dress shirt can be like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It makes you feel good and you get excited about the prospect of showing it off to the world. Here are some tips on how to buy a dress shirt that will go the distance and keep you looking fresh.

Measure yourself

Finding a dress shirt is more than just small, medium, or large. So many more measurements need to be factored in. You do not need to pay top dollar for a custom tailored dress shirt, unless you really want to! Most retailers will sell shirts that have multiple measurements other than just the standard small to extra large. These other measurements take into account your neck size, shoulders, and even the length of your arms. Your body is a lot more specific, didn’t you know? The best tip is to go into a store and try on a few sizes. Get used to speaking in terms of numbers instead of sizes.

Got a tape measure on hand? Measure the distance around your neck just below your Adam’s apple. Add about a centimeter to the final number, you don’t want your collar to choke you! You just need enough space to fit a finger. That’s the most important measurement out of the way!

Get a shirt that fits

You want to get a shirt that fits well – in the arms, the neck, the chest, and especially around the waist where it is tucked in. You don’t want billows and air puffs when you walk around. Most places sell slim fit shirts. Don’t think that you need to get a shirt that is super tight, just get one that fits well. This is true for any body type. Choose a shirt that is streamlined to your body and fits you properly!

Choose your style

Dress shirts come in so many different styles, from colour to style of cuff to the shape of the collar. Don’t be afraid to shop around until you see a style that catches your attention. It might even be a good idea to try on a few different types of shirts. Different collars tend to accentuate your face differently. Got a fuller face? Opt for a narrower collar. Find a collar that’s a bit wider if your face is narrow or long.

The collar is not the only style choice you have to make! Not all cuffs are created equal. You also need to make choices about colour and pattern. A nice white dress shirt will never go out of style though. Picture Don Draper smoking a cigar in a crisp white shirt. That could be you.

If you’re having trouble choosing your style, a white shirt with a semi-spread collar will always look classic. A nice dress shirt is an investment so ensure you opt for quality over a bargain. The dress attendants at stores like Politix will be able to help you choose the right garment. If you take it seriously, your shirt will be around for a while.

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