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In Need of Last Minute Melbourne Cup Plans? Here’s ten!

posted by Karlicca Culalic November 1, 2017 0 comments

So spring racing season has officially descended upon us like trackside rainfall and with the season’s pedigree race about to grace our lands abounds – our carefully matched millinery-shoe combos and Instagram grids are so, very, ready! There will be no need to recycle old race day throwbacks this year as Brisbane is giving Melbs a run for her money hosting a sweep of soirees for your selection. We’ve collated ten safe bets to make sure the only thing you’ll be throwing back on Tuesday is a glass of Veuve on arrival! Staying hydrated is no horseplay after all… Continue Reading

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The Cycles of Summer – Event

posted by Danielle Lewis January 26, 2015 0 comments

This post has been written by Kristen from The Cycles of Summer

invitation cos

Vintage-loving ladies you are invited to join our journey for the First Cycle of Summer.

Together we will cycle between the trees, around the river and by the cityscapes.

When: Sunday 1st of February

Location: New Farm Park

Time: Meet at 3pm for picnic. Cycle commences at 4pm!

vintage bike cos A little about us:

A boy and girl met and fell in like, in the city of Brisbane. The girl loved and appreciated all things vintage and longed to experience the world by bicycle. The boy surprised the girl by lovingly restoring a retro cruiser for her. The boy named the bicycle Juliette. The girl and Juliette take scenic routes around their beautiful city.

Our website The Cycles of Summer was created to share the discoveries and insights you can experience when riding a bicycle. It was also created with the hope of developing a small community of Vintage Betties who ride bicycle. Together we will meet, cycle and picnic together in our beautiful city.

dress vintage cos

Be a stylish Betty….

Wear a vintage frock to our event and have the chance to win a sweet little gift for being voted the most stylish Betty.

Life is a picnic…

Picnics perfectly compliment bicycle rides. Bring your picnic rug and a sweet or savoury treat to share. We will provide light refreshments. Pack your basket full of your favourite treats and be ready to enjoy this special experience. Our picnic will provide the opportunity to get to know each other.



Images captured by Cassandra Eggert from Ivy and Pine Photography

Our Threads

Wearing a sweet vintage dress on a sunny day with a breeze is delightful. In that moment everything in life feels wonderful!

But when planning your outfit for a ride there are some things be mindful of – the length or your dress, the suitability of your under garments and shoes, and how comfortable you’ll be. A 1950’s summer dress usually has all the elements for stylish and comfortable riding. High wasted shorts with lacy tops or jumpsuits are also great options. As always, helmets are a must.

The Cycles of Summer: A blog for Vintage Betties, sun seekers and their bicycles

The Cycles of Summer is a blog for people who want to meet up with over pedal pushers for relaxing rides. We’re not interested in speed or lycra – we like to take our time, have a chat and enjoy the scenery. Our hope is that we will soon have a small community of ladies that regularly invite each other to cycle to markets, ride along coastlines, plan trips to GoMA, plan routes incorporating vintage shops and cafes, picnic together in parks, go on sunset cruises and cycles under the stars.

This blog is a great platform to connect with other Vintage Betties and share your thoughts on vintage culture, threads and bicycles.


We look forward to meeting and cycling with you on Sunday 1st of February. It will be the start of a wonderful journey.

If you live in Brisbane, have a retro styled bike and enjoy wearing vintage dress, then join our journey. It will be one full of sunshine!

Check us out:

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Brisbane’s guide to NYE

posted by Georgia Terry December 30, 2014 0 comments

The wrapping paper from Christmas day has barely settled and already it’s time to start thinking about the next big item on the agenda – that being New Year’s Eve. Ahh New Year’s Eve. There are two types of people in this world, those who LOVE it and those who are less enthusiastic about it. If you fall into the latter category don’t fret!  Here are a few of Brisbane’s NYE happenings that will have you saying hooroo to 2014 and hola to the New Year in plenty of style.

Saint Tropez

If you are looking for something with a little more class, Soliel Pool Bar’s Saint Tropez Event would be right up your ally. Right in the heart of Southbank, this roof top bar will offer prime views of the This six hour package including drinks, canapés, as well as roving entertainers, will have you ringing in the New Year under the stars. But with tickets at $250 a pop, this soiree might have you welcoming the New Year a bit poorer than anticipated. All worth it I’m sure!

new years brisbane

What: Soliel Pool Bar’s Saint Tropez
Where: Cnr Grey St & Glenelg St, South Brisbane
Price: $249

Hunter’s And Gatherer’s Ball

Hunting out a bit of fun to herald the New Year? Then you should absolutely check out The Woolly Mammoth’s Hunters and Gatherers’ Ball. Don’t forget this one’s a dress up so don your faux fur and loin cloths for a fabulous night.*

N.B: there will be prizes for the best dressed, so my advice: go all out.

What: Woolly Mammoth’s Hunter’s and Gatherer’s Ball
Where: 633 Ann St, Fortitude Valley
Price: $75

The Gresham

If you’re not into braving the Southbank crowds and would prefer to sit back and with a Whiskey in hand and casually welcome in 2015, The Gresham is certainly you’re port of call this NYE. From 4pm you can ensconce yourself at the Bar for a more relaxed New Year’s Eve. And just a tip, their Cocktails are AMAZING

What: The Gresham
Where: 308 Queen Street
Price: Free Entrance + drinks

Fireworks at Southbank

southbank brisbane

So this is probably one of the more traditional things you can do on New Year’s Eve. But that doesn’t mean it won’t mean a great night out. If you are willing to brave the crowds and ring in the New Years surrounded by people (A LOT of people) then this is the spot to be. Great for families, you will be ensured a fabulous fireworks display and ring in 2015 with spectacular flair. And the best part? It’s absolutely free!

What: Southbank Fireworks display
Where:  Southbank Parklands
Price: Free + BYO food and beverages.

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posted by Danielle Lewis February 16, 2013 0 comments


I am pretty excited to share this with you… I just purchased tickets to Cavalia! It is a show by the co-founder of Cirque Du Soleil, which I absolutely adore.

Cavalia is a fresh mix of equestrian and performing arts, multimedia and special effects. Conceived by Normand Latourelle and often labelled an equestrian ballet, Cavalia is a spectacular and moving tribute to the relationship between men and horses throughout history, a dream of freedom, cooperation and harmony. In a fairy tale setting filled with poetry and emotion, the show innovatively integrates acrobatics, dance, aerial stunts, live music and equestrian arts. Under the White Big Top, a 50-metre stage permits the horses to express themselves in all their splendour, nobility and strength, often completely free.

Cavalia opens in Brisbane under the Big Top opposite DFO (Brisbane Airport), on March 6.

Sneak preview here…