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The Felton Food Festival – A Must Do

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You might have heard people harping on about the “know your farmer” movement lately. Cafes with quirky hand drawn signs spout things about reducing the distance between the source to the table, people flock to weekend markets to stuff their baskets with produce, and the word ‘organic’ is about as popular on menus as smashed avocado on toast. It certainly conjures up images of food being delivered by a cheery farmer in overalls but is saying that we know our farmers just another nonsense platitude?

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A Wellness Guide To Brisbane | Brisbane Threads

A Wellness Guide To Brisbane

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There are some days when you wake-up with golden light streaming in through your window and a forecast of expansive blue skies, and you just know that it is going to be a fresh and beautiful day. It’s that kind of feeling- a wholesome, fresh feeling- that a lifestyle of health and wellness is all about. It goes far beyond including fruit and vegetables in your diet and is much more to do with chasing the feeling of vitality and colour.

This is all well and good for the lucky ones who have the time to frolic in the wilderness and spend their days tending vegetable gardens and doing yoga in the park, but a little harder for us mere mortals who struggle through life fuelling our bodies on coffee and doughnuts.

Frankly it can be a little difficult, and there is certainly nothing ‘well’ about beating yourself up, whether over a missed workout (or ten) or a sneaky cookie binge, whilst striving towards having a healthy lifestyle. Always be kind to yourself, know that there isn’t such a thing as the perfect body and be aware that sometimes having a brownie is as healthy and essential as getting a grip on an exercise routine.

With that said, Brisbane is making it easy to be your best and healthiest self. Our little city on the river is no longer just a mecca for the burger and the beer fanatics, but a veritable source of the green and good. Just take a peek at Instagram and you’ll find that acai bowls and green smoothies are creating a colourful patchwork of health across the city. No longer content with the sluggish slowness that comes with tense muscles and hungover skin, more Brisbanites are treating themselves with purifying facials, bites of protein and cleansing hot yoga sessions.

To make a hard job just a little bit easier, here is a guide to some of Brisbane’s best wellness hot spots. From a zen-inspired experiences to leafy green eats, Brisbane has it all and we want you to know about them!

Healthy on the InsideA Wellness Guide To Brisbane | Brisbane ThreadsBotanica-Red Hill With a gorgeous interior and a selection of salads that will make eating healthy seem like a joy, Botanica will be a regular stop on your journey to good health. Not a place to dish up salads that will have your tummy growling within the hour, Botanica serves up a colourful smorgasbord of filling and delicious vegetarian delights.

Pineapple express-Portside WharfSuperfoods don’t have to be boring, and Pineapple Express proves that over and over again with it’s Insta-worthy meals. Full of colour and elusive superfoods, a meal at Pineapple Express will inject a little wellness into your everyday.

Miss Bliss-West EndWanting to stuff your face with blocks upon blocks of chocolate but trying to resist? Head to Miss Bliss Wholefoods Kitchen for one of their chewy protein balls or take a seat and order a bliss bowl, seed loaf or cacao hot chocolate.

Coco Bliss- Paddington – Juices, smoothies and guilt free treats take precedence at Coco Bliss- it’s the perfect place to pick up a healthy vegan, raw and refined sugar free snack to help you tackle 3.30itis.  

Paleo cafe-Multiple locations ‘Eat clean, Live lean’ is the motto that is embodied at the Paleo Cafe which (obviously) serves up paleo food. With breakfast, lunch and snacks on the menu, this little cafe is in both Paddington and North Lakes for you Paleo fiends.

Sourced Grocer-Newstead Sourced Grocer is the home of wholesome and healthy foods to eat in or take away. You might have to elbow the yummy mummies out of the way but it’s worth it for the famed and acclaimed avocado smash.

Just Relax, Don’t stress!

Just Float- Brisbane CBDFloating therapy is the latest form of relaxation therapy to pop up in Brisbane. It works by reducing sensory information through floating in a tank of warm water and epsom salt. It has been credited with helping with stress relief, muscle tension, meditation and pure relaxation; it’s basically an all round health solution. If you’re curious or just need some serious R&R, don’t go flying off to the dead sea just yet because Just Float in Queen St is a good option.

Endota Spa- Multiple LocationsTreat yo’ self girlfriend! The Endota spa branch is all over Brisbane and offers a range of treatments, massages and packaged deals. Relaxation, deep tissue and hot stone massages are all on offer to relax those hunched computer-shoulders we loathe.

Stephanies Spa retreat- Multiple LocationsThere is almost no greater day than a day spent at a spa retreat. When your body resembles a knotty minefield of pain, a day at the spa can have you supple and moving again. So really, it’s a pretty necessary thing, right? The Divine Princess Ritual with a rose petal foot exfoliation, Indian face, neck and scalp massage and foot reflexology sounds like a treatment that was made just for us.

Dome Spa Retreat- Marriott Hotel Like a day-cation, spending some time at the Dome Spa retreat will have you glowing and back on your feet in no time. Situated in the Marriott Hotel, the Lomi Lomi massage will have you confused about the fact you are in Brisbane and not stretched out on a hot sandy beach in Hawaii.

Stretch it, Strengthen itA Wellness Guide To Brisbane | Brisbane Threads Cue Yoga Studio- Red Hill Touted as Brisbane’s premier yoga studio, Cue studio is the place to get out those Lululemon tights and Lorna Jane crop tops that you dropped a couple of hundred dollars on. Cue has a lot of different classes for different skill levels; from the basic beginners class through to a class called ‘Burn’ for more experienced Yogi’s among us.

Revive studios- Ashgrove If you’re looking for a wellness related class, anything from barre pilates to Back to Ballet, there is a good chance that revive studio in Ashgrove has it.

Yoga Door- New Farm – Brisbane’s home to Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, this James St yoga studio is perfect for gaining strength while also developing a new way of thinking and relaxing. Plus, bonus points for you if you ride there along the new riverside pathway.

Q Pilates- Sherwood & JindaleeOffering clinical, reformer, mat and barre pilates at both locations, Q is a boutique group of well-equipped, professional pilates studios. Passionate about rehabilitation, Q pilates is the place to go if your looking for specialised care.

Studio Pilates International- EverywhereThe McDonalds of Pilates studios, these guys have branches all over the city. That doesn’t mean they’re low quality but rather, very accessible. Inspiring, safe, intense and the perfect escape, these are the qualities Studio Pilates aim to infuse into their studios.

 Zen hot yoga and pilates- SherwoodAnother Sherwood gem (some pretty damn stretchy and strong people must live in the area!), Zen offers the very popular hot yoga as well as pilates classes.

Stretch Yoga – Holland Park – There’s nothing quite like a zen yoga session in a gorgeous study with a crisp white wall adorned with plants boxes. Stretch yoga is a favourite among locals on the south side of the city, and they even do sessions especially for pregnant women.

And Some Free Options…A Wellness Guide To Brisbane | Brisbane ThreadsGo for a walk up Mt.Cootha A nicely sloping track that will have you huffing and puffing just the right amount. Only a couple of minutes out of Toowong, you will feel like you have stepped away from the hustle of the city and into the relaxing presence of nature.

Peek around the Epicurious garden in South Bank Learn how your produce grows and spend a couple of hours languishing on the green grass of the Epicurious garden. Nothing quite like sitting amongst the aromas of herbs and spices growing from the ground.

Swap supermarket for a farmers market Swap the aisles for the outdoors and pick up your fruit, veg and bread at one of the many gorgeous markets around Brisbane. Make sure you take a big basket and wrap yourself in a scarf for those frosty mornings. You can see a full list of Brisbane’s best farmers markets here.

Long chats with friends almost always helpSometimes a long chat over a good cup of coffee will do as much good for the soul as an hour long pilates class. Friendships are key to living a healthy life!

What would you include in a Wellness Guide to Brisbane? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, via email or over on our social channels.


Ekka 2015: 9 Things You Shouldn’t Miss

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What other time of year can you spin around on colourful rides, stuff your face with strawberry sundaes and edge children out of the way to squeal over tiny pink piglets. That’s right folks, It’s Ekka Time! This and year’s show promises to be bigger and better than ever. Not just lights and action (although the Transformers will be making an entrance), The Ekka is also a chance for us city slickers to get a taste of regional Australian life and see where our produce comes from. A celebration of all things Queensland, our prediction is that this year’s Ekka is going to dazzle come August 7! Here are ten things not to miss at this years Royal Queensland Show.

1. Pat-a-Pig

An experience guaranteed to at least make you reconsider your bacon consumption, this activity is pretty self explanatory. These little guys are sure to put a smile on your face! If you can’t get enough of the pigs, you can also see them in action at the Heritage Bank Racing Pigs event where they jump, fly, and race their little trotters off.

2. Meet Bilby and Friends

When your voice box has recovered from squealing over aforementioned adorable piggies, head down to learn a little more about some of our fuzzy (and not so fuzzy) Australian native wildlife. The star of this live animal show is undoubtedly the Bilby so go down and say Hi!

3. Eat a Strawberry Sundae

Approximately ten tonnes of strawberries go into the Ekka’s famous strawberry sundaes each year. With vanilla and strawberry ice cream, fresh cream, a crunchy wafer cone, and juicy Australian sundaes, this is one treat not to be missed. Profits from the sundaes also go towards the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, so really it would be rude not to!

4. Country Legend James Blundell LIVE

Born and bred in Queensland, James Blundell is a big deal in Australian country music. So pop that akubra on and get in touch with your (perhaps secret) love of country music because James Blundell will be taking the stage at the Energex Community Arena at this years Ekka.

5. Natural Fibres fashion parades presented by Cotton Australia

One of the most anticipated and iconic events of the Ekka. Celebrate Queensland grown natural fibres (see ya later polyester!) with this years Ekka fashion parades presented by Cotton Australia. Australia’s top designers come together in this circus themed extravaganza to present their latest Spring/Summer collections made with wool, cotton, silk, and other natural fibres.

6. Dinosaur Adventures

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Nobody, that’s who! At this years Ekka, take a trip back in time when dinosaurs roamed across our earth. Pretend you’re a palaeontologist, in Jurassic park or just Ross from Friends, and learn a little bit about the toothy guys who came before us.

7. Buy a showbag

Remember the days of begging your parents for a bag filled with sugary, colourful treats that left you buzzing around like a mini-tornado? Well those days are over because you’re a grown-up and you can buy the biggest, most expensive show bag you want! You can’t go past the classic Cadbury show bag but did you know that Elle, Marie Claire and Model Co all do show bags packed full of make up, toiletries and tasty treats.

8. Eat some award winning cheese

Cheese. That has won awards for being especially delicious. Need I say more?

9. Wood chop and Sawing

Yeah, I know. Wood chopping is such a bore. Wrong! Muscly men, acts of great strength and break-neck competition, wood chopping is actually very entertaining. For over 100 years, Australians have gathered to watch the precision and power that the competitors bring every year. Don’t miss out, head over to the APPEA woodchopping arena at this years Ekka.

Ekka 2015 | Brisbane ThreadsEke 2015 is on from August 7 to 16th at the For more information including program locations and time, head over to courtesy of the RNA.

85 Miskin Street Degustation | Brisbane Threads

Where? 85 Miskin Street, that’s where!

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Who knew that ensconced within the, let’s face it, rather dull streets of suburban Brisbane lies an unassuming and very special beacon of fine dining.

85 Miskin St, the brainchild of the very passionate owner Brent Farrell, has been dancing across diner’s palates for over ten years. With each plate carefully laid out with innovative ingredients, artful presentation and an astounding level of care, 85 Miskin St is batting with the big guys of the CBD.

Winning a one hat award at the 2014/2015 Good Food Guide awards, 85 Miskin St is known for providing not just a meal, but an experience of sophistication and excellence. The restaurant offers an eight course classic degustation, a popular four course breakfast degustation and a delicious à la carte menu.

And for the rest of the month of July, 85 Miskin st will also be offering a special 10th anniversary degustation that showcases the very best dishes from the last ten years.

The anniversary menu starts with a deliciously savoury wild mushroom cappuccino with a delicate foam, and a seafood bisque with a lick-your-plate rouille sauce. It then crescendos with a perfectly cooked confit duck and a braised beef cheek served with truffle oil potatoes.

The dish of the evening comes last with the  gorgeous black forest floor dessert. A perfectly deconstructed take on a classic black forest cake, a chocolate cannoli perched atop a forest floor of chocolate soil, pistachio moss, and cherry marshmallow mushrooms with mud cake stalks. It was almost too magical to eat.

And the best part is that this fine dining experience is only $60, or $95 with matched wines. With only seven days left of this special anniversary menu, be sure not to miss out.

Regional Flavours | Brisbane Threads

Regional Flavours 2015

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The Regional Flavours festival hits South Bank for another year this weekend with a bigger, tastier celebration of food and flavour. Queensland’s finest providores will be displaying delicious produce from all over the state, from chewy Nougat by the Australian Nougat Company to farm fresh avocados from Apthorpe farm. There is nothing better than fresh, local produce! 

This event is so much more than a food festival as it celebrates and pays tribute to the beautiful food and produce that comes out of our state. Be prepared to be astounded by the quality of the fruits and vegetables on display by our famers and learn a little more about how to grow them yourself in the special Epicurious Garden. 

Of course such a delicious and special event is going to reel in some famous faces. This years Regional Flavours is hosting Masterchef’s own Matt Preston, The Living Room’s Miguel Maestre, famed food journalist Kate Gibbs and Paul West from River Cottage. Brush the flour off your cookbook for a signing, attend a masterclass, or expand your culinary knowledge at an Eat-Show-Tell; there are so many ways to rub shoulders with your favourite foodie. 

Not only are they bringing in stall after stall of delicious treats but all of your favourite South Bank fare will be in on the action too. Little Stanley and Grey Street restaurants will be offering up special market-style dishes. Perfect to have a couple (or a more!) tasting plates. And if you’re not too stuffed with that, Brisbane’s food truck fleet will be there in force too. 

If you want to learn more about this weekends festival then head to for the full event program and map. 

This is a free event and will be in full swing both Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th. Enjoy! 

Regional Flavours | Brisbane Threads Regional Flavours | Brisbane Threads Regional Flavours | Brisbane Threads Regional Flavours | Brisbane Threads Regional Flavours | Brisbane Threads
Brisbane Date Ideas | Brisbane Threads

Nine Fun Dates In Brisbane

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So you’ve met someone who sets your heart aflutter and made it through the palm sweating, I’m-gonna-throw-up terror of asking them out on a date. In days of old, taking your potential love buddy out to a romantic dinner and a movie would have perfectly sufficed. Now, if you don’t watch the sunset from an abandoned rooftop, break into a swimming pool, get jostled together at an underground gig and be interrupted mid-kiss at least once, then your date is written off as a complete snore-fest.

Okay, so maybe the ideal first date doesn’t have to include crime and potential arrest, but let’s all admit that just going out to dinner can feel slightly tired and often awkward. You’re a cool cat, so take that bearded boy or bespectacled indie girl of your dreams out on date that reflects that. Need some ideas? Here are nine quirky, cool and fun dates in Brisbane for your Wes Anderson loving, coffee-bean-snorting, hipster crush.

Brisbane Date Ideas | Brisbane Threads

The Food Truck Date- Everywhere – There’s no denying that food trucks are oh-so-cool right now. Chowing down on a plate of pasta in a restaurant? Borrrring. Sitting kerbside and sharing a plate of pasta from The Pasta Cruiser? You may as well open up your calendar and pencil that second date in right now. If slurping up a bowl of pasta in front of your date makes you squirm, try some saucy wings at King of the Wings, inject some spice with huevos rancheros at Oi Taco or embrace the buns at The Bun Mobile. For more Brisbane food trucks, see our ultimate guides here, here and here.

The Star Gazing Date- Brisbane Planetarium and Mt. Cootha – What could be more romantic than straining your neck muscles and taking part in some good old fashion star gazing. Excuse me whilst I geek out for a second here but the Brisbane Planetarium is awesome. With reclining chairs and shows that take you through the galaxy and beyond, what could be cuter than clutching your dates hand whilst being whisked through the stars. Much cooler than just heading to a movie, and you can end your date by looking at the real starry sky at the Mt. Cootha viewpoint. Extra points if you pack a thermos of tea or hot chocolate.

The Beer Date- Green Beacon Brewing Co. – I like beer, you like beer, we all like beer! For a quirky spin on the standard drinks date, heading to a micro-brewery will score you major points if your date is a beer lover. Taste a flight of beers or just stick to one, if your date falls flat you will at least be a little tipsy and you can always chat about which of the beers you like best.

The Coffee Date- Irving Place, Brisbane CBD – So you’ve heard of spooning (or forking), but you might not have heard of cupping. Once a week, Irving Place puts on a cupping which gives you the chance to taste a range of filter coffees and espressos. The perfect date to impress the coffee snob, attending a cupping session means that you can pass off those first date jitters on the caffeine and you even get to see your date spit (it worked for Jack and Rose, just sayin’).

The Cooking Class Date- James St Cooking School – It’s about time you learnt to cook something other than toast or two-minute noodles and what better way to do that than take a wine-fuelled cooking class with your date. Tie up those apron strings, smudge a bit of flour on your face (rom-com style), and turn up those flames.Yes, it’s a little pricey at $145 pp. but you are basically ensuring your date falls madly in love with you. But for the love of all things holy, please don’t spoon feed your date; your fellow classmates came to eat food, not throw it up.

The Intellectual Date- The Brisbane Powerhouse – Hopefully your conversational repertoire extends beyond cat videos and donuts because this date is where you will have to dig deep and dish some smart talk. The Brisbane Powerhouse is always hosting philosophers, adventurers, comedians and artists of all kinds. The perfect date to inspire conversations and hopefully a little cheery argument. Afterwards, fuel the intellectual fire and have a nightcap of port or tumbler of whiskey. And if you find out your date doesn’t believe in global warming, run for the hills my friend.

The Pretend-you’re-in-New-York Date- The Bowery and The South Side Diner – Let’s just all agree that New York is pretty much superior in every way and that on occasion, it’s fun to do away with Brisbane and pretend we live on the smoky, bustling streets of the big apple. This date calls for you to pull out that “I Heart New York” shirt you never wear, pop on a pair of elastic waisted pants, and make an appointment with your GP for a general heart health check. Reminiscent of a New York dive bar, head to the Bowery for a tipple and a chat. Next frolic over to The South Side diner for a burger and fries. Finish the night off with a slice of pie. Bonus points if you can keep an American accent going the whole night. Have fun y’all.

The Wintertime Date – Ice Skating, and a drink at Bitter Suite – Winter: the perfect excuse to pull on that bobble hat and snuggle a little closer to your date. As long as you stay on your feet, ice skating is a super fun activity to do on your date. And even if you fall on your butt, at least you will have your skating-buddy to pick you up and dust you off. Warm up those frosty fingers afterwards with a delicious wintery beverage. Bitter Suite in New Farm is offering favourites like hot buttered rum, mulled wine and bourbon hot chocolate.

The Sugar High Date- Doughnut Time, I Heart Brownies, and Donut Boyz – Another opportunity to pull out those elastic pants, this date should come with a warning. Please don’t take someone with a low sugar tolerance on this date, you might actually kill them. Start the night with a decadent Nutella-filled doughnut from Fortitude valley favourite, doughnut time. If you’re really serious about this sugary date, top it off with a Nutella hot chocolate. Mosey down to I Heart Brownies in Bakery Lane and choose from one of their specialty brownies. End the night (and possibly your good health), with another doughnut from the new kid on the block, The Donut Boyz. Don’t blame me if at this point you hurl on the pavement.Brisbane Date Ideas | Brisbane Threads

So, help the lovers out – where’s your favourite place to take a date in Brisbane, or what’s the best date you’ve been on in town? We’d love to hear from you!

Meat Meets Whiskey | Brisbane Threads

Che Asado X Cobbler- Meat Meets Whiskey

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Prior to last Thursday, my only experience with whiskey involved a very reluctant sip out of a bottle of Jack Daniels at a party. I remember the guys in the group chuckling as the stuff burned like fire down my throat and made my face scrunch up (attractively, I’m sure) with disgust. It tasted akin to licking a barbecue; smoky with a side of petrol.

I quickly filed it away in the I’m-never-touching-that-stuff-again box where it sat for years alongside it’s exiled buddies, oysters and celery. Whiskey became something that rusty sailors and cigar smoking executives swigged to warm the cockles of their cold hearts.

Which is why when I was invited to attend Che Asado’s and Cobbler’s event Meat Meets Whiskey, I shoved the flashbacks of ingesting the fire-liquid all those years ago into the back of my mind.

Che Asado, situated on Little Stanley street in South Bank, is well known for it’s lively atmosphere, open-air dining, and dedication to serving up flavourful, soulful dishes. Championing the Argentinian Asado, which is essentially a glorious event dedicated to the consumption of delicious meat that has been grilled over an open flame, this is the place to take your carnivorous partner or meat loving amigos.

Partnering up with West End whiskey and cocktail bar Cobbler, the plan was simple. There would be three courses paired with five (super fancy) distiller’s edition whiskeys. From the very first pairing of a palatable whiskey from the Oban distillery and a pulled beef cheek, green olive and free range egg empanada, I was hooked. The whiskey didn’t mask the salty, spicy flavours of the empanada but gave them a new depth.

The second and third courses solidified this new appreciation, as they paired two of the smokier whiskeys with a stunning board of roasted New England lamb shoulder and a charcoal grasped vacio chimichurri.

And who knew that whiskey could complement a dessert so well!? By the time the last course of the night was served, an Alfajores (a delicious Argentinian cookie) with a side of Dulce De Leche Ice-cream and honeycomb, I was completely down with the whole whiskey thing. I could drink that stuff like delicious, belly-warming water (okay, maybe not but you get the picture).

Now it’s your turn.

On the 16th of July, Che Asado will be holding another Meat Meets Whiskey hosted by Martin Lange, owner of Cobbler and Simon Gelling, head chef of Che Asado.

For $120 pp, you will receive 3 courses of Argentinian Inspired Meat dishes, rare whiskey tastings and House Beer and Wine.

There are limited spaces available, so you’ll need to make a booking: Call phone 0403 419 339 or email [email protected]

Meat Meets Whiskey | Brisbane Threads Meat Meets Whiskey | Brisbane Threads Meat Meets Whiskey | Brisbane ThreadsMeat Meets Whiskey | Brisbane Threads Meat Meets Whiskey | Brisbane Threads Meat Meets Whiskey | Brisbane Threads

Sunnybank Food Trail | Brisbane Threads

Gather Your Loose Change, The Sunnybank Food Trail Is Back

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With so many delicious dishes out there just waiting to tantalise our taste buds, sometimes choosing just one thing to grace our dinner plates with is a bit too difficult a task. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have just a little bit of everything thats on a menu? The best we can hope for is a sneaky bite (or two!) from our dining companions.

That is until now. This Saturday the 20th June brings the winter edition of the 2015 Sunnybank Food Trail.

The ultimate self-guided foodie adventure, 30 participating vendors on the Sunnybank Trail will open their doors and offer up their tasty bites for only $2 a pop. Focusing heavily on oriental cuisines, the food trail allows you to taste and savour just a little bit of everything. Think spicy soups, crispy dumplings and sizzling chilli stir-fries.

Sunnybank Food Trail | Brisbane Threads

Last year, the Sunnybank Food Trail drew thousands of foodies and this year’s trail is set to be bigger and tastier with live entertainment, traditional lion dancers and roaming entertainment. A veritable trip around Asia for only $2 per tasting plate!

This event is FREE to attend and is perfect for the whole family! For your chance to win a $200 Sunnybank food experience to share with a friend, you can head to the Sunnybank Food Trail Facebook page at here.

You can also check out for more information and to see the official Trail Menu and Map.

Sunnybank Food Trail | Brisbane Threads

Mercure | Brisbane Threads

Eat: The Mercure Brisbane

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I don’t know about you but there is something just a little fancy about dining in a hotel. It’s the kind of fancy that makes you want to peel off those skinny jeans and put on a pretty dress. Perhaps you might even order a cocktail or a glass of wine instead of just sipping on the free tap water or the standard lemon, lime and bitters.

Featuring beautiful river views, a locally sourced menu and sexy, ambient lighting, the restaurant and bar at the Mercure Brisbane achieves that perfect level of fancy.

With the kind of menu that makes you ask the waiter to come back in five minutes because you can’t possibly decide what to have (slow cooked lamb shank!? Chinese braised pork belly?- help!), the Mercure Brisbane doesn’t fuss around with tiny portion sizes or pretentious ingredients. Instead it offers wholesome food that celebrates Australia’s love of fresh seafood, tenderly cooked meat and the innovative use of fruits and vegetables.

Perfect for a weekend date night or a wholesome after work dinner, the Mercure Brisbane brings sophisticated without prestige, making it an enjoyable affair for young and old alike. So next time you’re reaching towards that little black dress, why not head to the Mercure?

Here’s just some of the colourful array of food you can expect!

Mercure | Brisbane Threads   Mercure | Brisbane Threads

Mercure | Brisbane Threads

TRYP Brisbane | Brisbane Threads

TRYP: The Home Of Hotel Cool

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If Banksy ever came to Brisbane, I’m almost certain that he would bunk-up at the TRYP Fortitude Valley Hotel. With every floor artfully decorated by a renowned graffiti artist, this 65-room boutique hotel makes the perfect base for an inner-city break or staycation. Situated on the doorstep of Brunswick st, Chinatown, and just about everything that makes Brisbane cool, TRYP has been thoughtfully designed with the modern hipster in mind. I had the pleasure of staying at TRYP a few weekends ago and walked away pretty impressed. Here are seven reasons why you should check into TRYP this weekend (and every weekend after for that matter!).
TRYP Brisbane | Brisbane Threads
1. There is FREE in-room WiFi and it is fast. As a blogger and solid member of Gen-Y, I think it is absurd that hotels are not offering fast and free internet to their inhabitants. Mc’Donalds give you free WiFi for the price of a 50c cone for goodness sake! Luckily the people behind TRYP Fortitude Valley think this is absurd too and so, the interwebs are at your fingertips!
2. It’s Friday night and you’re getting hungry but can’t be bothered to drag your lazy hipster butt out the door for some food. Good thing that Chur Burger, one of Brisbane’s most popular burger bars, is literally downstairs. And if you really cant be bothered, they will bring it up to your room.
3. If you squint your eyes and make the room just a little blurry, the blue fluorescent lights make you feel like you are in spaceship. Who doesn’t want to feel like they are in spaceship? Nobody, that’s who.
4. Bathrooms are usually not very inspiring places. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure my bathroom has twelve species of mold growing in it. However, with matte black bathroom fixtures and a custom designed graffitied sink, TRYP Fortitude Valley makes bathrooms cool!
5. The location doesn’t get much better than this. It’s just a short walk from the heart of Fortitude Valley but is just far enough away that the Valley (as we affectionately call it) and its drunken shenanigans, so you won’t be kept awake all night.
6. Forgot your iPhone charger? Plug it into the iPhone dock on your bedside table! Forgot a book to (pretend to) read over breakfast? Pop into the little library on the second floor! Need to wash away the shame of your questionable behaviour the night before? Jump into your own personal spa and make sure you turn it up really hot! But seriously,TRYP Fortitude Valley have thought of everything that you might need.
7. TRYP‘s rooftop bar UP!, although not offering spectacular views, does offer a very well appointed cocktail list, beer selection and an array of share plates that are very tasty and best served one after the other, after the other, after the other. When you inevitably have too many beverages, all you need to do is get someone to point you in the direction of your room and five seconds later you’ll be in BED! None of that waiting in a huge line, hailing a cab nonsense (I’m getting old y’all).
So whether you’re heading to Brisbane for a short stay or are a local seeking adventure, TRYP should be on your hit-list. And if you need some inspiration on what to do while in Brisbane, check out our post on 24 Hours In Brisbane here, or download a free copy of the Insider’s Guide To Brisbane here for all our tips and tricks. Don’t forget to tag #BTinsidertip to let us know what you’re up to!
Still not convinced? Keep scrolling, you’ll be packing your bags in no time!
TRYP Brisbane | Brisbane Threads
TRYP Brisbane | Brisbane Threads
TRYP Brisbane | Brisbane Threads
TRYP Brisbane | Brisbane Threads
Here’s what you need to know:

Address: TRYP Brisbane, 14-20 Constance St, Fortitude Valley.

Prices: Rooms Start at about $169 on a Sunday night. Saturdays sit at around $190 mark and rise towards the middle of the week.


All images supplied by TRYP Brisbane.

Brisbane Threads

24 Hours To Explore Brisbane

posted by Joanna Fraser May 8, 2015 6 Comments
It’s Saturday morning and you’re heading to the airport to pick up your ‘cooler-than-thou’ friend who has flown up from Melbourne for weekend. You know, that friend who is always posting cool instagrams of local underground bars and geometric coffee art. You have defended Brisbane again and again, swearing black and blue that you don’t live in some hick country town. We have burger places! And tiny dark bars! And doughnuts! Don’t sweat it my panicked friend, I have your back. Here is your guide to having the best 24 hours in our city as you explore Brisbane.
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Saturday 9:30am– Don’t you even dare getting out of bed before 8:00 o’clock on a weekend morning. Did you know that every time someone gets out of bed early on a Saturday morning, a unicorn falls down dead?
Begin the day with breakfast at Plenty in West-End. Plenty cooks up the kind of food that brings to mind lush vegetable gardens, dappled cornfields and barefoot days running through green grass. The menu is fresh, colourful, and locally grown. If you had a less-than-wholesome Friday night, then every forkful of food you shovel into your mouth at Plenty will feel restorative and delicious. Try the poached eggs, avocado, heirloom tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella on toast if you’re after something light or if you are taking this ‘treat yo’ self’ weekend seriously then you cant go past a big stack of buttermilk pancakes.
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11:00amThe Davies Park Markets, conveniently situated adjacent to Plenty, are great for a mid-morning browse. Pick up a coffee at one of the many coffee vans, plonk yourself down and listen to a band or two when they take the stage near the river. If you’re still peckish (no judgement here), the markets have an amazing selection of food from golden potato röstis to handmade artisan doughnuts.
12:00pm Stroll up from the markets into the heart of West-End and hit up some of the indie stores that line the main street. Pop into Jet Black Cat for the coolest record selection around, peek into newly-opened Junky comics and pick up a zine and then swing past Box Vintage for a new floral dress or vintage tee. Other favourites include, The Happy Cabin for cutesy attire, Avid Bookstore for (you guessed it) books and SWOP for good quality vintage apparel.
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1:00pmWest-End has a plethora of delicious lunch time options but it’s hard to go past a pizza and a beer at local favourite, The Burrow. With woodsy interiors that transport you to a cabin in the woods, a selection of craft beers that even the most hipstery-hipster would froth over, and the main event, delicious cheesy pizzas. Oh hello, tipsy weekend lunch.
2:30pm– With the best of West-End under your belt (literally.. it’s in your belly), it’s time to walk it off. Stroll towards the city through to South Bank where you can pop into the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. With regularly changing exhibitions showcasing some truly impressive artists such as David Lynch and Michael Parekowhai, you can spend an hour or two in GOMA. Just make sure you put up at least 2-12 Instagrams of GOMA or else it never actually happened.
What To Do In Brisbane
4:00pm-Hop a bus, or an Uber, and head over to another of Brisbane’s hippest suburbs, Fortitude Valley. If you’re not a Brisbane local or you simply want to take your weekend to the next level, check into a hotel for the night. Newcomer, Tryp in Fortitude Valley, makes the swish inner city hotels look as cool as your dowdy old uncle. The decor brings to mind Brooklyn brownstones with it’s graffitied walls and industrial feel. Complete with a rooftop bar, matte black bathroom fixtures and a popular downstairs burger joint, you will get serious points with your pretentious Melbourne-dwelling friend when you check-in at Tryp.
5:00pm– With the descending sun painting Brisbane with it’s long golden rays, now is the time to head up high and check out the view. Tryp hotel’s gorgeous rooftop bar UP! has an extensive drinks menu featuring pretty signature cocktails and a good selection of beers on tap.
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6:00pm– Fortitude valley has exploded onto the Brisbane dining scene with new hip restaurants opening up every week. Chinatown entices with it’s fragrant, spicy smells, Bakery Lane beckons with it’s cool atmosphere, and how on earth can you choose which new burger place to eat at? As long as you check your fear of heart disease/obesity at the door, Miss Kay’s on George St is a winner. Wash your meal down with an ice cream sandwich and an alcoholic ginger beer.
8:00pm– Toast a day well spent at another new favourite, The Tree House. A woodsy bar with a great vibe and an even better drinks menu, The Tree House is tucked away in the newly opened Bakery Lane precinct. This bar will make all your Swiss Family Robinson dreams come true however if you’re after something with a similar vibe that is a little more ‘Club-ish’, head to Brisbane’s original hipster hangouts Ric’s Bar & Cafe, or the Black Bear Lodge.
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9:30pm– Soak up some of that alcohol with a Bacon Me Crazy (maple bacon glazed- yes please) from Doughnut Time. Heading to this popular little doughnut joint later at night runs the risk of it being closed/sold out but if it’s open, there is rarely a line. YUM. 
Sunday 8:00am– And we made it. No unicorns were killed, wholesome food was eaten, not-so-wholesome food was eaten, delicious drinks were consumed, sun-drenched views were Instagrammed, and late-night doughnuts were scoffed. If this itinerary doesn’t impress the pretentious Melbourne Hipster then he can fly right back where he came from.
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What would you did if you only had 24 hours to show the pants off Brisbane? We’d LOVE to hear from you below in the comments, or tag your social snaps with #BTinsidertip