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She’s classy with a bit of sass, unique and on-trend simultaneously, and quirky without confusion. She’s Claire Nada, brains and beauty behind Brisbane blog Fashion’s Sweethart, her four-year-old passion project.

Fashion’s Sweethart was born in 2008 and reborn in 2010 after the blogs cyberspace readership fought back against Claire’s apparent absence from the website that she thought had “burned and died.”  However this gal’ was wrong, and within no time Fashion’s Sweethart, or “new addiction” as it’s affectionately nicknamed, returned with Claire and her constantly changing hair back in action, connecting with designers, photographers, makeup artists and industry people, consistently building the network of creatives she works with today.

Slowly her connections and constant networking flourished into collaborations with a number of local labels including Evelyn Curtis, Nicki Derrick, Jessica Tovey The Label and House Of Cards, all of whom have helped build Fashion’s Sweethart beautiful content. The blog has grown so much that in a recent post, Claire welcomed new clickers from Poland and Ukraine to the ever-growing posse of local and international readers.

So, how does each post come together, and what is the collaboration process like you may ask? Claire said the collaboration process often begins with a chance meeting at a social event or creative place and is followed by consistent flattery from both parties until a collaboration is inevitably scheduled.

“Sometimes I’ll be at a fashion show or marketplace and spot a new designer who awakens my inspiration fairy and I decide I simply have to collaborate with them. Other times I’m approached by the designer and we bounce some ideas around before deciding if our images mesh together well.”

Claire said the best part about the working relationship is when she is able to create and carry out her creative vision with complete freedom. “I love when a designer will let me just run with an idea I have for a shoot. It makes the project so much more alluring,” she said.

A recent shoot with clothing label Along Came Poppet was exactly that. It began with the stylish bloggers ‘Where the Wild Thing are’ concept and culminated into a fantastical series of images adorned with facial whiskers, a DIY “wild things” crown, sequins, ruffles, free-flowing silhouettes and the most perfect moss green bushland.



“It was her clothes, my choice of team and my creative direction that resulted in my final product,” Claire said of the project that is the first of three instalments with Brisbane based designer Cat Mapusua.

When asked where her inspiration comes from Claire said books and films, coupled with the sight of a stylish stranger, are her biggest source of creative stimulation for scheduled shoots with designers and her own sense of style that she describes as “energetic,” “feminine” and “classic upturned.”

A style that fits perfectly into the Brisbane blogging community that Claire loves for its causal vibe and inclusive way of being.

“Brisbane is different to other cities in the sense that I believe the “blogger-sphere” hasn’t quite made it here yet… and therefore it’s a nice party anecdote that I’m a blogger and its not seen as some big prestigious thing,” she said.

“I love that I can mix and mingle with photographers, makeup artists, designers, models, hair stylists and other bloggers at events that may not require a gold ticket invitation.” Claire said that even when she is invited to an event, it is almost always suitable and accessible to her non-blogger friends, a feat that is perhaps not so apparent within the fashionable blogging hubs of Sydney and Melbourne.

As to weather or not the blog is profitable Claire said Fashion’s Sweethart is solely a passion-filled hobby, although at one stage it had been financially sustainable through official partnerships and affiliations with brands before the pressure of keeping the blog lucrative took its toll on her creativity. At that stage Claire reverted the blog back to its fundamental onus and now relishes in the fact that she is “making magic” purely for enjoyment with her creative teams.

You can visit Claire and her journey with Fashion’s Sweethart at or make like the Brisbane blogger and celebrate everything that Brisbane has to offer with Claire’s top picks to eat, drink and play around the city.


Dinner: Libertine, Petrie Terrace

Tea: French Twist, Bulimba

Brunch: Spring, Brisbane City

Tapas: Ole, Southbank


Cocktails: Cloudland, Fortitude Valley

Tea: The Tea Centre, Brisbane City


Picnic: Roma Street Parklands

Dance: Alfred & Constance, Fortitude Valley

Market: The Young Designers Market, Southbank


All images from


Photography Credits

offbeat imaging

Carlos Mayenco

Make-up Artist Credits

Molly Dunkle – dunkle authentic

Haley Mcgregor – Hayley Mcgregor Makeup Artistry



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