Ask a Stylist: Colour Trends for Autumn/Winter?

posted by Elisha Casagrande April 17, 2012 0 comments

autumn winter colour trend


Q. What are the Colour Trends this Autumn/Winter?

Following on from my Video Blog about Colour Theory and how one can easily introduce colour into an outfit; I decided to compile a list of this Season’s most fabulous colours which are popping up by the truck load both instore and online.

As mentioned in my video, colour does have a huge effect on the way we feel and has the ability to lift our mood instantly. Colour should be one of the first priorities considered when dressing however strangely enough, it is often over-looked.

The Easter weekend is a terrific opportunity to inject some colour and excitement into your outfit. Use my guide to this Season’s Colour Trends and watch my Video on Colour Theory HERE to find out just how effective colour can be.


Read my article here… Autumn/ Winter Colour Trends.

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