Ask a Stylist: The Turtleneck!

posted by Elisha Casagrande June 9, 2012 0 comments

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Q. How Can I Pull Off THE Turtleneck?

I’ve said it on here before and I’ll say it again … I LOVE Turtlenecks!

I have so many different colours including neutrals and brights and find that they give an outfit a real polished, chic feel.

I know you’re probably sitting there comparing the ribbed turtlenecks that you once paired with you’re favourite overalls and thinking I’ve gone completely mad but I assure you the ‘NEW’ turtlneck is slim-line, ultra modern and stylish.

To back me up even further with this statement; I’m going to share with you my favourite turtlenecks. I purchase them from none other than VICTORIA SECRET. They come in an amazing array of colours, they’re super cheap and the fit is perfect. If those angels can rock a turtleneck, so can you!

I generally wear my turtlenecks with a great fitted pair of jeans however to spice things up a little, I’ve produced a few different looks for you to also consider this Autumn/ Winter 2012.

Read the full article here…Stylish Ways To Wear A Turtleneck.


Love Elisha x

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