The Busy Gal Guide to Travel

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Busy Girl Travel | Brisbane Threads

You’re constantly on the run. You’re a mover, a shaker. Pinning you down is like trying to catch a cloud. Your best friend is your phone, which is permanently attached to your palm as you run from place to place – usually in killer pumps. You know the ones; you spent half your pay check on them last month. You’re probably reading this in the five minutes you have between finishing work and meeting the girls for a few wines – something which you sorely need. It’s been the first time you’ve been out in weeks because, let’s face it, you are a girl on the go. And here at Brisbane Threads we understand that. We worship you. Most of us are you. And we want to help you out because gurl, you deserve it.

Like most busy ladies, you’ve most definitely seen the inside of a few airports – zipping here and there for work (and on the odd occasion for pleasure). But the worst part isn’t the hours spent waiting around in uncomfortable airports, or the flights themselves – although we do concede these can be pretty heinous. No, it’s definitely the packing. How do you dress to impress and stay under that 23 kilo limit? Well, here’s your answer! The Busy Girl Guide To Travel – a complete list of the fashion and beauty items that you Brissy babes must pack.

Busy Girl Travel | Brisbane Threads

The Blazer 

Surely you aren’t surprised this is on the list. A blazer can take a nothing outfit from zero to 100  in the swing of a coat hanger. Double or single breasted, cropped or Boyfriend, darling it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s the right size, and is tailored to suit your style, you’ll look smokin’. So if you want to impress the boss or just want to feel fabulous after hours in transit, make sure this little baby makes the cut and is thrown in the port.

Tip: If you want to stand out (and we know you do) try one in with a splash of colour. Nothing says woman about town more than a soft pink or blue.

The Pants 

Ahh pants; the basic building block of any busy babe’s wardrobe. They can be your best friend on a business trip. Rest assured a good pair will never let you down. Team with a button up for a classic business look or throw a on tee and some nice boots for that casual but oh-so-sophisticated feel. Don’t be afraid to dress them down a little too. There’s no shame in having some fun with an outfit. Mixing street style with tailored basics will have you looking like you belong in the pages of the magazines we all covet.


Do you think Coco realised the impact she would have on every girls wardrobe when she invented the first Little Black Dress? Whether or not she did or didn’t, without this staple us girls would be lost in a world of floral and fluro. This should be the very first thing that goes in your suitcase. If you don’t have a good LBD, GET ONE STAT. NO EXCUSES. GO. NOW

The Skin Care Program

Skin care. It’s the most important key to success. Don’t believe me? Just ask Charlotte Tilbury. Yes even the Queen of Makeup knows the top tip to success is an unblemished complexion. But when us busy girls are on the go, often it’s the first thing to be thrown out the door. It can be hard to make sure every potion is in your port, but trust me if you pack it in, your skin will be singing your praises. If you’re not keen to take your whole apothecary of skin care needs, then the basics will do: cleanser, moisturiser and the magical tea tree oil for those nasty breakouts. Check, check and check.

An honourable mention must also go to a trusty pair of loafers, a chic scarf, a structured hat and a pair of faithful jeans.

So there you have it you beautiful busy bombshells. A simple and quick guide to the necessities to pack for those trips away from. What are the first things that you put in your suitcase on a trip for business or pleasure? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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