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The Producers in Brisvegas

posted by Emmy O'Neill September 15, 2017 0 comments

The world famous musical, The Producers, is on its way to Brisvegas! Produced by Savoyards Musical Company, this amateur production will run from 23 September til 7 October at the Iona Performing Arts Centre, Wynnum.

This production showcases sensational local amateur talent, the best that Brisbane has to offer; something we all should support more often! Featuring 27 performers, accompanied by a live orchestra, this production of The Producers will have audiences rolling in the aisles.

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Time To Write

posted by Emmy O'Neill September 11, 2017 0 comments

How often do we take pen to paper and just write? I mean we rarely even have to sign for using a credit card these days! I know for me there is so much disconnect from paper and pens; we are living in an all-consuming digital age. Phones, tablets, computers, e-readers… it is all screens. Can you remember when getting a pen licence was the coolest thing to happen in primary school? #ThoseWereTheDays Those glory days of papers and pens might seem like a distant memory of the past; but research by Officeworks, in partnership with Deakin University, has revealed that we should actually dust off those pen licences, get out our notebooks and start writing! Continue Reading

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Spring into bliss

posted by Emmy O'Neill September 8, 2017 2 Comments

I’ve recently had a few health issues, so along with a huge prescription medicine list I am also looking at a more holistic approach to healing. I’m combining yoga and mediation (which can be a bit of challenge with two little children in the house), I am also really focusing on what I am eating. As a coffee-loving-foodie you can image how hard it was when I heard caffeine-alcohol-gluten-sugar-dairy-meat-FREE. Like what do I eat? Well vegetables. I eat vegetables and I drink kombucha, herbal tea and those oh-so-on-trend turmeric lattes (on a nut mylk, #obvs). Continue Reading

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The Hamlet Apocalypse

posted by Emmy O'Neill August 16, 2017 0 comments

You can’t hide from live theatre. You can’t pause the show, or look on your phone, or be distracted by life. Theatre is in your face. It is live; breathing and alive.

Some pieces of theatre stick like glue to your memory. They get under your skin and almost crawl around; unable to get out, permanently living inside all of your cells. The Hamlet Apocalypse by The Danger Ensemble has well and truly got inside my head, under my skin and inside every single one of my cells! I’ve literally not been able to stop thinking about the performance since Friday night! Continue Reading

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Spotlight On: Alice Foulcher

posted by Emmy O'Neill August 14, 2017 0 comments

This morning I’m having a virtual hangout with Melbourne based actor/writer Alice Foulcher. We are talking all things, great Australian Films; (that’s right Alice & her hubby Gregory made a great Australian film), tight-ass movie budgets, making people laugh, fashion, keeping it real and of course coffee.

Alice stars in and co-wrote ‘That’s Not Me’ Film with her husband/director Gregory Erdstein. ‘That’s Not Me’ was created whilst doing an artists residency in Paris, France… sounds pretty schamncy fancy #right! Well these down-to-earth Aussies are here to show the world that a) Australians can make GREAT comedies and B) you don’t need a shit tonne of money to do it.

That’s Not Me is a tale of shattered dreams and charts the heartbreak and hope that comes from following your childhood dreams. Featuring ever so-lovely Alice Foulcher in the roles of Polly and Amy, with support from Isabel Lucas (TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN), and Richard Davies (OFFSPRING).

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The Roastery Cafe

posted by Emmy O'Neill August 11, 2017 0 comments

On Glenelg Street, South Brisbane; away from the bustling South Bank is a little hidden secret, The Roastery Cafe. The cafe is almost hiding, but it oozes quirky, industrial charm. I’m starting to form the belief that these particular cafes; you know the ones hiding in industrial areas are liquid gold! These ‘hidden gems’ lack pretentiousness and seem to be more humble in their service of great food and kick-ass coffee.

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posted by Emmy O'Neill August 11, 2017 1 Comment

BIFF aka the Brisbane International Film Festival is back and we are dance-around-in-ya-undies-happy!! #toteslegit.  After having a few years away from Brissie cinema screens, Brisbane Threads can officially say that we are over-the-moon-excited that BIFF IS BACK BABY!!


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posted by Emmy O'Neill August 11, 2017 0 comments

WAHOO… the wait is finally over and the EKKA opens today!

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the winds have just started to pick up… must be that time of year again. There is no denying it, it’s EKKA TIME.

It is actually hard to believe that we are already in the middle of August and that in fact it is EKKA time again… it only seems like last week we were chowing down a dagwood dog followed by a strawberry ice-cream…

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Adulting (verb): to do grown up things

posted by Emmy O'Neill August 4, 2017 0 comments

Adulting (verb): to do grown up things and hold responsibilities and that make you be considered to be a grown up.

I know a lot of our generation kind of baulk at the idea of adulting. Often we feel like we fail at being an adult. Being responsible and grown up can be hard sometimes. No need to sugar coat it. It’s not that we don’t want to grow up and responsible, but that we just don’t seem to have it together all of the time.

One way to up your adulting game is to take responsibly for your health. Continue Reading



posted by Emmy O'Neill August 3, 2017 0 comments

If there was an apocalypse coming how would you spend your last night?

Local Brisbane theatre company, The Danger Ensemble would put on a play… Hamlet to be specific!

The premise is simple. Basically seven actors stage Hamlet on the eve of the apocalypse. What isn’t there to love about that?!

The Hamlet Apocalypse was originally presented and produced by La Mama (2009, Melbourne) and then had hugely successful seasons at both the Adelaide Fringe Festival and at La Boite. Years later it is back, bolder than ever at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts. This year’s cast features some of Queensland’s most talented actors and we’re ready to be on the edge of our seat watching the performances. For all the fashion lovers out there, think ‘Post-Mod-Elizabethan’ looks, designed by local fashion designer Oscar Clark. #SWOON

Artistic Director Steven Mitchell Wright has always been a game changer, creating visually striking pieces of theatre. We can’t wait to experience and soak in all that the The Hamlet Apocalypse has to offer.

“THE HAMLET APOCALYPSE puts the human experience under a microscope in a very high pressure environment…. It creates a space for audiences to observe a group of very real people wrestling with their own mortality, and to also reflect upon the choices they might make, the regrets they have, the joys they’ve shared and the lives they’ve lived.”

This year also marks a huge achievement for The Danger Ensemble; it is their TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY! If that was a marriage they would be getting some tin or aluminium… hmmmmm, seriously? Well we think ten years in the theatre is a huge achievement** and deserves more than a piece of metal… and if their earlier seasons of Macbeth is anything to go by, Brisbane you are in for a treat.

We’ve teamed up with The Danger Ensemble to giveaway a double pass to the Friday the 11 August 7:30pm performance of The Hamlet Apocalypse. For all competition details heard to our Instagram profile @brisbanethreads. 

 The Danger Ensemble’s THE HAMLET APOCALYPSE opens this Wednesday 9th August.



 9 – 19 AUGUST

Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

Buy Tickets Online

Website | Instagram | Facebook 


** Ten years in marriage is also amazing… as is doing anything you love for TEN WHOLE YEARS!







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posted by Emmy O'Neill August 2, 2017 0 comments

Today I’m having a quick chat with Melbourne based multidisciplinary artist Kit Webster about all things art, style inspiration, travel and of course coffee!!

Kit has been collaborating with Westfield Chermside for their ‘Festival of Lights’, which is being celebrated this coming weekend from today Thursday 3rd August – Saturday 5th August. The ‘Festival of Lights’ is celebrating Westfield Chermside’s NEW dining, entertainment and lifestyle precinct.

Brisbane locals can enjoy Kit’s visually impressive work under the ‘Urchin’ from 6pm – 9pm every evening.  Over the duration of the ‘Festival of Lights’ the precinct will also have interactive projections, kid’s activities, live entertainment, fireworks and much more.

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