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Brisbane Fashion Weekend | Brisbane Threads
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Brisbane Fashion Weekend Is Here!

posted by Teagan West October 20, 2016 0 comments

Hey Brisbane fashionistas! This weekend is Brisbane Fashion Weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited! This weekend the Royal International Convention Centre will come to life in a flurry of colour for the inaugural event.

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Lyst | Brisbane Threads

Spring outfit sorted | LYST

posted by Jacquelyn Cox September 7, 2016 0 comments

With the warmer weather just around the corner, it is time to pack away those drab sweaters and bust out some fun and fresh items! Our newest clothing obsession? Lyst! With a huge range of clothing items from floaty dresses and sky-high heels, and designer brands from Balenciaga to Valentino, there is something for everyone on their website. Lyst is an amazing platforms that brings together all your favourite fashion designers and allows you to shop everything at once! We’re not ashamed to admit we’re kinda obsessed with everything… but our bank account definitely isn’t! Check out our favourite dresses that are in our shopping carts and let us know which ones are your faves.

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Spotlight On: AlcieMay Designs

posted by Sushma Waller August 12, 2016 0 comments

There’s no denying that us Brisbane girls take our swimwear seriously. These few short weeks of winter certainly aren’t enough to dampen our spirits. Regardless of when our bodies finally make their reappearance after winter hibernation, you can be assured that we’ll be doing so in style in some AlcieMay gear.

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AW Eyewear Trends To Covet

posted by Teagan West June 25, 2016 0 comments

Eyewear trends aren’t normally a fashion topic up for discussion, yet so many of you (and a lot of our team too!), wear glasses daily. Whether you are in the market for a new pair of specs, or you have to get your first pair, we want to help you see better, and look a little funky at the same time.

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Finding Your Feel Good Fit With Intimo | Brisbane Threads
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Finding Our Feel Good Fit With Intimo

posted by Teagan West June 9, 2016 0 comments

How frustrating is it when you walk to the changeroom with 15 bras that you love and are apparently in your size (according to the tag anyway) only to find that not one of them is a good, comfortable and flattering fit. I feel your pain, and I myself struggle to find a bra for my lady lumps, and when I do it’s either an old and daggy Grandma bra, or it’s $10,000.

That was until i recently discovered Intimo through the course of my day job, and I’ll never go back!

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Fashion Lane: Brisbane Threads
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Brisbane Fashionistas Best Kept Secret: Fashion Lane

posted by Danielle Lewis May 17, 2016 1 Comment
It’s no secret that Brisbane has been a little behind the times getting access to a large selection of fashion brands, athough we are starting to see that change as some of the bigger international retailers start to move into our beloved city. As a result, Brisbane fashionistas have been online shopping for years, and taking advantage of free delivery offers that bring the worlds best brands right to our doorstep!
Well, there’s one fashion secret that you might not be in on yet. And that is Fashion Lane.

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Brisbane Weddings: What The Guys Need | Brisbane Threads
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Brisbane Weddings: What The Guys Need

posted by Cassandra Catsoulis May 5, 2016 1 Comment

Everyone loves a wedding, but organising one can be one heck of a headache. So, we’re helping to make Brisbane weddings less stressful, and more enjoyable, especially for the happy couple themselves.

Over the next three weeks, we’ve got your go-to guide for everything you need to know about getting married in Brisbane. From suits for the guys and flowers to bespoke stationery and THE dress, we’re covering the best of the best when it comes to everything you will need for the big day! First and Foremost: What The Guys Need.

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Spotlight On: My Ringuet | Brisbane Threads
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Spotlight On: My Ringuet by Benjamin Ringuet

posted by Sophie Catsoulis March 31, 2016 1 Comment

This week for Spotlight On we are going to shed some light on Benjamin Ringuet, the man behind the increasingly successful and ever gorgeous Brisbane based label, My Ringuet. I’m sure by now everyone has caught a glimpse of his vibrantly coloured and intricately patterned designs, whether you’ve seen them on the likes of high profile beauties such as Carrie Bickmore and Rebecca Judd or just a girl you follow on Instagram, one things for sure – they’ll definitely leave a lasting impression.

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Become A Stylist | Brisbane Threads
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Do You Want To Become A Stylist?

posted by Teagan West February 22, 2016 0 comments

Do you ever think about how brilliant it would be to have a job where you mix and match clothes and accessories all day, dressing people up and discovering their personal style, creating visual merchandising installations and just generally working in the fashion industry. Well well well, do we have good news for you!

The Australian Style Institute’s Become A Stylist workshop series is touring around Australia in the next couple of weeks, and the team will be in Brisbane on March 12th and 13th for a two-day workshop at Capri by Fraser Brisbane that must not be missed!

The Become A Stylist Brisbane event is a unique and innovative two-day event ($397 per person) full of style, fashion and editorial inspiration that will give YOU the insight and knowledge you need to become a stylist. It will also give you a look into the life of a stylist and provide you with the foundations you need to start an exciting and dynamic career as a stylist.

Hosted by Lauren Di Bartolo, professional stylist and Founder & Director of the Australian Institute of Style, the workshop series draws on the exclusive methodology of teaching taught at the Australian Style Institute including the pathway to successful styling, curating your own stylist’s wardrobe, the power of style and image, styling for TV and provides an understanding of how human behaviour plays a role in styling. All that, plus the opportunity to network with industry professionals and budding stylists, jam-packed into two days is an opportunity not to be missed if you’re serious about working in the fashion industry as a stylist.

Brisbane is bursting at the seems with trendsetters and tastemakers, establishing our city as a mecca for style and sophistication, with a little Queensland twist of course. If you are one of those people and feel like this is your calling, now is the time to ditch your lacklustre day job and release your inner potential as a stylist, starting with the Become A Stylist Brisbane event in March.Become A Stylist | Brisbane ThreadsSo what are you waiting for! 

To reserve your ticket, head on over to, select the Brisbane event and pop in your details. Be quick though, because spots are limited and they’re sure to fill up quickly.

Become A Stylist Brisbane Workshops – Saturday March 12 and Sunday March 13 – Capri by Fraser Brisbane.

Spotlight On: Adrift and Mahlii | Brisbane Threads
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Spotlight On: Rebecca Pullar from Mahlii

posted by Teagan West February 18, 2016 0 comments

This week for Spotlight On, we caught up with Rebecca Pullar from Mahlii and Adrift, local bohemian fashion labels inspired by our sunshine state. I could waffle on about how much I love Mahlii’s aesthetic and the cool vibe that is something of a Coachella meets carefree Gold Coast folk feeling.

Read on to learn more about Bec’s inspiration and how Mahlii came about a couple of years after Adrift in our chat with the local creative….Spotlight On: Adrift and Mahlii | Brisbane ThreadsBT: How’s 2016 looking for you and Mahlii?

RP: 2016 is an exciting but somewhat intimidating year for me. I have recently shutdown my flagship store at Chelmer, secured a pop-up store on James St for Mahlii and am in the process of organising a launch party for our Mahlii customers. My focus with Adrift this year lies particularly with my online site and creating a website that is both simple for my customers to use but also engaging. Right now I am looking to create an online chat room for my customers… but I can’t reveal anything else at this point!! In terms of Mahlii, I feel extremely confident about the direction we are moving in, and I know we are only going to expand from here on in. I am extremely eager to push new boundaries with Mahlli and produce clothing that is unique and edgy. I am excited to work with a younger creative market this year and collaborate with other small designers like Marho the Label, which is currently available online at Mahlii. I believe the most important component to my business is that I have an extremely hard working, wonderfully creative team behind me that I can trust.

BT: What inspired you to start your own business, and what was the inspiration behind Mahlii?

RP: I wouldn’t say I was inspired to start my own business I just identified a gap in the market and ran with it. I never intended it to take off the way it has, but as we have grown I have been inspired and motivated. I identified a niche market- middle age women looking to buy beautiful, cool and casual clothing, at an affordable cost. I wanted to create a bohemian chic label for real women, and this concept is what my customers have been drawn too, and what essentially brings them to my website and stores. Today my inspiration for future collections and my business as a whole is based off the Adrift customer and my personal travels around the world. We are not trying to be cutting edge fashion ambassadors, but we are trying to be kind, ethical manufacturers that allow women to be themselves, feel beautiful and join the Adrift community together.

Mahlii was originally inspired by my daughters and their friends. I wanted to create a brand that embraced both of my daughters free spirit combined with Californian style.

BT: Can you tell us more about Mahlii?

RP: Sun kissed shoulders, glowing skin, salty hair, liberated spirit and creative Soul- this is the Mahlii Girl. Mahlii is all about encompassing the ultimate beach babe. It’s dedicated to women and young girls with a Californian, vintage bohemian style. I have just launched Mahlii this year and already we have had an incredible response. Right now it is very early days for the label, but I am excited to see what this year brings!

BT: What is the design process?

RP: The design process of Adrift and Mahlii is collaborative from conceptual all the way through to sales. I travel internationally a couple of times each year and am always scouting shapes, styles and fabrics that could work for our Adrift and Mahlii customers. My design team draw a lot of inspiration from international brands such as Johnny Was, Anthropologie and Free People. Our fabrics are sourced offshore but designed locally, which is a method that has proven extremely successful for me.

BT: What makes Mahlii different?

RP: Mahlii is all about individuality and I intend on keeping the collections quite small, really focusing on the quality of the fabrics and garments. This year I intend on working with more raw and organic materials such as linen, which I have never explored before. I guess this label is for the ‘all natural’ sort of girl and we’re doing things a little differently, so I am not trying to replicate fast fashion labels because I know I have no hope competing with them.

BT: What is your favourite piece from the current collection?

RP: I am obsessed with the Blair top and pant in White. It is the ultimate summer set.

BT: Where can our readers buy Mahlii?

RP: Mahlii is available online at and will soon be stocked in our pop-up store on James St, which opens doors on the 27th March.Spotlight On: Adrift and Mahlii | Brisbane Threads