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posted by Elisha Casagrande April 30, 2012 0 comments

button up shirt

Q. How do I wear a Button Up Blouse?


Another wardrobe basic item that we all know and love … The Button Up Blouse.

Although, more commonly associated with ‘work attire’, the Button Up Blouse is an incredibly versatile piece which can be worn over and over and over again to create several different looks. To be honest, I rarely use my Button Up Blouse for work meetings/ events; I tend to wear it more frequently as a casual outfit to ensure my look doesn’t come across too sloppy & under-dressed.

Having said this, here is my take on some super-stylish ways to rock your Button Up Blouse, no matter what the fabric, print or style might be …

Check out my article here… How To Wear A Button Up Blouse.

Love Elisha x

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