Five Tips for the Perfect DIY Wedding Reception

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Your wedding day is meant to be perfect. However, because you have so much to organise and plan in the meantime, it’s often hard to see how you can make it a truly once-in-a-lifetime day.

The solution: Go DIY! Below are five tips for the perfect DIY wedding reception.

1. Have a Feast to Remember

Food is vital; however, try to avoid going overboard on the DIY food for sanity purposes! Organise a company like Brisbane’s Noosh Catering to provide either a banquet or buffet, or even some finger food. This will leave you to get DIY on the desserts and the beverages. A lolly bar is a fun way to get people mingling and all you need is some big glass bowls and lots of sugary delights. Bowls of homemade punch and cocktails are also easy to make yourself, and will create a unique addition to the traditional beer and wine.

2. Include Lots of Extra Light

Christmas lights make a perfect additional light source, and you could probably find plenty in the garages of family and friends. These can be hung across the ceiling to make you feel as though you’re dancing under the stars, or can even be wrapped around bushes and trees if the venue is outdoors. Old glass bottles, jam jars and lanterns with tea lights are another approach to lighting that can adorn tables, window sills, or can even be suspended.

3. Get Your Guests Involved

A photo booth is a fun way to involve everyone. Having an instant-developing camera set-up with a booth of accessories will get all your guests in the party spirit! Suspend a few lines of string against a wall and sit a bowl of pegs beside it so guests can hang their masterpieces up for everyone to see. You could also get guests to sign their well-wishes on the back of the photos instead of having your standard guest book.


4. Quirky Table Décor

Make sure the tables at the reception are filled with unique items to create points of interest and discussions around the table. Place-card holders or place settings are easy to do yourself and could include vintage tea cups, homemade cards, or napkin wraps. Making your own wedding favours is also fun and could range from a cupcake-in-a-jar to DIY candles.

5. Gather, Recycle and Restore

You can find useful materials lying around anywhere, including second-hand shops or recycling depots. Make your own stage from wooden pallets, bring chairs and tables from your own home, as well as family and friends’ homes, and then buy your own material to use as table cloths and chair wraps. The same goes for cups; go retro or vintage and mix it up with old tea cups, tumblers and crystal-ware. Off-cuts of wood or unused blackboards also make great signs that could be used at the photo booth, the entry-way or even the bar.

Weddings can be stressful no matter how much planning and organisation goes in to them. The important thing to remember is to stay true to yourself and your partner, as this day is about the two of you and what makes you most happy.

What have been some unique DIY wedding trends you’ve either seen or incorporated into your own wedding?

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