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6 Brisbane Desserts To This Weekend

posted by Anja Botic February 13, 2016 0 comments
6 Desserts To Eat In Brisbane NOW | Brisbane Threads

Throw all of your New Year resolutions aside and put the “hot bod” on hold, here are 6 Brisbane desserts you HAVE to try. Let’s be honest here, the way to win one’s heart and affection is by food…especially C H O C O L A T E!! Whether it’s with your other, a new lust or your best gal pals, make a date and tick these desserts off your bucket list ASAP.

*WARNING- this may cause severe anxiety due to chocolatey temptations and drooling*

San Churros – various locations – San Churros is renowned for their churros (duh!) as their dessert menu combines the magical churro with sundaes, ice cream and cakes. They have a well-balanced menu of chocolate that will probably make you regret that extra scoop of ice cream or chocolate dip to your order, but it definitely won’t stop you ordering it while you’re there. Forget the churros for one or for two, I definitely recommend the churros fiesta! This bad boy comprises of 18 churros with 6 dips which can include your choice(s) of ice cream, caramel, milk and dark melted chocolate #gohardorgohome. Afterwards, if you feel like crying because you may or may not have gained 10 kilos, have a green tea post churros binge. That green tea cleanse will get your metabolism back up and running and you’ll feel like a new you in no time (despite the inevitable churros coma)!

Max Brenner – various locations – This dessert restaurant is for the serious chocolate lovers out there. A solid 90% of their menu contains chocolate so some of their choices may or may not break you physically and emotionally. Nevertheless for the extreme chocolate enthusiasts the Choc Fudge Brownie Sundae is for you. Double choc ice cream scoops, choc brownie, caramelized pecans, waffle balls and a pot of melted chocolate will satisfy your chocolate desires. For those who need something less intense, the Pavlova Sundae and the Tutti-Frutti waffles for one (or two!) are a great choice. The Pavlova contains vanilla ice-cream, passionfruit, strawberries, meringue, bananas and a pot of melted chocolate on the side. The waffles are served with ice cream strawberries and bananas. Dessert combinations that have fruit on the side are ideal to balance out the intensity of the sweetness and decrease your stress levels on how many calories you are actually consuming. Anything with fruit makes it healthy…..right?

Doughnut Time – various locations – Doughnut Time has entered the Brisbane foodie scene and blessed our lives with a growing social media presence and a menu of doughnuts to convert even the biggest doughnutty sceptic. They also do delivery, online orders and large order enquiries! #winningThe king of hand-crafted doughnuts constantly have new flavours to sink your teeth into, so there’s something for everyone’s tastes buds! Here are the flavours you need to try ASAP:

  • Love at First Bite : Nutella filled doughnut with cinnamon sugar
  • Slim Shady – Vanilla Glaze with mini M&M’s
  • You Go, Glen Coco! – Coconut caramel glaze with toasted coconut chips
  • Ferrero No Share – Dark Chocolate glaze, roasted hazelnuts topped with a Ferrero Rocher

Hatch and Co – various locations – This was my recent discovery and I’m never turning back. Hatch and Co’s Chocolate brownie and Apple rhubarb crumble is to die for! The brownie is so scrumptious. -it melts away in your mouth and the cooling sensation of the chocolate ice cream is the perfect combo. Apple and rhubarb crumble with vanilla ice cream….gurl I can’t even deal. These desserts can be my cheat meal any day! Hatch and Co all I can say is yaaasss thank you for this heavenly creation.

COWCH Dessert and Cocktail Bar – Southbank – Cowch’s guilty pleasures, such as chilled smoothies, ice cream, warm signature desserts, gourmet cakes, cocktails, mock tails and their pizzas will leave you coming back for more. If you can’t resist Tim Tams like myself, then their Tim Tam chocolate smoothie is a must! I’ve tried Tim Tam inspired drinks at multiple dessert bars/restaurants and it was honestly a waste of calories. As weird as this may sound…the smoothie at Cowch actually tastes like Tim Tams!! If you’re a bit more adventurous, chocolate peanut butter and the classic cookies and cream are two othera I recommend. My all-time favourite dessert and a ritual I follow whenever I’m at Cowch is ordering their dessert pizzas. The Nutellos pizza with Nutella base, banana, hazelnuts and salted caramel is my favourite, hands down. For Cowch, I’d happily let the calories go straight to my thighs and run an extra kilometre on the treadmill…it’s that good!!

Mr Fitz’s Ice cream – Fortitude Valley, Southbank – Once you’ve devoured the desserts at Cowch in Southbank just walk across the road and you’ll stumble upon Mr Fitz Ice cream a.k.a paradise! Mr Fitz is a traditional ice cream parlour that specialises in handmade ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. Yes that’s right, ice cream sandwiches……. just let that sink in…..ice cream sandwiches *drool*. Also, they have some gluten free options (yay)! For your customised creation you choose two cookie flavours, ice cream for the centre and toppings to finish the masterpiece. It can be a messy eating process but it’s so worth it. If that isn’t your thang, Mr Fitz also do soft serves and have a wide range of ice cream flavours. These include Nutella, Chocolate, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Peanut Butter & jelly and Passionfruit Mojito, just to name a few. Their signature milkshakes are another great option with flavour combinations you may be hesitant to try but you’ll be glad that you did!

Treat yo self. xx

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