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Barre Body Comes To Brisbane

posted by Gabi Tang April 2, 2016 1 Comment
Barre Body Brisbane | Brisbane Threads

I sucked at ballet as a child. Clumsy, short-sighted, and in no way flexible…it was a short-lived life as a ballerina. Recently ballet-style fitness has resurged as the hottest new fitness trend with numerous celebrities touting it as responsible for their toned, slim physiques. It has finally made its way to Brisbane and after hearing about it, I was intrigued so jumped on the opportunity to check out the new Barre Body Brisbane studio in the CBD!

After discovering the incredible fitness and body sculpting benefits of barre work while pregnant, Emma Seibold opened her first Barre Body studio in Sydney in 2012 with her husband Matt. Since then they have opened six more studios across Sydney and Melbourne before selecting Brisbane as the location of their eighth studio. Recently opened, Barre Body is conveniently located in the CBD on Charlotte St and classes combine barre, ballet, Pilates, yoga and light weight work for an all-round workout.

After walking up the stairs with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, I found myself in a gorgeous sunlit open studio with three long barres setup in front of a mirrored wall with yoga mats placed behind them, along with a pair of light dumbbells and a small ball. After placing my things in a cubby in the change room, I sat down on a mat along with the other very fit looking attendees. Emma then introduced herself and explained the concept of barre fitness; her enthusiasm and love for it was evident!  She then got straight into the class, demonstrating the moves at the front as we all followed and attempted to mimic her.Barre Body Brisbane | Brisbane ThreadsDuring the half hour class we went through a series of moves including plies, leg lifts, arm work with and without weights, planks, downward dog poses and ab work such as Russian twists using the ball. It was well paced, fast without being unmanageable, and I was surprised that I worked up quite the sweat! My glutes got one hardcore workout and at several points there were some very audible groans around the room. I was glad when we got to the cool down and started to stretch – my aching muscles certainly needed it!

After the class we were treated to healthy, delicious fresh juices and chia puddings from Pressed Juices. We were also surprised with gifts from Lululemon – an environmentally-friendly glass water bottle and a small towel which was perfect to mop up all the sweat! Oh the perks of going to a launch event!

I really loved my first barre workout and definitely plan on returning to do more classes. The class really incorporated a fantastic variety of moves and worked out all my muscles. It’s perfect for people of any fitness level and I can see how you could end up with an amazing body after regular classes – I’m sure that one class alone did wonders for my butt!Barre Body Brisbane | Brisbane ThreadsYou can check out Barre body Brisbane here, and view the complete timetable here.

Have you tried a barre workout before? There are a number of studios popping up around Brisbane right now, so be sure to pop into your local one and try a class if you’re keen to see what barre is all about. Barre Body Brisbane | Brisbane Threads

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