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The Roastery Cafe

posted by Michaela Petrofes December 2, 2016 0 comments

Brisbane has countless cafes to choose from for your weekend brunch spot. Not all quite stand out in the way The Roastery Café does. Both a café and a brew bar all in one they really know how to serve up the perfect cup o’ joe to accompany you and your brunch pals.

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What Makes Brisbane Unique?

posted by Danielle Lewis April 8, 2016 0 comments


Brisbane may not be as famous as some of the other beloved Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney, but the rest of the world is finally catching up with what we’ve known all along – it’s awesome! As the third largest Aussie city, it’s actually the most popular holiday destination in the country. So, what makes it so unique?

Its Versatility

It’s true, Brisbane seriously does have everything. From the inner-city, man-made beach through to open green spaces, the botanical gardens and iconic skyscrapers which bring a modern city into its own, there is heaps to see and do. Whether you’re looking to find a corporate job or simply explore some nightlife, Brisbane is the place to be. Set alongside the gorgeous river, the gorgeous South Bank is the perfect cultural hangout (and is home to several top dining establishments). You also then have the peace and quiet of Brisbane’s nature spots and the hustle and bustle of its vivid arts and music scene. If you didn’t know already, it’s seriously the place to be!

Its Location

As the capital of the Sunshine State, there aren’t many places that can say they boast all of the features that Brisbane does in terms of nearby landscapes and scenery. Staying within the city limits is welcomed, however, just a short car journey takes you to the marvellous mountains, wonderful wildlife and beautiful beaches of both the Sunshine and Golden Coast. It really is unrivalled in this respect and it’s no wonder that people who are wanting more from their vacations are choosing us as a hotspot.


Brisbane Botanical Garden” by  Burning Image 

Its Friendly People

The vibe is a lot more laid back than other cosmopolitan cities. This is reflected in everything from people’s attitudes right through to their completely laid back way of talking. But then that’s just the Aussie way! With the way we shorten, well… everything… from ‘smoke breaks’ (smoko), to the way that online scratch cards are also called scratchies, there’s simply no point wasting our breath. It’s indicative of the residents – calm, collected and totally chilled out. 

Its Culture

There are heaps of cultural and creative aspects to Brisbane. There are live music venues galore and bands from Australia and around the world regularly make stops here on their tours. From outdoor cinemas to street art, galleries, museums and more, you will find things to do no matter what you’re in to. Whether you are super hip, or after an historical experience like learning about indigenous culture, you will be covered.

Its Climate

Did you know the average temperature in Brisbane is actually 30 degrees? It’s perfect for some summer loving and for those who love warm weather. Even in the winter months, it averages out at about 15 degrees (even in mid-July). Compare that to a city like Melbourne (averaging 10 degrees, but sometimes much colder) and there’s really no comparison. It’s rarely an uncomfortable heat, either, which makes it ideal all year round.

Beauty Tuesday: Summer Hair Trends | Brisbane Threads

Beauty Tuesday: Summer Hair Products

posted by Teagan West January 12, 2016 2 Comments

Following on from last week’s Beauty Tuesday post on summer hair trends, we’ve got a round-up of the hair products you need on hand this summer. From washing and styling to a good DIY treatment,

Sea Salt Spray

For locks that look like you’ve just stepped off the beach, sea salt spray is a must. Spray some into your freshly washed hair to rough it up a bit, or squirt on after an ocean dip to keep your do’ looking fresh and ‘done.’ I’ve been using the Pure Elements Thyme and Clary Salt Water Spray after creating some loose ghd waves, and the LUSH Sea Spray Hair Mist for a perfect weekend look. Beach Babe Waves? Heck  yes!Beauty Tuesday: Summer Hair Trends | Brisbane ThreadsHair Spray and Heat Protection

We all love a Brisbane summer as much as the next person, but humidity and friz ain’t no fun. That’s where hairspray becomes your BFF. tackle #qldsummer with hairspray that boasts a strong, firm hold to ensure your curls don’t droop, your slick side part stays polished and that messy bun remains effortlessly chic. We’re loving the Pure Elements Lime Blossom Medium Hold Finishing Spray for holding your style in place, and Paul Mitchell’s Hot Off The Press that also protects hair from heat styling.Beauty Tuesday: Summer Hair Trends | Brisbane ThreadsA Good Conditioner 

When it comes to washing your hair, you need something that cleans and rejuvenates your locks and preps them for the days ahead. Wash twice with shampoo for best results, and then lather in a condition and leave it in for a couple of minutes before rinsing. We’re currently using Paul Mitchell’s Instant Moisture Daily treatment to rehydrate and the American Cream Hair Conditioner from LUSH, because who doesn’t love a good LUSH product that works!

Beauty Tuesday: Summer Hair Trends | Brisbane ThreadsA Weekend Treatment 

A good ol’ home treatment is just what the hair doctor (if only that was a real thing!) to keep your hair looking and feeling like that of a VS model. We were recently gifted the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger 3-Pack Collection from some lovely PR folk to trial and we think it’s pretty darn good for some TLC. There’s a shampoo, conditioner and high glossprimer, so it’s the perfect pick-me-up after a week of using products and heat styling wands.

Honourable Mentions

Of course, a round-up wouldn’t be complete without a few honourable mentions that help to tame the mane in summertime. TIGI’s new Bed Head range is perfect for creating volume and texture, and doubles to firmly hold  your do’ in place. Mermaid Perfume’s Conditioner (available via Lulu & Lipstick) is also one to watch, because who doesn’t want to have mermaid hair! And then there’s the evo hair brushes (pictures below) and ghd hair straighteners that win the MVP awards in the brush and heat styling categories respectively. Beauty Tuesday: Summer Hair Trends | Brisbane Threads

And that’s a wrap!

Do you have a beauty woe and need some advice? Or do you know a brand we must absolutely try? Leave a comment below or chat with us on Instagram, Facebook or email ([email protected]).

Christmas Gift Guide For The Boys | Brisbane Threads
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Christmas Gift Guide For Boys

posted by Teagan West December 21, 2015 0 comments

Hello and happy Monday! With only 4 sleeps to go until Christmas Day, you’re in a little bit of a pickle if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping. Don’t panic yet though, all of our local shopping centres have extended trading hours this week, and we’ve put together the ultimate gift guides to help you with your Christmas shopping. Which leads us to our Christmas gift guide for boys…

Boys are almost impossible to buy for, and I struggle every year thinking of new ideas for the man and the brother. And then there’s all of the other males you have to buy for, including the dreaded office Secret Santa gift. So, to make life easier and give you some gift-giving inspiration, here’s some fab ideas for gifting to the boys.

Electronic gadgets are always a favourite (who doesn’t want a GoPro!), as are gifts to keep them active and moving, such as a standup paddle board, new Nike kicks and golf clubs (Brookwater Golf and Country Club is calling their name!). For the boy who likes the finer things in life, a new watch, designer sunglasses or a leather wallet are at the top of his list. And if he’s an Adrenalin junkie, look no further than and gift him an experience of a lifetime, from skydiving and paragliding to V8 racecar driving, jetboat riding and dune buggy racing (we did this, and it was awesome!). Check out the #GiveAdrenalin hashtag on Instagram for a bunch of ideas and happy snaps from over 2500 experiences!

Then it’s onto the stocking stuffers, so think cologne, cosmetic products, aftershave, DVD’s, books and clothes from our favourite brands and retailers (Aesop, LUSH,, JB HI-FI, Country Road, Rebel Sports, Fossil, David Jones and Myer.

Christmas Gift Guide For The Boys | Brisbane Threads

So how did we do? Do you have some new ideas to kick off your last-minute Christmas shopping? We’d love to hear your thoughts, and of course, Good Luck in the coming days if you’re heading to the shops… you’re in for a wild ride! 

Not buying for the boys? Check out our gift guide for girls here and here; you’re bound to find something (or a lot of things) that will be perfect for her!

Give Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads
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Give Adrenalin: Our Action-Packed Experience

posted by Teagan West November 27, 2015 1 Comment

Last weekend Adrenalin took us on an action-packed experience on South Stradbroke Island to show us what Adrenalin is all about. It was a hard day in the office, but I obliged of course. We chose the half day dune buggy and off-road segway experience for something difference, and we were certainly impressed!

We met up with Gold Coast Dune Buggy’s, the experience provider through Adrenalin, at Marina Mirage at Southport and jumped on board with Hamish for a 35-minute boat ride to South Stradbroke Island. Once there, we got straight down to business and learnt how to ride a segway, and then put our new skills to the test on the off-road track. After zooming around for 20 minutes it was time to buckle up on a dune buggy to explore the rest of the Island.

Hamish, our wonderful tour guide and tour operator, was fantastic throughout the buggy tour, giving us a brief history of the island and wildlife while also making it a fun experience on the buggies. We stopped a couple of times to explore on foot and to go sand tobogganing, which was equally exhausting and exhilarating. Then, it was back to McLauren’s Landing for a cold drink, quick dip and laze around on the shoreline before heading back on the boat to Marina Mirage by 3pm. I’m exhausted just thinking about it all again!

Thumbs up all round for our Adrenalin experience! Give Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads Give Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane ThreadsGive Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads

Give Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads

Give Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads

Give Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane ThreadsGive Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads

Give Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads Give Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane ThreadsGive Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane ThreadsGive Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads

Give Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads

Give Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads Give Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane ThreadsGive Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads Give Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane ThreadsGive Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads

Give Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads

Give Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads Give Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane ThreadsGive Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane ThreadsGive Adrenalin - Our Action-Packed Experience With Adrenalin | Brisbane Threads

Adrenalin is an experience provider that offers over 2000 experiences all over Australia. From cooking classes, walking tours and island exploring to action-packed adventures such as skydiving, jetboating and standup paddle boarding and helicopter rides. It’s the perfect gift as we head into the festive season, especially for the person who has everything! So #GiveAdrenalin this Christmas and ignite your loved ones inner thrill-seeking spark.

Nodo Donut | Brisbane Threads
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What’s All Of The Fuss About Nodo Donuts?

posted by Michaela Petrofes November 23, 2015 0 comments

Nodo Donuts are swiftly taking over the Brisbane donut scene and we couldn’t be happier! Nodo has long been stocked at selected cafes across Brisbane but now, you no longer have to strategically plan your donut fix… Nodo has opened their very own café!

Located on 1 Ella St, Newstead, Nodo has brought us their daily gluten free, baked (not fried) creations 6 days a week! With New York loft vibes, Nodo’s standalone cafe’s minimalistic design is both welcoming and refreshing. It’s impossible to not feel at home when stopping by Nodo – nothing says lazy Sunday morning more than a great guilt-free donut and a coffee to match. Perfect for on-the-go donuts before work or a little afternoon pick me up. The team at Nodo Café is passionate about adding the fun back into wholesome food while still allowing us to fix our sweet tooth cravings and we couldn’t love them more if we tried!

While we all love a good classic glazed donut, it’s nice to know that we can munch down on donuts for breakfast (or any time of the day for that matter) that will leave our insides happy. Nodo really is the world’s friendliest donut!Nodo Donut | Brisbane Threads

Spotlight On: Rachel Burke | Brisbane Threads

Spotlight On: Rachel Burke

posted by Teagan West September 17, 2015 0 comments
Rachel Burke is a colourful mixed bag of talents with a heart of gold. She’s a fashion designer, stylist and pompom-making craft queen hailing from our fabulous city, and she’s recently been chosen as an Australian of the Day through the Commonwealth Bank’s initiative to champion everyday, grassroots Australians.
She first rose to online fame in 2010 after setting herself the challenge to make 1 dress every week for 20 consecutive weeks, and then in 2012, she embarked on the challenge of making one dress every day for an entire year. Both projects required her to make the dresses from scratch and auction the pieces online and, between the two challenges, Rachel has raised close to $10,000 for children’s charities.
Recently returning from Splendour in the Grass where she worked as Craft Captain and decked out Patience Hodgson in a psychedelic rainbow costume (weighing 10 kilograms!) for her show with The Grates, Rachel is no doubt a busy lady but we managed to catch up with her this week for Spotlight On. Here’s her story: Spotlight On: Rachel Burke | Brisbane ThreadsBrisbane Threads: Hi Rachel, Thanks for having a chat with us today, all the way from Japan! Let’s start from the beginning, can you tell us a little about yourself. 

Rachel Burke: I am a Brisbane based clothing designer, stylist and photographer.  I work 9-5 in commercial fashion and spend the rest of my time hanging out with my heavenly sausage dogs and trying to achieve all of my crafty/creative dreams. I am also currently working as the Fashion Editorial stylist for Frankie Magazine.

BT: Tell us about your background – did you always want to design dresses?

RB: My background is actually in Musical Theatre! Growing up I was SO set on being a professional singer. As a result, I spent the majority of my late teens and early twenties completely focused on this goal. However, at the end of my first year studying musical theatre at the Victorian College of the Arts, something changed and I lost the passion. Somewhere along the way I began enjoying the process of making costumes more than the performances that I was meant to be making them for! My focus drastically and unexpectedly shifted, and before I knew it, I was hand-making dresses until all hours of the night and leaving everything to start my blog i make. you wear it.

BT: What inspired that first challenge, to create 1 dress every week for 20 weeks? 

RB: It came from a desire to learn more about making dresses and giving a little back at the same time. I wanted to do something that wasn’t just for me. Prior to starting the project, I had quickly made some outfits for friends before going out on the town and I had really enjoyed the process of making something fast. In addition, doing the project for charity was an awesome motivator to keep the project going and to achieve my goal.

BT:  And how did the challenge go? 

RB: The challenge went so well, and the support and following that I got went so far beyond anything that I could have ever expected.  This first project raised over $5,000 for NAPCAN. It also inspired me to continue my blog and create my next ‘dress-a-day’ project that saw me make a dress everyday for a year.Spotlight On: Rachel Burke | Brisbane ThreadsBT: What charities have you supported and why? 

RB: I have supported a range of charities including the Starlight Foundation, NAPCAN and the Motor Neuron Disease Association

BT: How does it feel to be nominated as a Commonwealth Bank Australian of the Day? 

RB: I feel so chuffed to have been nominated as the Commonwealth Bank Australian of the Day! So many wonderful Australians have been featured in the project and I can’t believe I get to be one too!

BT: Can you tell us about your involvement with this year’s Splendor In The Grass festival?

RB: At Splendour in The Grass this year, I had the enormous  honour of being Craft Captain of the Splendour In The Craft tent.  This involved me helping to run all the workshops and have the opportunity to hang out with some of my craft idols – which was just such a treat.  I also made the tinsel-sparkly-dream-coat for Patience Hodgson of the Grates for her Splendour set. That was a total thrill for me!Spotlight On: Rachel Burke | Brisbane Threads

BT: How would you describe yourself in 5 words? 

RB: Busy. Glittery. Zesty. Pom-Enthusiast.

BT: What’s next for you? 

RB: I am just about to start a new project called Apomogy.  This will be a community art project where people affix their anonymous apologies to pom poms that I (or they) have made, to create an overall installation of Apomogy-fun! The project will involve lots of workshops and a documentary. I am also about to start teaching some fun ‘How To’ Classes with Workshop Brisbane.  My first one is an Etsy Masterclass on making pinatas — make sure you come!


Summer Fashion Inspiration | Brisbane Threads

11 Things We Love About SS At Indooroopilly

posted by Teagan West September 7, 2015 0 comments

To celebrate Spring Summer fashion, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre have released a brilliant new style guide for the season ahead that is full of inspiration for your wardrobe, lifestyle and home. We got a sneak peek of the ‘Chase the Sun’ magazine last week and we just had to tell you all about it. It’s free, filled with beautiful imagery and the most sought-after pieces for the season. Seek inspiration from ‘Fashion’s Front Line’ and swoon over the ‘The Best of Summer.’It’s the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee, some serious couch time or a little R&R. Of course, we could just tell you to pick up a copy next time you are shopping up a storm at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, but what’s the fun in that! Here are 11 things we love about the magazine…
1. Summer Hues & Texture – Pastel colour palettes are back in vogue, this year accompanied by standout summer tones like citrus, tangerine, deep green and plum. Go bold and wear colour from head to toe, or for a subtle splash, add a coloured scarf, necklace or handbag to your monochrome uniform. Spring summer is also the time to experiment with textures so get creative and incorporate a statement texture to your look – lace, suede, laser cut-outs, fringing, billowing fabric, sheer, tassels, embellishments, denim or leather.

2. Crisp White – We love how Indooroopilly Shopping Centre are in full support of the crisp white trend for SS15. The campaign images include a number of structured pieces, such as the Manning Cartell sleeveless vest worn in the cover shot, that should inspire your new purchases this season if you’re looking to adopt a less is more theme. The great thing about white is it goes with everything, and you can dress it up or down for any occasion, so invest in a couple of statement styles such as a button up shirt, a sleeveless vest and/or tailored shorts.

3. Menswear On Point – ‘Chase the Sun’ includes a whole section of men’s style inspiration for the season ahead. Like us ladies, men are encouraged to adopt colour and print this season, with everything from stripes, floral and geometric patterns making an appearance. Finish the look with leather accessories and he’s mastered the art of casual cool with flying colours.
4. The Chase the Sun Images – Shot in the gorgeous sand dunes of Moreton Island, the campaign images for ‘Chase the Sun’ are what summer dreams are made of. The eye-catching series is the perfect spring muse for summer getaways and balmy nights ahead, so add them to your mood board (or pin them to Pinterest if you’re a social media guru) for stylish inspiration that oozes sophistication.

5. Nautical Theme – It would be a fashion crime for stripes to go out of style, so every year the leading trendsetters rework the classic print to give it a fresh update. This spring summer, wear your stripes with nautical inspired pieces for the perfect holiday look, or dress them up with navy, white and red for the office.

6. New Season Zimmermann – We have to admit, we have a slight obsession with Zimmermann, and the new season collection is no exception. Floating silhouettes and Zimmermann’s classic sheer finish make bohemian chic look effortless. You’ll also find jacquard, metallic embellishments and a bold colour palette if you’re spending summer in Zimmermann.


7. Home Is Where The Heart Is – Interior stylist Tahn Scoon has teamed up with Indooroopilly Shopping Centre to give readers the low-down on how to achieve the latest interior trend – Hamptons-style. A timber and white interior combination is all the rage, with pops of baby blue and teal to combine style and heart. Our number one tip for the Queensland-Hamptons fusion – let natural light flood your home and take advantage of our enviable weather.

8. Beauty Tips – As we move into spring and then summer, adopt a more playful makeup look and experiment with different techniques. ‘Chase the Sun’ has some great beauty and makeup tips for the coming season to help you update your beauty routine and make like the It-Girls when it comes to statement makeup. So what’s trending right now? Blunt crops with loads of attitude, bright lips paired with a natural makeup look, braided hairstyles, dewy skin and bold flicks of eyeliner, just to name a few.

9. The Bucket Bag – In the market for a new handbag but not sure what style to get? Say hello to the humble bucket bag – the It style of SS15. It’s casual chic inspired by the 70’s and is the perfect everyday shape as it fits all of your weekday essentials and is so easy to sling over your shoulder or use as a chic backpack for model-off-duty weekend vibes.

10. Denim For Days – We love denim just like the next girl, so we were glad to see Indooroopilly Shopping Centre have included their favourite denim styles of the season in ‘Chase the Sun.’ To update your denim collection, anything blue denim, chambray or acid washed and ripped to perfection will be a staple this season. Stick to light and breezy styles for Brisbane’s humidity so you can wear your denim all summer long.
indro211. Food – When it comes to food, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre doesn’t take gastronomic highlights lightly; in fact, they’re scattered around the precinct and this style guide is no different. Guest curated by Food Celebrity Alana Lowes, the foodie section of the seasonal guide includes two recipes for the perfect spring feast – Sticky Smoke Spicy Pork Ribs with Apple Slaw and a Mango and Yoghurt Cake with Labne Icing. There’s also a guide to the best of Station Road Dining featuring Nantucket Kitchen & Bar, Corbett & Claude, Ole Fuego, Harajuku Gyoza and Pig’s Ear Wine & Grill.


If you haven’t noticed already, ‘Chase the Sun’ by Indooroopilly Shopping Centre is packed with information, trends and tips for the new season, and we just can’t get enough! It’s hard to pick a favourite but we’d have to say the Fashion’s Front Line section – motivations and inspirations straight from fashion’s insiders and designers – is our absolute favourite, If you find yourself in the centre for some much deserved retail therapy, do pick up a copy or bookmark the digital version as your online resource for the season!

‘Chase the Sun’ is a free magazine available throughout Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and at from today. This post was written in collaboration with Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

Spotlight On: Soot | Brisbane Threads

Spotlight On: SOOT

posted by Teagan West July 9, 2015 1 Comment

This week for Spotlight On I caught up with Edwina Sinclair, the talented young designer behind Brisbane fashion label Soot. Starting her label in 2011, studying in London in 2012 and graduating university in 2013, the last few years have been busy for the talented local girl with an appreciation for silhouette and shape. Her most recent collection, titled “Half Full,” is made up of flowing shift dresses, oversized jackets, pyiama-style pieces, turtle necks and full skirts in a predominantly pastel colour palette, with some pinstripe thrown in for good measure.

BT: What inspires you when you are creating a new piece or collection?
Edwina: What inspired me changes from collection to collection but generally I draw inspiration from my environment and the fashion history. The current collection in store is called ‘Half Full’ and is for Autumn/Winter 15. The collection name came from the saying, ‘is the glass half empty or half full?’ The pieces comically draw inspiration from the Michelin Man and Bananas in Pajamas whilst combining timeless pieces to evoke a sense of opulence and longevity.

BT: What is your favourite piece from the current collection and why?

Edwina: My personal favourite from the collection is The Striped Jumpsuit. When I dress I definitely think of comfort and the jumpsuit is that. It can be easily layered if it is a bit chilly and can be dressed up or worn more casually. Most importantly it is fun!

Spotlight On: Soot | Brisbane Threads

BT: What is your background?
Edwina: I competed my Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion) in 2013 at Queensland University of Technology.

BT: How did you go about establishing Soot?
Edwina: My mum owned a costume design business when I first began Soot. She was able to help me with production, fabric and sampling contacts. I then began to sell to friends and family and by my third collection I began approaching Australian stockists.

BT: What’s one of the hardest parts about starting your own business in the fashion industry?
Edwina: I think one of the biggest struggles is finding the balance between innovation and being commercial. Fabric and textiles can also be a struggle to source and I think this is why I have begun to create my own three dimensional textiles through knitwear.

Spotlight On: Soot | Brisbane Threads

BT: What is your advice for people who want to start their own label?
Edwina: Know your point of difference and be true to your philosophy and aesthetic.

BT: What is your personal style philosophy?
Edwina: Humour, texture and luxury

BT: What are some of the labels/designers you are crushing on at the moment?
Edwina: Faustine Steinmetz – the craftsmanship, detail and innovative textures the label creates are so inspiring.

BT: What is your go-to piece for A/W in Brisbane?
Edwina: A turtleneck! It can be layered with everything!

Head to for more information and to shop the collection.

Spotlight On: Soot | Brisbane Threads

Spotlight On: Soot | Brisbane Threads Spotlight On: Soot | Brisbane Threads

Are you or do you know a talented Brisbane creative who should be featured in our Spotlight On series? Get in touch below or email [email protected] to have a chat.

Brisbane Times Good Food Month | Brisbane Threads

Good Food Month Is Back!

posted by Teagan West July 7, 2015 1 Comment

The time has rolled around again for the Brisbane Times Good Food Month presented by Citi. Come July 9, Brisbane’s culinary scene takes the stage for a month of festivities revolving around our favourite thing – food.

To celebrate the launch of Good Food Month here in Brisbane, the Good Food Guide launched last week in a shiny new format and full of restaurant reviews, cheap eats, recommendation, must-eat dishes and of course, the prestigious awards that every chef and restaurant owner in Brisbane is chasing.

Esquire won the Vittoria Coffee Restaurant of the Year award, The Catbird Seat Bistro won Best New Restaurant and Josue Lopez from GOMA Restaurant won Citi Chef Of The Year. Other locals who received the top gong in their categories were Ollie Hansford from Gauge,  Shawn Gomes from Il Centro, Francois Le Saveant, Philip Johnson from E’cco Bistro. In the Brisbane’s Best categories, Wasabi Aria, Bird’s Nest Yakitori,  Gerard’s Bar and Black Bird Bar & Grill all walked away winners too.

Good Food Month 2015 | Brisbane Threads

So what can we expect for the 2015’s Good Food Month?

There’s all of the usual dinners and gastronomic celebrations including the Hat’s Off Dinners, World Safari Dinners, the Ultimate High Tea, Talk & Taste and so much more to make the city’s foodie rejoice with glee.

The Breakfast Club specials see participating cafes and restaurants serve a one-month-only $20 weekday breakfast special to celebrate Good Food Month. Think brekkie salads, coconut and lemongrass porridge, grilled sardines, confit duck, thai chicken omelette, pork pad okra pao and other breakfast offerings.

For lunch, expect a meal and beverage for $38 at the likes of Gambaro Seafood Restaurant, Madame Wu, The Regatta Hotel, Pony Dining, Stokehouse, Bucci Restaurant, ARIA, Billy Kart Kitchen and 127 Bar & Bistro. On Sunday, stop in to The Flying Cock, Gazebo Terrace, Lennon’s Restaurant & Bar or Wild Canary for a lazy lunch with friends or family.

If you’re on a budget, there’s dinner under $30 at Baguette Bistrot & Bar, Chop Chop Chang’s, Kitchen At Treasury, Lost Boys, Mecure Restaurant at the Mecure Hotel Brisbane, The Spaghetti House Trattoria and more.

Bar hopping more your thing? Check out the gin cocktail and bar snack offerings at Canvas Club, The fox Hotel, The Kitty, Leftys Old Time Music Hall, lychee Lounge, Dutch Courage Officers’ Mess, Cowch Dessert & Cocktail Bar, Escobar, Madame Wu, Papa Jacks, Esq., The Tree House, Woolly Mammoth Alehouse, Riverbar and Kitchen and Soleil Pool Bar.

And last but definitely not least, my favourite event of them all, The Night Noodle Market! It’s back this year for its second year in Brisbane, setting up camp under lanterns in the Cultural Forecourt at South Bank from July 22 to August 2. You can expect it to be bigger and better than last year, with Asian inspired restaurant stalls, themed bars, live music and entertainment and a vibe that can be summarised as outdoor party meets Asian hawker-style food markets. It’ll be one heck of a good time, and I’m sure I’ll pop in more than once while it’s there. Grab your posse, stop in after work or laze around for a long lunch by the river – whichever way you choose to experience the Night Noodle Market, just make sure you start it on an empty stomach.

Brisbane Times Good Food Month | Brisbane Threads

If that doesn’t have you salivating at the thought of delicious food (and lots of it) then I don’t know what would! If you’re out and about enjoying Brisbane’s foodie offerings this month, don’t forget to tag #BTinsidertip in your social pics so we can see what you’re up to (and regard the best)!

Eat well beautiful people!

Late Night Dining | Brisbane Threads

Brisbane’s Late Night Dining Scene

posted by Annie Brodie June 27, 2015 2 Comments

Let’s set the scene… You’ve become a little bit – shall we say – socially excited and consumed too much pinot than you probably should and are in desperate need of a good feed to soak up some of that lovely grape juice. Since it is after 10pm, your only option is trust Maccas, or some other fast food joint where you will inevitably break all of the sincere healthy eating promises you’ve made to your sober self… right? Wrong! Avoid the fast food vortex awash with greasy food, sore stomachs and regret and read on.

It may seem that Brisbane’s late night dining scene is far from enviable, but that’s just on the surface. Fear not, our foodie friends, because over here at Brisbane Threads, we have done the research (read: the pinot situation) and compiled a short but sweet list that will send you on the right path for late night foodie options for every taste, budget and level of intoxication.

Heya Bar – 367 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

Heya Bar, where Brunswick Social once stood, takes the previous bar’s dumpling house to another level. With bar food of an Asian influence being served until late, it is everything you have ever wanted. It’s so hip that you will want to start and end your night here. #BTinsidertip – The mushroom and bacon gyozas are to die for.

Open Wed 6pm-midnight, Thurs-Sat 6pm-3am

Alfredo’s Pizzeria – 39 Alfred Street, Fortitude Valley

Pizza. The forever-favourite late night snack. But why settle and guzzle down a greasy $2 slice when Alfredo’s Pizzeria is open till late AND serves wood fired deliciousness for Brisbane folk. Neighboring Alfred and Constance, Alfredo’s Pizzeria is the place to get the best late night takeaway. And the best part? Alfredo’s Delivers until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays!

Open Sun-Thurs midday-1am, Fri  & Sat midday-3am

Public – Level 1, 400 George Street, Brisbane

One word can explain a late night feed at Public – KFD. The Kentucky fried Duck will keep you and your drunken alter ego coming back again and again (and than maybe when you’re sober too!). This uber cool part-kitchen-part-bar combo is perched in a glass box on George St and has all the makings of a New York loft. Trust us, you will feel like the epitome of class (even if you might look otherwise…). With the kitchen closing at 11 pm you will have plenty of time to pop in and soothe your starving self after happy hour ends.

Open Mon-Fri 11.30am-midnight, Sat 5-midnight

Kwan Brothers – 43 Alfred Street, Fortitude Valley

Kwan Brothers, occupying the A&C corner that we have come to know and love, is a ripper for Asian street food and fresh fusion bites. The kitchen is open to 11pm, so Kwan Bro’s is not one for a spontaneous early morning feed, but rather drinks and a good belly of food before your big night. If you lay the foundations right, you won’t be cursing in the am* (*we can’t guarantee that).

Open Mon-Thurs 5-11pm, Fri-Sun midday-11pm

Gerard’s Bistro – 14/15 James Street, Fortitude Valley

Gerard’s is another one that must be planned in advance, otherwise you risk missing out on their famous fare and uber-cool vibes. If you’re jumping around the James Street precinct and starting late, start here and keep it classy before the night truly unfolds.

Open Mon-Sun until late

Riverbar & Kitchen – 71 Eagle Street, Brisbane

Picturesque views of the Story Bridge and Brisbane River, tasty cocktails, delicious food and seats under the stars, Riverbar & Kitchen is not just a good breakfast and lunch spot – when the sun drops the party really starts. The good news is you can still grab a good bite to eat just before midnight pre-dancing.

Open Mon-Sun 7-11.30pm

Canvas – 16B Logan Road, Woolloongabba

If you want food that compliments the drinks menu, Canvas is where it’s at. Grab a late dinner dish or a round of rustic charcuterie and mezzo boards to keep you going all night long after the hunger pains set in a couple of hours before midnight. Did someone say boutique wines and craft beer?

Open Tues-Fri midday-midnight, Sat-Sun 8am-midnight

Jimmy’s On The Mall – Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

Did you know Jimmy’s On The Mall is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Me either, until now! Whether it’s dinner at 11pm, a quick snack on the way home at 3am or breakfast at 7am, you’ll find something tasty at Jimmy’s On The Mall without a doubt. Bonus – it’s recently been renovated and is now looking sparkling new and oh so shiny with fairy lights and greenery on every wall.

Open 24hrs, 7 days

The Sangria Bar, Ole Restaurant, 13/14 grey Street, South Bank

Tapas and sangria…. at midnight… in Brisbane. Is there anything better?! The Sangria Bar at Ole Restaurant operates in true Spanish style, open until late and serving dishes inspired by the motherland, made with fresh local product and authentic imported staple ingredients.

Open Mon-Sun 11am-late (food available until midnight Thurs-Sat)

Pancake Manor – 18 Charlotte Street, Brisbane

And finally an iconic Brisbane institution. Pancake Manor has the monopoly on late night dining in Brisbane for all age groups – tween, teen, vibrant 20’s, mid thirties…. everyone has either been there, is going there or is there! Though it might not be high on a foodie’s bucket list, it’s open all day and night, every day and night and when it’s 3am, fluffy pancakes with all of the toppings a really good idea. Just trust us on this one.

Open 24hrs, 7 days