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Beauty Tuesday: Salty Locks and Shiny Teefies

posted by Alice Duffield August 16, 2016 0 comments

I recently got to try some of LUSH’s new products. Lush has for many years been one of my favourite brands. I love the part they play in the world and for the environment so I’m always keen to try their latest and greatest. Today I’m talking toothies and hair.

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Lyndsay, Art Director, Toni & Guy Brisbane

posted by Danielle Lewis July 31, 2016 0 comments
IMG_7212 (1)
There’s nothing like a new ‘do’ to cure what ails you. Whether it’s kicking into a new season, leaving a boyfriend behind or taking on a new job, for some reason new hair can make us feel like a million bucks! And that’s one of the reasons why Lyndsay, the amazing Manager and Art Director at Toni & Guy Brisbane loves every minute of her job. We spent 5 minutes with Lyndsay to uncover the best things about being a hair stylist, some trend tips and her fave parts of Brisbane.

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Beauty Tuesday: Introducing Julisa | Brisbane Threads
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Beauty Tuesday: Introducing Julisa

posted by Teagan West May 3, 2016 0 comments

Hi Beauties – Happy Beauty Tuesday! Today on the blog, we wanted to tell you more about one of our favourite local beauty brands that are moving and shaking it in the green beauty space. We are thrilled to introduce you to Julisa!

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Beauty Tuesday | Brisbane Threads
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Eating For #freshtodeath Skin

posted by Stephanie Dee April 12, 2016 0 comments

Glowing skin is a #lyfegoal for most of us young ladies getting about town.  And while having a good skin routine is important in keeping our skin free from outbreaks, enjoying a healthy diet is second-to-none in getting that glowing skin. What some of us tend to forget is that eating for #freshtodeath skin is just as important as a good cleansing routine if not more important.  Given that new skin cells are constantly being replaced (out with the old and in with the new, every month!) –  having a healthy diet free from toxins is no surprise in fuelling healthy cell renewal.  With only 8% of Australian adults meeting the recommended 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit a day (as per Australia’s Health, 2014), more often than not you’ll be missing out on the key nutrients that important for good health, particularly for healthy skin renewal.

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Beauty Tuesday: My Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint with Brazilian Beauty | Brisbane Threads
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Beauty Tuesday: My Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint At Brazilian Beauty

posted by Teagan West March 15, 2016 0 comments

I know what you’re thinking… isn’t Brazilian Beauty for, well, Brazilian waxing. Nope! They do a whole lot more than just a Brazilian.

The wonderful team at Brazilian Beauty invited me into my local salon at Mt Gravatt for a treatment of my choice. I’ve always wondered how eyebrow and eyelash tinting works, and because I’m quite pasty with essentially white hair at 23 years old (not grew, childish white) I was quite curious about what it could do for me and my invisible eyebrows and eyelashes.

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Beauty Tuesday: PC4Men | Brisbane Threads

Beauty Tuesday: Man Up With PC4Men

posted by Teagan West March 8, 2016 2 Comments

Today we’re breaking from tradition… we’re doing Beauty Tuesday for the guys today! But don’t closer your browser yet and hit back – you ladies need to hear this too!  Continue Reading

Beauty Tuesday: Beach Sticks by Charlotte Tilbury | Brisbane Threads
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Beauty Tuesday: Charlotte Tilbury’s New Beach Sticks

posted by Teagan West March 1, 2016 0 comments

Although summer might have just come and gone in what feels like a blink of an eye, for us Brisbane girls, summer seems to linger right through to April and May some days. So, while our southern sisters in Melbourne and Sydney are pulling out their jeans and knits, we’ve still got the short shorts on and our legs out (woohoo!) for at least a couple more weeks. If you’re a born and bred Brisbanite, you’re probably wondering why I’m pointing out the blatantly obvious… but there is a reason to this madness I promise. We’re excited to introduce you to Charlotte Tilbury’s NEW Beach Stick range!

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Brazilian Beauty | Brisbane Threads
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Beauty Tuesday: With Brazilian Beauty

posted by Teagan West February 16, 2016 0 comments

This week for Beauty Tuesday, we’ve handed the stage over to Francesca Webster, Founder of Brazilian Beauty and self-confessed Beauty Guru. We caught up with Fran recently to chat about the Brazilian Beauty empire, her favourite beauty treatments and her top tips to help you prepare for a night out on the town. Let’s get straight into it!

Brisbane Threads: How has the start of 2016 been for you and Brazilian Beauty?

FW: 2016 has been exciting so far! Brazilian Beauty has some big changes coming this year which we are extremely excited about. Our focus for this year is change and development and I think I have tried to take this on board as well for myself on a personal development level.

BT: What are your beauty tips to help women prepare for a night out?

FW: We know confidence is key, so when preparing for a night out make sure you are feeling 100% confident in the way you look and feel. Make sure you are not worrying about those stray hairs on your eyebrows, underarms or down there. The best confidence boost for me is a spray tan, it makes me look and feel toned and healthy. I always have a LED treatment the day before a big event because I can immediately see my skin glowing.

BT: How about in the week leading up to a big event… What beauty treatments and services do you recommend women do to prepare?

FW: The week leading up to an event would look something like this: 7 Days Before Event – Professional Skin Treatment, either Dermal rolling, Microdermabrasion or a Peel with an added LED treatment. 4 Days Before Event – All Hair Removal and Eyelash extensions. Two Days Before Event – LED Treatment. One Day Before Event – Spray Tan. Day Of Event – Professional Makeup application.Brazilian Beauty | Brisbane ThreadsBT: Tell us about Brazilian Beauty and what makes it different to other salons…

Brazilian Beauty is a leading Australian beauty salon franchise, with a national network of 21 independently operated luxurious salons. Our extensive range of treatments and services are performed by qualified, highly professional therapists who aim only for the best results. At Brazilian Beauty, we are dedicated to helping you Look, Live and Feel Gorgeous.

BT: What are the top three services at Brazilian Beauty?

FW: Our top three services would be Eye Treatments first including Eyebrow waxing and tinting and lash tinting, then be Brazilian Waxing and last would be professional Skin Treatments.

BT: Finally, do you have any makeup advice for Brisbane ladies?

FW: Here’s what I have learnt:

  • Never be afraid to try something new.
  • Know your skin tone and play off your hair and eye colours.
  • Make sure your main focus is on eyes OR lips, never both.
  • Do not conceal – accentuate your features and uniqueness.
  • Enhancing your natural beauty will always be more flattering than a heavy canvas of makeup.


Thanks Fran for stopping by Brisbane Threads this week for Beauty Tuesday! You can read more about Brazilian Beauty, the services they offer and locate your closest salon here. I’m stopping by my local salon this week for a treatment, so I’ll let you know how it goes… stay tuned!

Beauty Tuesday: Australian Beauty Brands | Brisbane Threads
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Brisbane Threads: Australian Beauty Brands

posted by Teagan West February 2, 2016 0 comments

Heya! How’s your week going? Have you recovered from the short week last week? We have, and we’re back into things full swing, but the patriotism hasn’t waived one bit. So, for Beauty Tuesday today, we’re rounding up and talking about our favourite Australian beauty brands. Did your favourite homegrown brand make the list?

Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr – when it comes to Australians flying the flag internationally, no one comes to mind faster than Miranda Kerr. Not only is she gorgeous, she’s built a brand from the ground up. Kora is a certified organic skincare brand that is made cruelty-free in Australia to replenish, protect, nourish and detoxify.

Grown Alchemist – I’ve only recently come across Grown Alchemist, and I’m dang glad I did. Grown Alchemist is a new generation of skincare formulations based on new and natural technologies. Plus, black and white packaging is always a big tick of approval.

Frank Body – Frank Body has a cult following of 675,000 Instagram followers, so if that’s anything to go by, you need to get on board too. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Frank Body is the coffee-based body scrub that works to target stretch marks, acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Kester Black – Australian made, cruelty-free and vegan nail polish in a range of pastel and bright colours. Yep, we’ll have some of that thanks. Kester Black is proudly Australian made and founded on the importance of moral purchasing decisions.

Aesop – Everyone who is anyone knows and loves Aesop, whether they’ve used it or lust over it, everyone seems to be a fan of this homegrown talent. They look dreamy on your bathroom counter, ultra-chic spilling out of your handbag and totally nourishing on your skin.

JBronze by Jennifer Hawkins – If a former Miss Universe is using it, then heck, so should you! JBronze is just one part of Jen’s entrepreneurial empire, and in our opinion, it’s her best yet! I’ve been using JBronze for years, in fact it was the first tanning product I ever used, and I still reach for it today despite trying lots of other brands. If that’s not an Australian endorsement, I don’t know what is.

Jurlique – Born and bred in Australia, Jurlique is a powerhouse in the beauty industry worldwide, and we’re stoked to see Jurlique flying the Aussie flag and representing our great nation. Jurlique is skincare and cosmetics that connects people with nature through the organic and biodynamic ingredients the brand is best known for.

Skinstitut – Our love of Skinstitut is pretty clear (you can read more here) and we kind of dig the fact that they’re the skin experts. Skinstitut products are made from effective formulations and scientifically proven ingredients, and the price point is accessible to everyone who is keen to invest in their skin.

Lulu & Lipstick – If you think Elle Woods is your soul sister, then you’re going to LOVE Lulu & Lipstick products. The Lulu & Lipstick store sells a wide range of products from some great brands, but it’s their own products that really shine. The hot pink brush sets are unbelievably gorgeous,

Napoleon Perdis – The cosmetics giant of tweens and teens in Australia, Napoleon Perdis is a household name for anyone growing up with daughters or sisters. The price point is good, you can’t fault the products, and they’re so readily available in your closest shopping centre, so get on board.

LUMA Cosmetics by Jess Hart – Aussie girl Jess Hart has become an icon for her beaming smile that made gapped teeth somewhat cool ever since she started gracing the catwalks and magazine pages. We love LUMA because it is a nourishing range of naturally derived cosmetics that are designed to enhance natural beauty.

The Base by Lara Bingle – The Base burst onto the scene a couple of years ago now and is another Australian beauty brand founded by an international model from the land downunder. The Base is a collection of bronzing and tanning products dreamed up by Lara Bingle in 2013 to help women achieve a healthy, natural glow. If you’re not using it, then where the bloody hell are ya?

De Lorenzo – One Aussie brand you might not know was born here is De Lorenzo, the great Australian haircare brand known for their expertise in hairdressing around the world. De Lorenzo is the only Australian haircare brand to develop and produce their entire range here, from fruition to completion, so they deserve a massive kudos for being one of our great Australian beauty brands.

Uni Organics – Certified Organic, accredited with Safe Cosmetics Australia (SCA) and listed with Choose Cruelty Free (CCF), Uni Organics is as good for the world as it is for your skin. Uni Organics guarantees quality, integrity and purity when it comes to organic skincare, so you know you are in good hands with them.

Go-To Skincare – I couldn’t finish this round-up of great Australian beauty brands without including one of my personal favourites, Go-To Skincare by Zoe Foster Blake. There’s no denying I have a big girl crush on the brands leading lady (read more here), but her products are just amazing. Truly amazing. And the peachy packaging… yep, I’m a huge fan!

Dis we miss one of your favourite Australian beauty brands? Give them a shout out in the comments below and we’ll include them in our round-up!