Bean. And The Bunker Boutique

posted by Danielle Lewis February 20, 2012 0 comments

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There are two kinds of people… the kind that TALK about doing stuff, and the kind that ACTUALLY DO that stuff.

Brisbane boys Justin, Dave, Matt and Jordan are the second kind of people.

Everyone talks about how Brisbane needs cooler laneways, indie boutiques and hide-away coffee shops… but the % of those people actually opening them or supporting them is quite low.

Dave and Jordan have put these thoughts into action and opened a combined fashion boutique and coffee shop hidden down one of the laneways at 181 George St in Brisbane City.


Bean. And The Bunker Boutique. Visit their website, Like them on Facebook – but more importantly go in and say hi!


I paid them a little visit yesterday and was thoroughly impressed! The coffee was sensational (I am a coffee addict so can appreciate a well made coffee), I got to browse The Bunker Boutique while I waited and then had a nice little spot to sit in the sun and relax for 5 minutes before going back to work.

Kudos to these Brisbane lads!


If you are reading this while you sitting slaving away at your desk in the city – I formally give you permission* to stop work and go and check them out!

*My permission counts for nothing. I will not be held liable for any job losses due to coffee outings.


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