Angle Diamond Dot

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When you happen upon a piece of beauty, you owe it to the world to share.



I am in love with this new jewelry label; Angle Diamond Dot.

The gorgeous semi-precious stones bring your heart closer to the earth. The colour’s brilliance radiates from each piece. And the organic, magnified designs define the wearers place in fashion. Ohhh lust..

And if it isn’t enough that I think it’s fab; the fact that the label (still in it’s infancy) is officially stocked Australia-wide in the Camilla boutiques is a testament to the quality workmanship and longevity of the designs.


What do they say…?

An explosion of raw semi-precious stones, smooth sterling silver and gold micron plated finishes collide to create jewellery not for the faint hearted. Perfect for those with inquiring minds and an interest in the unknown – every Angle Diamond Dot stone is chosen for its unique texture and colour. Carefully crafted into remarkable settings by hand, the spiritual significance and healing properties of each stone is preserved.

From running free on the family’s cattle property in rural Australia to exploring the richness in colour and diversity of distant cultures, each Angle Diamond Dot piece bestows the experiences of designer, Courtney Harris. With a background in fashion design, fashion business, and marketing, Courtney explores jewellery design with sheer intelligence and boldness balanced with sensitivity and loyalty.

Angle Diamond Dot embodies resistance towards mediocrity and a willingness to make a statement without compromise.


Find them online here.



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