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Get Ready For Spring With Stellar Home

posted by Jacquelyn Cox September 8, 2016 0 comments

With spring well and truly here, it’s time to spend some time and hard work on your home and do a little spring cleaning! However, when we say a “some time” we mean 5 minutes and when we say “hard work” we mean jumping onto the Stellar Home website and booking a service!

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Lyst | Brisbane Threads

Spring outfit sorted | LYST

posted by Jacquelyn Cox September 7, 2016 0 comments

With the warmer weather just around the corner, it is time to pack away those drab sweaters and bust out some fun and fresh items! Our newest clothing obsession? Lyst! With a huge range of clothing items from floaty dresses and sky-high heels, and designer brands from Balenciaga to Valentino, there is something for everyone on their website. Lyst is an amazing platforms that brings together all your favourite fashion designers and allows you to shop everything at once! We’re not ashamed to admit we’re kinda obsessed with everything… but our bank account definitely isn’t! Check out our favourite dresses that are in our shopping carts and let us know which ones are your faves.

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Sunsuper Roverfire | Brisbane Threads

Launch Master – Sunsuper Riverfire

posted by Jacquelyn Cox September 1, 2016 0 comments

The pressure! THE PRESSURE. The Sunsuper Brisbane Riverfire is just around the corner on the 24th of September 2016 and this year, the Sunsuper Riverfire team have decided to release the reigns and allow one special member of the public to “push the button” and launch this year’s spectacular fireworks display along the river!

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Officeworks Time To Write | Brisbane Threads

Come Write With Us

posted by Jacquelyn Cox August 29, 2016 0 comments

Beginning on August 29th, Officeworks is calling on all Australians to put pen to paper and join the “Time-To-Write” initiative. Recent research studies show that handwriting requires your complete physical and intellectual attention, encouraging a deeper, more lateral way of thought. Choosing to write by hand forces you to slow down and consider each individual word you write and as a result, allows you to create content you are more closely connected to. To uncover the role handwriting plays in today’s society as well as the perceived personal benefits, Officeworks have commissioned research with the Deakin University psychology department.

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Father's Day Gift Guide | Brisbane Threads

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016

posted by Jacquelyn Cox August 26, 2016 0 comments

With Father’s Day just around the corner (literally, 9 days away!) we wanted to do a round-up of some gifts your dad (or significant other!) will actually love. From skincare products to events they’ll be itching to go to, we have you covered. Check out what we’ll be getting our dads this year!

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Spotlight On: Sundays In Paris

Spotlight On: Yasmin from Sundays In Paris

posted by Jacquelyn Cox August 18, 2016 0 comments

Planning a Paris getaway? Or just want to take a moment out of your day to dream about the city of love (like us…)? We’re kind of smitten with the Instagram-worthy travel book “Sundays In Paris”. Not only is it chic and stunning to look at but it is giving us a case of the serious travel bug! We caught up with travel guide “Sundays In Paris” creator Yasmin to find out about her love for Paris, her love for Brisbane and what’s next!

Spotlight On: Sundays In Paris

Can you tell our readers a little about yourself and your background…

I grew up in Adelaide and moved to QLD to study Arts/Law at Bond University in 2010. I found myself in Paris in 2013 after studying French in Lyon as part of my Arts degree. After starting in Sundays in Paris, I moved to Brisbane where I actually work full time as a Solicitor in Banking and Finance (which I think most people don’t know!).


What inspired you to start putting together the Sundays In Paris City Guide?

I’m always on the hunt for good coffee and food when I move to new cities or travel. Being Australian I love going out for coffee and brunch on the weekend, we have such a great weekend culture here so when I moved to Lyon and found everything shut I struggled! When I moved to Paris 6 months later I was very excited about Sundays in Paris (being a bigger city lots more was open). I soon found myself talking endlessly about places to try for coffee and brunch on Sunday when my friend RJ suggested I start a website.

I was working freelance jobs at the time so I was always working from my laptop in cafes and began documenting each place on Instagram, one thing led to another and in May of this year I was lucky enough to publish it all into a book ‘ Sundays in Paris City Guide’.

Since I started the city guide in 2014, it really has developed into a community project involving people from all over the world who share the same love for Paris that I do. The project has turned Instagram followers into some of my closest friends and has allowed me to collaborative with some amazing and creative people. I’m endlessly grateful for the experience which sometimes feels like a dream!


Spotlight On: Sundays In Paris


What are your ultimate top 3 things to do/places to go/meals to eat in Paris?

  1. Coffee – the speciality coffee scene has really developed in recent years so there is now a long list of places to get a great cup of coffee but top of my list is Boot Cafe for its uniqueness. An old cobblers shop turned cafe, it’s so charming. The Hood has recently opened and is one of my favourite new spots.
  1. Food – the options are really endless when it comes to where to eat in Paris (even now on Sunday!). Ober Mama is a great place for a casual dinner, it’s definitely up there with the better options for Italian in Paris. Buvette is my go-to place for Brunch because of the croque monsieur.
  1. Wander – the best thing to do in Paris is wander. The first few months I lived in Paris I would walk endlessly around the city – make sure to visit Place des Voyages, walk along the Canal Saint Martin  (pit stop at Ten Belles for coffee) and Palais Royal for a beautiful backdrop and coffee at Café Kitsune.


How would you spend a typical Sunday in Paris?

The markets at Bastille are my first point of call in themorning. I then would normally meet friends for coffee (Fondation Café, Fragments and Boot Café are regular features). Then onto brunch, a Sunday ritual for me, I have my staple places like Holybelly, Bespoke and Buvette but I’m always on the look out for new places opening up in the city. Recent additions include the likes of Hardware Societe up in Montmatre.

Spotlight On: Sundays In Paris

Now back to our beautiful sunshine state, what are your favourite things about living in Brisbane (restaurants, shops, neighbourhoods, cafes, things to do etc)? 

I love the laidback lifestyle that comes with living in QLD. I live in Teneriffe so being close to the water and the woolstores are my favourite part about living in the neighbourhood as well as the endless list of great cafes and restaurants in close proximity.  I love being able to wake up on the weekend and visit the Powerhouse markets before jumping in the car and heading to the Sunshine beach or Mermaid beach down on the Gold Coast.


What’s next for you? 

More books, I hope! I’m looking to write a new city guide perhaps for New York or London so watch this space.


Fall in love with Paris on their Instagram here or buy your own travel guide on their website here.

The High Tea Party | Brisbane Threads
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The High Tea Party + Promo Code

posted by Jacquelyn Cox February 25, 2016 0 comments

Looking for an opportunity to catch up with your girlfriends? The High Tea Party is the perfect excuse! Held in most Australian capital cities, The High Tea Party is coming to Brisbane on the 5th and 6th of March 2016 and is being held at the luxurious Hilton Hotel on Elizabeth Street.

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