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Spotlight On: AlcieMay Designs

posted by Sushma Waller August 12, 2016 0 comments

There’s no denying that us Brisbane girls take our swimwear seriously. These few short weeks of winter certainly aren’t enough to dampen our spirits. Regardless of when our bodies finally make their reappearance after winter hibernation, you can be assured that we’ll be doing so in style in some AlcieMay gear.

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My Plate Clean Treats

posted by Sushma Waller June 7, 2016 0 comments

Here in sunny Queensland we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a long hot summer, but now the time has come. Winter is just around the corner and for us that means one thing; less days spent at the beach and more time on the couch cozying up with Netflix. It’s time to say goodbye to living in our bikinis, and hello to jeans and oversized jumpers.

There’s no denying that with winter, comes a whole lot more temptation. It’s certainly easier to opt for indulgent comfort foods instead of a salad on those cooler evenings. Lucky for us, My Plate Clean Treats is here to make the temptation more of a ‘thing’. Opting for one of My Plate’s creations is a way we can all indulge this winter, completely guilt free!

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