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Beauty Tuesday: Salty Locks and Shiny Teefies

posted by Alice Duffield August 16, 2016 0 comments

I recently got to try some of LUSH’s new products. Lush has for many years been one of my favourite brands. I love the part they play in the world and for the environment so I’m always keen to try their latest and greatest. Today I’m talking toothies and hair.

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Sunnybank Food Trail – Winter Warmers

posted by Alice Duffield June 14, 2016 0 comments

It’s the delicious foodie experience we’ve ALL been waiting for – the winter edition of the SUNNYBANK FOOD TRAIL!! Saturday is forecast to be a chilly 24 degrees, so I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting some hot comfort food to get me through.

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the tiller coffee

Brisbane’s Best Coffee – North Side

posted by Alice Duffield April 13, 2015 0 comments

Looking for Brisbane’s best coffee? Do I have a treat for you! If you haven’t already, you need to check out The Tiller Coffee in Alderley – a mere 4k’s north of Brisbane city. If you’re a cawfee nut, this is going to make your little coffee-snob heart go wild.

The Tiller Coffee

The Tiller’s coffee is sourced from the famous coffee guys at Wolff Coffee Roasters so you know it’ll be amaarrrzing. Not only is the coffee to die for and the bagels can come GLUTEN FREE AND delicious, but the owners Chris and Charlie will make you melt and want to smooch all over their faces. More delightful baristas, you never will meet.

Brisbane northside coffee

The Tiller has just released their new menu and it’s pretty dang delish. You can find bagels stuffed with grilled peach, serrano, mint yoghurt and sweet dukkah (best, best, best dukkah ever) OR haloumi, grilled zucchini, rocket and red onion relish. If bagels don’t tickle your fancy and you have a sweet breakky-tooth try their delicious bircher with roasted almonds, ginger and mint. YES FLIPPING PLEASE.

Since moving to the UK a few weeks ago, there are a few things I miss about Brisbane: Friends, kinda. Family, meh (JK Mum). My local coffee joint, The Tiller – SO MUCH.

brisbane coffee

This post is NOT sponsored. We just seriously love these guys and think you should too! Also – how amazing is this photography by Theresa Grace.

The Tiller Coffee

81 Mina Parade, Alderley (near the big chimney)

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flour and bloom latte art

solid shampoo travel

Travel Essentials – Part 2 (health & beauty)

posted by Alice Duffield March 27, 2015 0 comments

Earlier in the week we spoke about tech, gadgets and fashion travel essentials. Today we’re talking health and beauty travel essentials and which products I’ve found work best to keep you feeling squeaky clean, healthy and happy on your travels. Don’t you find travelling makes you feel like a public street-bin? From the dehydration on the plane to the constant public transport journeys, I’ve got you covered – here’s my list of must-haves.

beauty travel essentialsSolid Shampoo – Um these things are amazing. They are by the talented makers at Lush and are completely nasty-free which isn’t even the best part. Never mind packing your chunky shampoo bottle, just throw one of these compact sold shampoo bars into your toiletries bag and choof! You can even get nice conditioning ones so you don’t have to leave conditioner in your hair for five minutes each time you wash! Just make sure you let it get nice and dry before you throw it in your luggage.

solid shampoo travelAnti-bacterial – This is a must-have in my opinion, although my germ-loving husband begs to differ. When you’re travelling and using public restrooms in not so sanitary airports or even having to use natures bathroom, antibacterial is so handy before meals or just whenever you feel a bit feral. I never really love that alcohol smell that they have though. Enter, Thankyou Group. TG has managed to make the most deliciously smelling antibacterial ever. It’s lemon and lime and smells amaaarzing and even better yet – you’re contributing to a company doing good in the world. You can even ‘track your impact’ with a code thoughtfully placed on the back of each bottle.

Vitamin C – When you’re travelling around a lot, your immune system always seems to get compromised. You know how you always get a cold as soon as you arrive at your holiday destination? Well my solution is starting vitamin C a week before you leave. One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that there’s nothing quite like a good quality vitamin C. My favourite is C-Caps. It’s in capsule form so don’t expect a nice chewy orange flavoured tablet but it packs a punch and should keep that cold at bay so you can play!

beauty travel essentials

Lucas Pawpaw – This is a strange one that just always feels like home and always comes in handy. Who doesn’t love their pawpaw cream?! It’s great for bites, super chapped skin (like knuckles in the cold!) and of course feels like home on your lips. And it’s made in Brisbane too!

Evohe Oil – Flying and dry weather always leave my skin crying out for some nice natural oils. Brisbane is so humid that more often than not my skin is oily as it is. Flying takes all the moisture out of my face so I recover that with a rich oil like this one from Evohe. It’s a godsend in cooler weather! Evohe is sustainable and made on the Gold Coast / Northern NSW which makes it even better of course!

beauty travel essentials

Another great way to keep that skin moisturised is using a good mist. I love this one from Bella Box. Full of beautiful Australian oils that smell divine.

MooGoo Deoderant – Nothing worse than feeling stinky on the plane! This one is natural but still does a good job. It smells good but you might want to keep it in your bag and reapply it whenever you feel necessary. I reapply this baby twice a day instead of just using it once in the morning. To me, it’s a small price to pay to cut out the chemicals used in anti-persp deodorants.

Chamomile Tea – Travelling can often make me really anxious, stressed and bring on constant butterflies when things aren’t going to plan. Take some chamomile tea on the plane with you. Most airlines won’t provide chamomile and it’s a great way to calm those travelling nerves. Not only that but it’s an easy way to keep those hydration levels up. It’s so easy to forget to drink water in the air but it’s SO important!

Toms Organic – Women’s issues can seriously be the most inconvenient of issues when you’re travelling. When I don’t have easy access to my usual conveniences and routines, I like to keep my beauty and health habits and nasty-free and natural as possible. I love Toms Organic sanitary products all the time but especially for travelling. It’s nice to know you’re using organic cotton in the most sensitive of places.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tips on keeping your best while travelling. Stay gorgeous and healthy my travelling beauties.


tech travel essentials

Travel Essentials – Part 1 (Tech & Gadgets)

posted by Alice Duffield March 25, 2015 2 Comments

I recently made a move to the other side of the world. Here I am in chilly England and still living temporarily until I can get myself settled. Moving is hard, travel is challenging and tiring but I must admit, 2015 is a great time to do it. We have so many luxuries to ease the stress of travel. I’ve collated a list of travel essentials that have made my life just that much easier. Let’s talk tech and gadgets first!

tech travel essentials

I-pad keyboard – I am currently on the plane as I write this. Having an i-pad on your flights and in your general travelling time is such an awesome way to entertain yourself. You know what’s even better? HAVING A KEYBOARD TO GO WITH IT? You know what’s even better than that? Having a gorgeous aqua one! Seriously this logitech keyboard is the coolest product to have on your travels. It has wireless, bluetooth, the whole shebang. If you can’t easily carry your laptop around or just don’t want the extra weight for that weekend away, slip your keypad into your handbag with the i-pad and still have convenient typing at your fingertips.. Yeah you like that one, don’t you.

Locks – This might seem obvious but don’t forget these babies. I used these ones– they are TSA approved, easy to use and stinkin’ cute. In my opinion, the risk you take not keeping your luggage secure is a bit stupid! Get some fun colourful ones and make it easier to spot your suitcase at the carousel too!

International power adapter with USB slots – Be prepared and grab some of these before you leave the country! There’s nothing worse than arriving overseas and your phone or laptop has died before you can email your Mum and say you’re safe! I like this one because it has USB slots in it. I can charge a few things at the same time as blowdrying my hair this way. Poifect!

USB – Grab a USB and fill it with photocopies of passports, birth certificates, drivers license and anything else you might need. It’s not an uncommon story to be mugged or lose important documents overseas and it’s best not to risk it.

Now let’s talk FASHUN. I know you’ve all been waiting for it! As I walked onto my private jet they were all ‘Ms Duffield, who are you wearing?!’ and I was all ‘I can’t tell you before I tell my BT fans I’m afraid’. So you get it here first. The essentials to a comfortable journey.

The perils of living in Australia is that to get most places we have a good few hours of in-air misery. I did four countries in 30 hours to get to the UK and boy was I glad for strechy pants and a baggy top to cover that plane-food bloat! I did, warm knit sweats, a plain top and a warm knit to slip over the top.

The plane always gets cold but make sure you have a big tote to throw your warmies in if you’re arriving to a warmer climate. Another thing to do is ensure your bag has a zip! Always good to keep your things secure, as you’ll be carrying your passport around for the first while of your journey. Here’s some inspiration for your next travel outfit.

travel essentials

travel essentials

These items are a mix from Gorman, Witchery, Country Road, Uniqlo, Rollasole and Sportscraft. Here are my simplified do’s and dont’s for travel.


  • Carry a big tote bag that is secure (even better if you can get one with a long shoulder strap)
  • Throw in a comfy pair of ballet flats (i use rollasole because they’re totally flexible and can be thrown in anywhere)
  • Wear a wireless bra – so worth it
  • ONLY wear clothing with give and stretch. You’ll thank me when you’re 13 hours in and ready to throw yourself out the window.


  • Forget a jumper
  • Wear jeans
  • Wear shoes with laces or buckles
  • Forget warm socks.

Coming up next on BT we have our next edition of Travel Essentials focusing on BEAUTY! Your fave I know. Enjoy, my travelling munchkins.


Nothing Quite Like a Quality Shirt

posted by Alice Duffield March 21, 2015 0 comments

I’m not a conservative dresser, but there are some classic, conservative pieces that I can’t go past. One is a quality shirt that buttons right to the top and drapes perfectly. These shirts are like a blank canvas to me, ready for me to style in whatever way I choose. I like to purchase a few classic pieces each season that I can wear to death and work in at least three different ways. This season my classic shirt is from Hawes and Curtis. Note: Please excuse my VERY non-model like pose. SO natural, I know.

hawes and curtis

Hawes and Curtis are originally a UK brand. They offer several classy collections, providing classic and quality pieces for both men and women. My handsome husband Scott and I were lucky enough to be gifted our choice of shirts from H&C. They’ve got a really extensive range, so choosing just one shirt was quite hard! We were both really pleased with the beautiful packaging and exquisite quality. Each detail was flawlessly finished.

I chose this ivory pin-tuck blouse. Like I said ealier, I love to be able to style a silky shirt like this in a number of ways. This shirt arrived a week before we were set to leave for the UK. Using our upcoming trip as inspiration, my first instinct was to deck out Brit style. I pieced this beautiful shirt with my brogue knee high black leather boots, black jeans and a chunky necklace. If the weather was cooler I would have added a crisp blazer but alas we took these photos on one of those stinking hot Brisbane days that I’m already missing here in chilly-willy London.

My next approach was using the same core pieces – the shirt and black skinny jeans – but to adopt a more casual look with slightly more streetwise accessories. I teamed this outfit with my Chelsea style Doc Martens and a vintage bolo tie from France. Scott says this bolo tie is actually part of a uniform worn by high achievers in the French version of the Stonemasons – I love a piece with history! The end result was classily casual or casually classy, and I think it is my favourite look!

Of course I would also wear this silk top for a corporate look, which I’m sure is its proper destined purpose. I would team it some fitted black work slacks, black points and a slick blazer. Perfect for the office!

hawes and curtis

Scott loves to casual-his shirts down where possible. He’s lucky to not work in a corporate environment, but does like to have a few classy button up shirts like this one in the wardrobe for client meetings, weddings or really special meals out. The H&C men’s shirts are perfect – they can be worn with a corporate suit and tie or with jeans, sleeves rolled up and some nice leather loafers. Scott chose this shirt if you’re wondering. We were really impressed with the range of cuts and sizes on offer online. Scott’s a big guy, and the shirt he chose was actually somewhere in the middle of their range.

Overall we were stoked with our goodies from Hawes and Curtis. Have a gander through their collections on their site and choose your classics for this Autumn / Winter in Brisbane!

More from Hawes and Curtis on Facebook and Twitter.


** This post was written in collaboration with Hawes and Curtis. While the clothing was gifted, opinions are my own!


Alice’s Five Tips for Moving House – Without Crying Like a Baby

posted by Alice Duffield March 2, 2015 2 Comments


I am an old hand when it comes to moving house. In the past six years I’ve lived in FIVE different homes. Cool, huh? Wrong! Not cool. On the upside I’m super good at moving house. I have it down to a fine art. I’m about to move countries and in terms of the actual move, moving across the world with only two cases is way less intimidating then my last move from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane!  Here are some useful tips I’ve found to work over the years.

1. Pack the spare room first. One of my techniques is to get that spare room packed up as early as three weeks before the move. Stack your boxes up against the wall. Once you have one completely packed up and empty (bar the boxes) room, you can use this as the box room. Every time you fill and seal another box, stack it in that spare room. This way when the removalist comes, they can get access to every box from the one space.

2. Don’t be a hero. Get help. We’ve all been there and wanted to save that $500 by hiring a trailer and getting a mate to help. Then after one load, we’re looking down the barrel of thirty more trips, an aching body and being too tired to unpack at the other end. In the past, I’ve found removalists like Your Local Movers to be the best decision I’ve ever made. If you’re budget conscious, all you have to do is follow my box room step, then move all of the furniture into another empty room so the removalists only have to access two rooms. This will speed up their process and save you a lot of money.

3. Be careful with labels. In saying that – also label, label, label! Here’s what I mean… Definitely make sure you’ve clearly marked where every box belongs – BUT, don’t fall into the trap of the movers placing each box in their labeled room. I usually choose a room at the new place and get the movers to put all boxes in there. Working from one room means that you’re not overwhelmed with boxes in your living space and you can take your time. Work through your boxes one at a time, dismantle the cardboard and place to the side. There’s nothing more overwhelming than sitting in your lovely new lounge room being surrounded in crap you don’t know where to put!

4. Keep your friends. Don’t let them help. The people who love you will always offer to help you move. It’s lovely isn’t it? Don’t fall for it. Moving will bring out the worst in you. You’ll be under the pump to get the movers out of there before they start charging another hour, you’ll have an embarrassing amount of tissues and dirt under your couch – there are just some things better left unknown about friends. Leave it to the professionals, and invite your friends over for the first pizza and beer in the new place to celebrate instead. Tell them to bring the pizza if they’re desperate to help!

5. Cleaning is the worst part of it all. Get pros. I usually hit up gumtree and search for bond cleaners. The $200 was VERY worth it last time. The awesome thing about getting an official bond clean is that  they can keep going back until it’s perfect for no extra charge. I really don’t know why it took me so many moves to work out how utterly wonderful bond cleaners are. BEST.DECISION.EVER.

Well these are the five steps I take to ensure a smooth and easy move. It’s such an awful thing to do when life gets so dang busy, so hopefully these tips can help you too! Happy moving peeps.

* This post was written in collaboration with Your Local Movers. Thank you for allowing us to work with local business’ so we can keep providing fresh content at Brisbane Threads!

Brisbane Threads

Brisbane Threads Contributors – Meet Chloe

posted by Alice Duffield February 21, 2015 0 comments

A while ago you got to meet our wonderful writer Teagan. Today you lucky things get to know this gorgeous stunner, Chloe. Chloe does PR at Brisbane’s Beginning Boutique and loves Brisbane’s food, music and fashion scene. Have a read and get to know our gorgeous contributor.

Chloe Brisbane Threads

Tell us about your Monday-Friday?
Monday to Friday I am hanging out at Beginning Boutiques warehouse style office in West End with an amazing team of young creatives. As PR Coordinator I am usually planning events, collaborating with brands and personalities and just generally thinking of rad things we can do for our customers.
What would we find you doing on a Saturday morning?
Saturday morning is always excercise then brekky with the girls!
Best local coffee joint?
I get my coffee every morning from Cocobliss in South Brisbane, the only place I have found that offers coconut milk!
Where is your most frequented Brisbane eat?
My most frequented Brisbane eat would probably be Sushi Kotobuki in East Brisbane (best sushi in Brisbane) followed closely by Sugo Mi in Oxford St (best Pizza in Brisbane).
What is the most worn or precious item in your wardrobe?
My most worn item would probably be my Zara leather jacket and my most precious would be my leopard print Senso’s!
Best fashion go-to in Brisbane?
Beginning Boutique of course 😉 But if I’m up for a day at the shops I will usually hit up Indooroopilly because of the wide range of stores!
If you had a long weekend to scoot away somewhere, where would you head?
Byron Bay for sure! I have family that live there so I don’t have to worry about accommodation and can just enjoy the beach and bars!
BeautyBrisbane Threads

Dunkle Authentic Lipstick Giveaway

posted by Alice Duffield February 21, 2015 5 Comments

lipsticks dunkle authentic

Dear Lipstick Lovers,

I have some good news for you. Dunkle Authentic will solve all your lipsticky woes. Say goodbye to your lips drying out too quickly. You can thank the cold-pressed olive oil and mango butter for that. Say goodbye to quick fading colour. You can thank the vitamin e and castor oil for that one.

Seriously guys, these lipsticks actually have REAL ingredients made by a REAL human person! AND Dunkle Authentic’s products are vegan and never tested on animals, just in case I hadn’t sold you already.

Molly Dunkle (founder) is possibly one of the most adorable people you will ever meet which somehow sells her gorgeous product even more. She is the daughter of an environmental chemist and has been making lip balms since she was a little lass of 12 years old. Molly is a make-up artist so knows the value of a long lasting make up that sits well and doesn’t feel like wiping mud all over your face.

Lucky for you guys Molly has donated 2 lipsticks for a giveaway for our Brisbane readers. Up for grabs is Oahu and Gaga’s Island worth a total of $90! Yes please!! All you have to do is follow Brisbane Threads and Dunkle Authentic on social media or for extra entries you can comment below on this post or on our insta post (giveaway app below).

Good luck and may your coloured lips be lush and long-lasting.


Alice x

dunkle authentic brisbane make up

Dunkle Authentic LIPSTICK Giveaway!

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Custom Made Shoes – Yes Please (part Brogues)

posted by Alice Duffield February 9, 2015 1 Comment

shoes of prey

 Buying beautiful quality leather shoesies gives me a sweet sweet high that lasts for miles longer than any actual drug (I imagine). My experience with Shoes of Prey was no exception – although designing your own possibly makes that shoe-high last that much longer.

I went with silver brogues this time, a delicious pair featuring metallic snake skin and yellow leather laces. It was a hard decision (these babies and five other designs sat in my cart for weeks) but one that I stand by.

I feel so conflicted about the concept of custom made shoes. On the one hand – UM, THIS IS ALL MY FASHION DREAMS COME TRUE. On the other hand – this is an ABSOLUTE nightmare for a gal who isn’t so great at making decisions. But eventually I got there.

I wanted a statement pair of comfortable flats that I could wear with jeans and a tee throughout my upcoming overseas travels. So I went with silver. Brogues are the best because they can be worn with boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, dresses and skirts and everything in between.

shoes of preyshoes of prey

My experience with the customer service side of Shoes of Prey was nothing short of outstanding. Once I submitted my order I was told they would be four weeks in production and a few days shipping. Easy. A little less than three weeks later my tootsies were already boasting silvery, leathery deliciousness. I received emails throughout the production process with little updates like ‘Your leather is now being cut’, ‘Your shoes are now getting sewn’, and whatever else the case may have been.

Oh! AND THE PACKAGING. SO beautiful. Seriously. Every little detail thought of and so many little extras included. Pretty dang happy really.

shoes of prey

shoes of prey

Head on over. If nothing else, it’s super fun just to design your own shoes. You’ll probably be really surprised at the affordability too for such an awesome service. Stay tuned this week for Teagan’s delicious sandals from my new favourite online home – Shoes of Prey.

* While these shoes WERE gifted, this isn’t even a paid / sponsored post. We just seriously love these guys.


Interior Design – What I’m loving this year

posted by Alice Duffield January 30, 2015 0 comments

The beginning of the year always gets me excited for change. I like to make updates each year to my living environment as a small symbol of fresh starts.

I’m a pretty avid reader of The Design Files, Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge and many more beautiful interiors blogs as well as Pinterest being my happy place. I’ve come up with some ideas of what my interior dreams are for this year based on what’s on-trend and just some personal faves.

  1. Bold Statement Pieces. Please don’t get this confused with feature walls. Feature walls are very very much NOT what I mean. I’m talking bright rugs and artwork, clashing prints and textures. Think BIG art and layered big rugs. It can be scary getting too ‘busy’ so keep your walls and floors simple and clean with crisp whites, greys and soft neutrals.coral homes
  2. Bring the outside in. We’ve been seeing greens making a major come-back over the past couple of years. I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Pop down to your local nursery and get yourself some tall greens for the floor or small ferns for your table. I’m loving mother-in-law’s tongue (pictured) because it’s easy to propagate and share around. I love the height and the fact that it’s hard to kill! Surrounding yourself in greens has a somewhat calming effect on the mind. They’re fab decorative items but I really think they have encourage a peaceful atmosphere too.
  3. Giant Photos. Get them in your home. I like them black and white personally.coral homes
  4. Steel and timber are not over yet. When I think of this, I think industrial design. In my humble opinion, it’s still going strong. Get some harsh metals into your kitchen but incorporate elements of the outside, like timber and greens. I love this kitchen (pictured above) that I found on the Coral Homes website and the mix of timber, metal, stone and leather.
  5. Mindful purchasing is the new mason jar. And by that I mean, mason jars are over, lets accept it and move on… Start thinking about where your home wares and furniture are coming from. Try and source goods from local designer. Stop thinking quantity and start thinking quality. My husband is definitely a quantity buyer. For the past six year I’ve been working hard at re-training that mentality. Think about the family you are supporting, the length of life your piece will have, and where the materials were sourced from. Resist the cheap impulse purchase and keep saving your pennies just a few more weeks or months. Before you know it, you’ll be able to afford the beautiful quality recycled-timber table you saw down the road. Also, don’t be afraid to spend money on vintage furniture. More often than not you’ll still get more life out of it then something from a furniture chain.

I hope this has inspired you to do some updates to your home environment. Here’s to new starts in freshened surroundings and a peaceful, relaxing 2015.