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Ellery in Paris by TCF Connect

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“From fibre to fashion, sometimes the best moments in business come from connecting with someone that also has a great idea, or a new technique, or the most beautiful fabric you have ever seen. The right connections can make all the difference.” –TCF connect 

Last Monday TCF connect put on the “Ellery in Paris” Premier. The upbeat Monday vibes could easily have been mistaken for Friday night exuberance. With every warm welcome from the event organiser Carly came a style savvy get up with an equally spirited face. Each to their own, it was appeasing to see Brisbane be so playful with their dress code. Fashion and hell-bent on trends not so much. Comfortable with the brilliance of their own style many a yes. As Peter Beier from GOMA pointed out it was good to see a broad use of colour amongst guests.

Those of you who are unfamiliar with TCF connect; they are basically an industry-focused organisation that wishes to bring together all areas of the fashion industry. Generate and share knowledge amongst these areas harmoniously, and put on some killer events so everyone can be merry while drinking wine and swapping stories. For a more concise description and any other information of TCF connect check out their website here, or follow them on social media here.

The guest speaker for the evening was Christine StClair accompanied by good friend Peter Beier and Izabella Chabrowska from QAGOMA. Christine StClair is the Asia-pacific Comme Des Garcon buyer/representative. She owns the only stand alone Comme Des Garcon store in Melbourne and more to the point Australia. She also looks after the now permanent CDG pop-up store in GOMA, she’s taught at RMIT in Melbourne, and is generally a really cool gal. Peter and Christine spent the better part of the soiree enlightening the crowd on what it’s like to deal with large fashion houses in the fashion metropolis of Paris and the city’s famous fashion week. It was incredibly interesting to listen to the extensive effort and planning that goes into buying from high-end designers. The commitments boutique retailers have to make to the designers whether their collection is weak or strong, and mostly how retailers down under buy according to our season, which is of course, opposite from the northern hemisphere. It’s easy to assume that everyone with success in the industry has a reason to act ‘above you’ or pretentious. It was humbling to see this was NOT the case at the TCF connect event. Everyone was friendly and after I spent some time chatting with Christine and Peter, they seemed every bit as interested in me (a mere civilian) as I was in them. There’s definitely a shift in the right direction happening for the Australian creative community.

TCF Connect | Brisbane Threads

Ellery in Paris

Anyone who didn’t leave the theatre feeling inspired after watching the Ellery in Paris premiere is lying. Ellery has long been a celebrated Australian brand; it’s easy to be protective over such, but to see a complacent Aussie make it abroad when there are so many aspects that segregate us from the high fashion world of Europe is absolute mint. Kym Ellery has the whole Carrie Bradshaw thing going on. The cool girl versing the world, the fashion cheese versing the fashion chalks. However, it’s easy to see why the small town girl has forged a significant path of success for herself. She’s a true blue, down to the bone hard worker, and it’s that very fact that made my heart burst with joy for Kym Ellery.

Anyone in that field willing to put in the hard yards deserves the sweet taste of accomplishing goals. Kym Ellery stated during the film that her original business goal still stands; her love for clothes and women who love clothes is clear as day. She’s faced legal battles and probably a thousand untold struggles, but the girl has come out the other end with the same ear-to-ear smile. What else really matters? The cinematography was all in black and white (for dramatic effect I am sure) and the sound track was just so fashurn. The whole film was engaging, and interesting, and inspiring, and if you want to enter the true E.L.L.E.R.Y L.A.N.D I insist you put this one on your ‘to watch’ list.

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All images supplied by TCF Connect, captured by Cecile Roche Creative

RAW Brisbane

RAW Brisbane Presents Sensory

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It’s TALENT GALORE from the moment I walked into the RAW Brisbane SENSORY event. Inspiration hit me like a bus; not just any bus, but the kind of bus Ms. Frizzle would drive. I had genuinely just stepped into Brisbane’s real life Willy Wonka factory of wonders and creative talent.

I spent the greater part of the evening wandering around looking at all the stalls and showcases. I was so incredibly moved by all the happy faces that clearly love what they do. My hands were so full of business cards by the end of doing my rounds that I had no room left to hold another beer.

Here are a few of my favourites for the evening:


RAW Brisbane presents Sensory | Brisbane Threads


RAW Brisbane presents Sensory | Brisbane Threads


RAW Brisbane presents Sensory | Brisbane Threads

There was some serious musical talent and a small film by the amazing Clarence Kent, who was also a part of the dance troupe Golden Coast Line. Brisbane’s proving again how much it’s killing it in the fashion game with a wicked flow of amazing local designers sending their hardwork down the runway.

The event has grown profoundly since I last attended and it was awesome to see so many talents of all ages and all genres getting involved. The MET is a great location to host the event and turning every corner I found something new and exciting. This is definitely an event I will be putting in my calendar to attend EVERY time is rolls around.

If you are an emerging talent you should definitely consider becoming a RAW artist. It’s just such an awesome mixture of people bound for success and others just there to browse and soak up the good vibes.

RAW Brisbane presents Sensory | Brisbane Threads RAW Brisbane presents Sensory | Brisbane Threads(images supplied by RAW Brisbane or from artist Instagram pages).

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6 Brisbane Suburbs We’d Love To Live In

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It is no surprise that we love everything about Brisbane, but there’s some suburbs that shine a bit brighter and pulse with good vibes a little harder. They’re the suburbs that we love to visit for their art scene, retail hotspots, foodie delights and cultural venues. And sometimes, we even wish we lived there. Here’s the ‘burbs that made our top 6 list – but to be honest, there’s 20+ in the running for our favourite Brisbane suburb.


Everyone who knows Brisbane knows the hilly beacon of activity that is Paddington. Given Terrace and Latrobe Terrace are the pulmonary vein running through the centre of Paddington. Hosting a plethora of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants, you can walk the strip and find something to tickle your fancy with every step. Paddington is also an architectural playground with maximised use of little spaces, heritage listed gems dotted over rolling hills juxtaposed with the occasional modern infrastructure. Also, plenty of greenery, which makes this lovely ‘burb seem like it’s much further than just 5km from the CBD.

New Farm & Teneriffe

New Farm and it’s hip neighbour Teneriffe are the riverside oases for people looking for a creative urban living experience. Art galleries here, there and over there, so if creative stimulation is what you are looking for take a wander around any block from Teneriffe to New Farm. With a large mix of apartments and houses these suburbs are high in capacity, but don’t be deterred by this, there’s definitely still space to breathe. Plenty of cafes and restaurants adorn the sidewalks, the Powerhouse stands tall as a bustling epicentre of the arts and New Farm park is a must for picnics, friendly BBQ’s, a wander along the river, a playdate with friends or a spot of exercise if you feel so inclined.

West End

Release your inner hippy vibes and don’t be afraid to be seen barefoot. There really is no other ‘burb in Brisbane that is anything like West End. Laid back is an understatement and neighbourly love is in wealth. If you want to feel earthy whilst still being inner City than West End is where you should be. The West End markets, at Davies Park every Saturday morning, have a little bit of everything from fruit and veg, live entertainment, trinkets, and clothing. The Boundary Street Markets (on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) are  also a good time for loves of local art, craft, food and produce. West End is also home to an awesome mis of multicultural cuisine, cute cafes and not a fast food joint in sight!



The gateway to the indeed glorious Mt Glorious and Mt Nebo, Samford is about half an hour north of Brisbane’s CBD. One look around picturesque Samford and you’d certainly be mistaken for travelling hours into the countryside. I describe Samford as a “Sunday” town; when the centre of Samford turns into a brunch and knick-knack extraordinaire. Samford is situated near a few little secret waterfalls too, so give us a shout if you’d like us to expose their coordinates. This little gem is the ultimate cross between vibrant city and country town vibes.

Shorncliffe & Sandgate

Think of an English fishing village perched on the seaside and you’ll be pretty spot on with your mental imagery of Sandgate and Shorncliffe – a bustling seaside metropolis with plenty to see and plenty to do. The long flat stretch that runs alongside the water is perfect for early rises to watch the sun come up whilst pounding the pavement. Of course it’s lovely at anytime of the day and there are always people out. Sit and watch the kite boarders cruise across the mini waves at high tide or take off those shoes and play in the pools of water at low tide. It’ll take you a while to run out of places to eat and by the time you do, you’ll definitely have your favourites already picked out for round 2. Good for the keen fisher, early rises and those who like the smell of salty fresh air.


This suburb might not look amazing or be close to anything special, but the rent is cheap and the food is in ABUNDANCE. Market Square is the absolute hub of affordable Asian cuisine and is a cultural experience to say the least. It’s not a fine dining experience, but fine all the same. Any Brisbane insider who loves food will tell you to head to Sunnybank for a truly authentic experience on Brisbane’s south side.

And there we have it – 6 Brisbane suburbs we’d love to live in. However an honourable mention must go to Hamilton, Northgate, Coorparoo, Cannon Hill, Red hill, Ashgrove, Morning side and Bulimba, all of whom would no doubt be included in our top 20 Brisbane suburbs. Of course, we are not property mavens, so click here and look to the experts at Templeton Property for a professional opinion on buying and living in Brisbane.

So, our dear Brisbane friends, what’s your favourite suburb in Brisbane, and where would you love to live if  you had no limitations? 

This is a collaborative post with Templeton Property, however all opinions are our own.

food pony dining

#EatBrisbane16 @ponydining

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Pony dining is already known for its sharing plates and fusion menu. Pony attracts a diverse crowd ranging from corporate to personal affairs; and understandably so due to it’s prime location on Eagle Street Pier. Catering for such Pony’s new menu is both delectably enticing as it is interesting.

The tasting menu for the evening consisted of some favourite dishes carried on from previous menus and also some brand spankin’ newbies. Let me list the amazingness with my personal verdict so you too can see the drool worthiness of the evening.

food pony dining


-Marinated Australian Olives: speaks for itself.

-Charred Flat Bread, smoked eggplant white bean dip: delicious charred and smoky flavour, but not over powering.

-Stuffed Baby Pepper, sweet potato, refried beans, pickled currents, salted ricotta: insanely delicious combination of flavours, with a good spicy kick.

-Double baked Gruyere soufflé, romesco, fire roasted hazelnuts, fig relish: this one has been a menu favourite for a while and with good reason, I’ll have twelve thanks.

– scotched chicken egg, hummus, red pepper chutney: This is something I probably would never have thought to order, but it gets the double thumbs up! (pictured)

– Seared Tuna, smoked tofu, dashi jelly, edamame: light and refreshing Japanese inspired dish.



– Pork belly, poached egg, spiced broth, radish, mushrooms: The pork belly was soft and crunchy in it’s respected places, a very warming winter dish.

-Rangers Valley Flat Iron, spiced black beans, mushrooms, crispy puffed wild rice: challenging cut of meat presented and dished very well.

food pony dining

DESERTS TO SHARE (both fresh to the menu as of Monday 27th of April)

– Chocolate brownie, cherry icecream, coconut marshmallow, kirsch fudge: In the words of Ru Paul, “can I get an AMEN UP IN HERE!”

– Fried Apple pie, sour cream ice cream, rhubarb, oats, pistachio: an elegant and delicious twist of an all time favourite.

Now, to be completely honest with you, as much as I NOW love food, I grew up as an extremely fussy teen. My newfound maturity is seeing me try bulk amounts of interesting food and absolutely loving it. Pony to me, as someone who lives to eat would have seemed desirable but a bit of a stretch for the wallet. This however isn’t the case at all. One look at the menu and everything is really reasonably priced, especially considering the fine dining experience that is provided. Pony dining has also just introduced a private dining area, separate from the main dining floor.

Ps. Mothers get a free glass of sparkling on mothers day; and we all know a hard working mother who deserves free wine, don’t we? Sooo book a table STAT.


Ted Baker Spring / Summer 2015 Showcase

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I see chiffon with stripes

Crisp white too

I see bathers with blooms

For me and you

And I think not really to myself

This collection really rules

I see sets that match

And sets that clash (stylishly so)

I see sequins on jackets

Worth every bit the cash

And I think to myself

I hope no one can see me drool

The colours and the prints

Completely unique, it’s true

Everything that’s graphic

Only Ted Baker can bring to you

I see delicate detailing

Saying “let me look good on you”

They’re really saying,

“I love you”

I see structural pieces

Cinched in the right places

I see varying lengths

For any kind of paces

And I think to myself

Is this a dream come true?

Yes, I reassure myself

This is a dream com trueeeeee.


^ Is precisely the little musical montage that occurred in my mind as I entered Ted Bakers breakfast and showcase on Tuesday morning. Trying ever so hard to calmly and collectedly weave my way through the Spring Summer 2015 collection. If you’re looking for diversity in one place, you’ve found it.


Bathers, for the first time are making an appearance in the stand-alone Indooroopilly shop. There are boxy cuts, loose and comfortable cuts; there are pieces cinched in all the most flattering places, and there are more structural pieces for those daring souls. Full of prints and graphics the collection has a mix of symmetry and asymmetry. Graphics are large and there is good use of negative space on textiles to really make them pop! Accessories aren’t omitted from this fabulousness; most of the bags for the coming season include a compartment at the very front just for phones, how convenient is that? No more endless digging for the slippery blighter. Skirt shapes range from pencil, to A line, to mini, and full circle. I must press that there really is something for everyone amongst this collection, and it’s arguably Ted’s best one yet!

The menswear collection is equally as fun, with heaps of loud prints on short and long-sleeved button ups. Ted Baker always caters for those who prefer the more understated and muted tones too. Light cable knits make an appearance, which is perfect for spring. A pop of fun print out the top of a light sweater? Yes please Gents. Pants are cropped, which is the perfect opportunity to show off those statement socks. The patterns and colour trickled down into accessories and shoes too. If there’s one thing Ted Baker is trying to tell you for this coming season it’s COLOUR, clash it, play with it, and don’t be afraid of it!

Ps. all of the prints in this collection are entirely unique to Ted Baker, so you’ll never have to worry about someone having the same patterned outfit as you (unless they too are Ted lovers, which is celebration not a casualty)

Oh, and a little shout out to Caxton Street catering who put on the degustation, but breakfast style. Stupendously kawaii, think all things breakfast, but then downsize that to a doll size tea party. I ate a tiny ham cheese sandwich shaped as a butterfly and French toast the size of a tim tam, I can rest assure that won’t happen again anytime soon.

Anyway, don’t just take my word for it peoples, get in store, check it out, and let us know what you think!


Fun fact: Every Ted Baker store has a theme privy to its location. The Brisbane theme is astronomy to relate to Sir Thomas Brisbane’s love of such.

Find Ted Baker at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre or online.


Black Hide – A Steak Affair

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Black Hide Steakhouse by Gambaro has certainly earned its station as a popular and favoured steak house. I don’t say this with bias either; Black Hide was indeed awarded Australia’s best steak house in 2014. Quite the achievement considering they opened their doors under two years ago.

An evening of steak turned into so much more when we were ushered into an intimate room and handed a glass of Moet. The lights were dimmed and one could have been mistaken they were about to be moodily romanced. A quick eye dance around the room evidently exposes Black Hides love for beef. Their aesthetics are easily recognised in a spread of simple, elegant and relative décor.

John Gambaro chatted with me about his ideals, placing explicit emphasis in the need for value. With so many smaller restaurants and markets popping up in the Brisbane area John is adamant about not becoming complacent and always challenging the forever changing market head on. With an attitude like this it’s easy to see why the Gambaro name so well known and respected.

Black Hide Bar and Dining Area

Sitting down to a long lavish table John addressed the group and spoke a little of his family’s extensive experience in the industry, including old endeavours and new. Brendan Menegazzo from Stanbroke graziers’ talks about the quality assurance Black Hide guarantee with every steak they serve. Brendan exudes confidence in the product that Stanbroke provide and his passion for beef is evident once again sharing John’s belief in value. Boasting cuts with a marble score 3+ and Wagyu 5+ along side a 100% Halal certification, steak connoisseur or not there’s room to be immensely impressed. After a few words from Lukas, the chef about the menu and unique preparations techniques, we tuck into the first course. A light feast of ox-tail ravioli with beef and mushroom consume. Tick, delicious. The second course Steak au poivre with bone marrow hash and red wine jus. Tick, delicious. The third course grilled wagyu sirloin, roast potatoes, asparagus and bernaise. Tick, tick, tick, delicious. Cooked to absolute perfection, the first three courses danced into my mouth as joyously as the wine was being poured into my cup. To say it was the best steak I have eaten in my entire life would be absolutely correct. Followed closely by some lemon sorbet or for technicalities sake a palate cleanser (yes, I had ask and then google). Makes sense though, to cleanse the mouth of previous culinary delights for more culinary delights… Do they have such things for life in general? Desert brought up the rump with St Emillion with cumquat and crème frîache naturally nothing less than the deliciousness that was expected.

Every meticulous detail oozed excellence for the evening, John and his crew thrive for brilliance, and the best part of all is it comes at no extra effort. The goal for the evening was to showcase their love affair with steak, but they achieved so much more. They created an experience that I’ll certainly be ranting about for a long time to come.

Drool over the menu here.

BBQ Short Ribs


A luncheon for the fashion obsessed.

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Westfield Garden City’s new lavish towns square was the LA-esque back drop for Fridays fashion luncheon hosted by Sara Hatten-Masterson. Sara, Westfield Garden City’s head stylist accompanied by previous Vogue editor Kirstie Clements spoke exclusively about affordable autumn trends and what we can expect to love for the current season.

The Palms hosted the two-course event and they did not disappoint, the delicious fashionable food was only second to the fashionable attendees. A few words with Brad Jolly, the owner of The Palms, informed of his interest in combining the retail side of Westfield Garden City with the fine dining that is now on offer. Wishing to evoke the whole experience for shoppers; after all who isn’t a little famished from pounding the shopping centre hallways? If comments like “How did they get that beetroot rectangle?” and “everything on this plate begins with the letter P,” doesn’t entice you, it should!


After devouring a delectable entre and refilling our flutes, the affair was off and runwaying, pun intended. Kirstie on her upcoming book “Impressive, how to have a stylish career” spoke of being thrilled to chase other endeavours and how she wants to bring to light the misconception that many people have of the fashion industry. Sara and Kirstie banter about the current trends walking from the paved streets of Europe to the cemented ones of Brisbane. The first model sashays through the tables in a hippie-lux ensemble with light layering; clashing snakeskin print against a very 70s colour palette. Inspired from the runways of Balmain and Pucci, think 70s gypsy vibe with a modern edge. The shirt-dress is a key shape for this trend and light layering makes it easy to factor in the Queensland weather. The second outfit consists of knitwear, which naturally is huge for autumn. Wearing a knitted funnel neck tunic over skinny jeans and a thick knit scarf loosely hung around the neck the model showcases inspirations from the Celine and Chloe runways. Kirstie and Sara agree that the tunic and funnel neck styles are versatile enough to be worn over a skirt, or if daring enough over some relaxed culottes. There’s a lot of grey scale knit floating around this season and again with the 70s vibe, don’t be afraid to try the bell-bottom or flare pant shapes, which are very relevant right now. Double denim still exists people, don’t be afraid to clash denim tones either, or include some playful patchwork. Leather jackets are always a staple, but again the 70s inspired colours have leather leaning towards burgundy and browns. Stripes are staying around too, the third outfit showcased a pencil skirt and cropped top combo. Lengths appropriate enough for almost all occasions; if you’ve got the bod why not tactfully show a little strip of skin here and there? RED, in capitals because Kirstie is adamant that fashionable Europe is flooded with the colour at the moment, all we must do it wait! Pair red with muted greens and mild prints so it stays that focal point and feature item. The final look in display was the sleeveless coat knee-length over a mini-skirt. There was a mix in texture too with a faux fur stole wrapped around the shoulders.


As a wrap fashion for Autumn is focussing on less complicated clothing. The simplicity of normcore to the authenticity of print clashing: play around with the lengths of tops and the lengths of bottoms. Layering is your best friend this season, instead of that large coat have a go at incorporating a few smaller layers that can be casually dispatched when the weather is unpredictable and wrapped around the waste for a super causal feel. Kirstie pushes that for every budget we should aim to buy the best products we can in our price range. This means quality of Quantity, and natural fibres over synthetics.