Brisbane Fashion Link Love; Nov 11

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link love


When I am lacking inspiration I turn to my favourite blogs… especially the ones that post a weekly round up of their favourite posts from the week.

It’s called link love…. And Brisbane Threads wants to give back. Here are our top posts from the week from our favourite Brisbane fashion websites.

Click on the heading to go to the link. And enjoy!


Love Danielle x


  1. You deserve to be treated like royalty.
  2. Love a fox… and don’t miss their launch party Wednesday 16th November!
  3. Get out of Christmas-themed parties with your dignity in tact!
  4. You’ve been putting it off all year… it’s time to clean out your wardrobe ready for a new year!
  5. Move. Nourish. Believe. And meet the woman who started it all.
  6. Emerging designer? Showcase your designs alongside the greats!
  7. Yasmin Sewell talks to about collaborations, how to get a break and her new book deal.
  8. If you thought ebay was just for sneaky vintage finds… think again!


If you want to shout out to one of your favourite Brisbane fashion blogs or just share something amazing you have found on the internet – email us the link at [email protected].

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