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15 Brisbane Cafes Open for Easter

posted by Emmy O'Neill April 13, 2017 0 comments

While many Brisbane locals are making the most of this Easter long weekend & escaping our glorious city… there are many who are left behind pondering important life questions like… where we can get our caffeine fix?

Don’t stress you’re not going to have to survive on instant coffee this weekend…unless you want to. We have rounded up some of our favourite Brisbane cafes that are open over the Easter long weekend serving espresso, eggs and avo on toast… all the essentials really.


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Prova Pizzeria

posted by Emmy O'Neill March 31, 2017 0 comments

The last time I was in Italy was nearly ten years ago. While that actually seems like a lifetime ago; I feel that spending five weeks in the country makes me an expert. Ok not an ‘expert-expert’ but more like a I-have-actually-been-to-Italy-so-I-can-write-about-Italian-food expert #youfeelme? So this brings me to Prova Pizzeria. 

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Umami - Brisbane Threads
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posted by Emmy O'Neill March 30, 2017 0 comments

‘Umami (/uˈmɑːmi/), or savoury taste, is one of the five basic tastes (together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness).’ Thanks to George, Matt and Gary (aka those Masterchef boys) Umami is part of our food vocabulary, but I still found myself unable to describe Umami; instead just going with ‘it is Umami.’

Umami is not only the mysterious fifth taste; it is also the name of one of Brisbane’s tastiest restaurants located at the top of the China Town Mall, Fortitude Valley. Umami Bar & Asian Tapas isn’t the new kid on the China Town block but it has had a menu and venue makeover and it is fabulous.

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QAG CAFE - Brisbane Threads
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Lunching at QAGOMA

posted by Emmy O'Neill February 10, 2017 0 comments

Looking for the perfect way to spend a few hours on the weekend, and get out of this crazy Summer heat while also having a culturally enriching experience at the same time? Go no further than the Queensland Art Gallery / QAGOMA at Southbank.

Once you’re done roaming the halls, discovering new rooms, appreciating Indigenous & Contemporary Art & gazing at a few classics, you will no doubt have built up quite the appetite. We’ve found the perfect getaway for you to enjoy a casual & relaxing lunch. Situated on the Watermall level, the QAG Café is a hidden gem inside the huge gallery.  The tranquility and abundance of the water is a constant reminder that you are in fact in our lovely river city.

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Nutella Pizza - Brisbane Threads
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Valentine’s Day in Brisbane

posted by Emmy O'Neill February 6, 2017 0 comments

With Valentine’s Day less than eight sleeps away now is the perfect time to drop some oh-so-subtle hints to your oh-so-special someone. And don’t stress if you are single… grab a friend and head out anyway! Whether you’re into V-Day or not it is still a perfect excuse to go out mid-week and celebrate. Any excuse to eat great food or see a movie… #amiright? Casual dinner, romantic table for two, picnic in the park, theatre show or a night at the movies; Brisbane is serving all the goods! Here are some of our Valentine’s Day in Brisbane favourites. Oh and remember you can celebrate V-Day all week long if you want to squeeze in some more special moments.

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Beer - Brisbane Threads
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International Eats in Brisbane

posted by Michaela Petrofes February 3, 2017 0 comments

Are your wanderlust and taste buds dying to go on an international adventure but your bank account isn’t quite letting you jet set across the ocean? Not to worry, we’ve rounded up the best international eats in Brisbane so you can wine & dine your away around the world without needing your passport.
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Banana Leaf Thai - Brisbane Threads
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Best Thai Restaurants In Brisbane

posted by Michaela Petrofes January 21, 2017 0 comments

Brisbane sports some seriously delicious cuisines from all over the world. We’ve shined the spotlight on the best American eats around town and now we’ve headed to the other side of the ocean to bring you the best Thai restaurants in Brisbane. If you didn’t already have dinner plans before reading the following information, we guarantee you’ll be making some impromptu reservations.

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Smash 2017 with Nutri-Hitt Raw Treats

posted by Danielle Lewis December 31, 2016 0 comments

2017 is just around the corner, and if you are like the rest of us and making a few too many ‘damn-i-need-to-look-better’ New Year’s resolutions, then we’ve got 2 words to help you out. Nutri. Hitt.

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The Croft House | Brisbane Threads

Wining and Dining with The Croft House

posted by Madi West December 14, 2016 0 comments

As time goes on, there are a few things I am noticing that come with age. One is that I am inevitably (ad obviously) getting older, and the other is that my taste buds are changing… AND I LOVE IT! From a girl who struggled to sip on a glass of wine and never appreciating the glory of a good cheese board, I am finally showing a liking to the finer things in life. Hello cheese and wine! So when the opportunity came up to try a spread at The Croft House, my tastebuds went into overdrive before we even arrived at the venue.

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