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Owner – Danielle Chirio

Boutique Website –

Blog Website –

Opening Hours –

Mon-Wed 10-6

Thursday 10-7

Friday 10-6

Saturday 10-4

Address – Shop 5, 51 Sherwood rd

Toowong, 4066, QLD

When did Rochadames boutique open its doors and what was your motivation to open your own boutique?

Rochadames opened late November, 2010. It was a really exciting (and scary) venture for me. I’d worked in retail for great companies like Sportsgirl since I was 14 but never really saw it as a career goal. However, when I went into fashion design and wholesale fashion I really missed the customer interaction. As much as I love spending my days with gorgeous clothes, it’s really the girls coming in that make me love my job so much.

The name Rochadames definitely stands out! How did you come about naming your blog and boutique?

I was originally going to call the store Kult Boutique but after a bit of confusion with people thinking it was a gothic clothing store I thought a change of name might be a good idea. Rochadames (pronounced rock-a-dames) came about when I was trying to decide on a fashion label name a few years ago. I was on Facebook and noticed a friend had changed his surname to be hyphenated as Rochas-Adames. I misread it as Rochadames and just thought it was a really cool name that leaves meaning open to the imagination. I asked his permission, he said he would be flattered and the rest is history.

What designers do you currently stock, and what designers seem to be your best sellers?

Currently we have Nookie, Cameo, Style Stalker, Evil Twin, Somedays Lovin, Millie Loves Min and Indiana by Freda in store. We have many more gorgeous labels coming throughout the year such as Joveeba, One Teaspoon, Kuku, Blessed are the Meek and The Story Of.

(cont..) Style Stalker is definitely one of our best sellers. Their past few collections have been very trend driven and I love that they offer girls a high fashion look for a reasonable price.

One of my personal favorite labels is ‘Indiana By Freda’. It’s an amazing label out of Melbourne that incorporates a lot of beautiful prints and hand-dyed fabrics. Their collections have a real bohemian goddess vibe that I think is so perfect for Queensland girls.

Your blog showcases your inspiration and love of fashion. Is there anyone that you look to for style inspiration?

It’s a bit cliché but I do love the Olsen twins. After spending the majority of their childhood in matching outfits I think it’s so great to see that they both have such a strong individual sense of style, and they’re not afraid to have fun with fashion.

Nicole Richie is another person who I admire style wise. Her personal style has evolved so drastically over the past few years. We’ve seen her evolve from a trashy teenager flashing her bits at catwalk shows into a fabulous style icon and fashion designer. I think it’s inspiring because it shows that style isn’t necessarily something you’re born with.. It’s something we develop with age as we become more comfortable and confident in ourselves.

What considerations do you take in when choosing and buying the next season collections?

I think since the financial crisis that price remains a big issue. We don’t pull out our money as fast as we used to, so if something is a higher price point I want it to be a ‘must have’ piece that the girls die for.

Fashion trends are another big thing. The general feel of Rochadames is city girl meets boho babe, but I do try to incorporate trends that I have seen on the catwalk or that seem to be really having an effect on street style overseas.


What type of girl do you find browsing the racks at Rochadames?

Toowong is a really diverse area and being such a new store I don’t think we have a certain ‘type’ yet. But all my customers so far from regulars to girls who walk in from the street have just been really cool girls. They’re confident, friendly and they all love to have a good gossip and giggle.

If I had to describe an ideal Rochadames girl though, she’d be the type of girl who gets excited when she finds out the new Russh or Vogue has hit the stands or stays up all night scouring fashion blogs. She dresses for herself and not others, and knows that when she looks great she feels amazing.

With the cooler months ahead, what trends do you see for the winter season?

Leather jackets have been big for a few years now and I think designers this season have really upped their game in the style stakes by making them a lot more trend based such as the big aviator style jackets, and really making an emphasis on new shapes and embellishments so the customer can justify another jacket. We’re also (cont..) going to be seeing a lot of leather detailing whether it be on collars or cuffs, and leather pants are definitely still making a comeback.

We’re lucky to have a warmer winter then our southern counterparts because sheer fabrics are also going to be huge and with our warmer climate we can get away with minimal layering.

Color wise khaki is definitely hanging around for another season, and we’re starting to see bursts of mustard and navy which I love. And don’t pack away your leopard print just yet, because it’s definitely going to still be around for another season or two!

Are there any sales or special offers available for shoppers at Rochadames?

We currently have up to 60% off on our summer stock online and in store to make way for our amazing new winter pieces! Another exciting promotion that we’re going to be offering at our Toowong store is 10% off for all students in the month of March.


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